Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 176

After contracting with the vine, Lu Shiqian opened her hand, the Fire of Creation burning in the middle of her palm. Soon, the translucent magic beast core was melted into a green liquid.

If others knew someone contracted a Basket Vine, they would die from laughter. Even though this thing could be contracted, it didn’t have the slightest bit of offensive powers. Whoever contracted it was stupid! Even a 10 Star Basket Vine had so little attack power a magic beast rabbit could bully it! It was one of the most tragic existences amongst magic beasts.

Lu Shiqian followed the method written by the God of Creation and started up the Fire of Creation, purifying the vine of its garbage attributes. A green light shone and the vine slowly transformed, growing strong roots and its leaves opening. A pink-purple flower grew at its head. Even though it was using the Man-Eating Flower’s magic beast core, it didn’t turn as ugly. The center of the flower didn’t contain teeth, instead containing a yellow style releasing pollen, exuding a refreshing fragrance.

This Basket Vine had not yet realized the great fortune that landed upon its head. It was first stepped on by the Man-Eating Flower and lost half its life. Then, it was contracted by some person in the midst of confusion and rose 3 Stars. Afterwards, its body changed dramatically and the flower that was never able to bloom suddenly bloomed…

“Master… Master…” The Basket Vine slowly discovered its muddled head was becoming clearer.

“Hey, little flower.” The little fire fox placed both claws on its hips, “Come, call me ‘Brother’.”

“B-Brother…” the Basket Vine was very obedient.

“Me too, call me Big Bro.” Yin laughed through his teeth.

“Big Bro…” the Basket Vine carefully called.

Who were they? Even though they looked somewhat fierce, they felt warm and kind. The Basket Vine slowly raised its flower and faintly felt Lu Shiqian. From the moment its mind began to work, it acknowledged this person. An urge to be obedient, loyal, and desire to give her anything she wanted was imprinted deeply upon its soul.

“Is calling you Poluo okay?” The person who seemed to be radiating light asked.

“Okay,” Poluo tried his best to nod its purple flower. This person made it feel warm.

Placing Poluo into the magic beast space, Lu Shiqian took out a bottle of high-grade gold medicine and put it into Yin’s mouth, asking him to deliver it to the God that had his calf ripped off. Yin had just left when the tent flap was lifted and Song Yan and Song Chengyuan walked in.

“Need something?” Lu Shiqian’s face didn’t change, asking blandly.

“You…” Song Yan swallowed her insults and thought bitterly, if her master didn’t want to accept her as a student, would she endure her? “You’re too rude.”

“Yan’er, you are too impolite.” Song Chengyuan narcissistically thought he magnanimously said, “Ren Woxing, this old man sees your talents and wants to accept you as a disciple. Are you willing?”

Song Chengyuan was confident. Hurry up and kneel and thank him for his grace. How many were willing to worship him as a master? As long as he became her master, all of her magic beasts would be his. After using her, just kick her away.

“Still not agreeing? Such a great thing, we can be sisters later on too.” Song Yan squeezed out a smile. Let’s see if this ugly girl can still swagger around after becoming master’s disciple! Hmph, if it weren’t for her magic beasts, who would bother about you?

Lu Shiqian was silent. She found it rather unbelievable: there really were all kinds of people in this world!

Song Chengyuan saw that Lu Shiqian wasn’t speaking and thought that she was putting on airs, excitedly continuing, “There are many that are eager to worship me as master. Countless Rank 7 or 8 mages also prostrate on my doorstep. Some of them are wealthy, some are wealthy, some are handsome and elegant. If you recognize me as your master, I can introduce you one or two relatives of the Emperor. How about it?”

Lu Shiqian smiled coldly, thinking that if she let these two know that she was the General of the Thorn Army that eradicated the Song army, would they still be so generous?

Of course she knew what ‘good’ ideas the two were cooking up. Even if only 1% of her intelligence was left, she would still bluntly refuse.

“Wang Cai, send off the guests.”

Lu Shiqian ordered, and Wang Cai glared his two large round eyes and angrily barked twice at the two. Even though his current appearance was harmless and extremely cute, don’t forget that a monster existed beneath that lovable outer appearance. Especially towards unwelcome people, he could be a bit more real.

Song Chengyuan found it incomprehensible. His face darkened, “You’re not willing to worship me as your master?”

Song Yan also shouted, “Do you know who I am? I’m the Princess of the Song Empire!”

Lu Shiqian really didn’t want to lower their intelligence any more but it was truly unbearable. So funny, how were they even able to think of accepting her as their student?

Sensing his master’s mood, Wang Cai growled lowly and rushed towards the two.

The two had very clearly experienced Wang Cai’s strength before. Back at the time he bombarded the Man-Eating Flower with artillery, the teeth that broke off and fell down almost hit them. Therefore, even if it was the small and cute Wang Cai that ran over, the two seemed to see a huge monster and quickly exited the tent. Song Chengyuan shouted indignantly, “Ren Woxing, you refuse the toast proffered to you and take the punishment drink instead! Ah! Damn it, don’t bite my clothes!”

Lu Shiqian was speechless.

At some place deep within the Forest of Death, a magic beast respectfully spoke to a seated person, “Your Majesty, a group of humans entered the forest. They have just passed the Man-Eating Flower’s area. Should we send a group over to kill them?”

The night was too dark to see the appearance of the seated person. Only his voice could be heard, a mellow and moving sound, “Oh? A group of toys came? Very well, since they defeated the outer perimeter’s Man-Eating Flowers, let them enter the middle section.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The magic beast received his orders.

“Give them a little reward for their efforts.” The mellow voice seemed to be teasing and also irreverent, playing with people’s heartstrings.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The magic beast didn’t dare to dally. He understood this esteemed one’s temper the best.

The sky had just brightened and the group set off. Goal: the depths of the forest!

The man whose foot was bit off received Lu Shiqian’s legendary gold medicine and the regeneration of the leg was going well. He walked to Lu Shiqian’s side and sincerely thanked, “Thank you, this life of mine is yours in the future!”

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