Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 177

As soon as these words were spoken, someone stared at him in amazement. It could be seen that these words were not light.

Lu Shiqian’s beauty shone through as she lightly replied, “Your life should be your own. One person bearing their own life is already heavy enough, where would they find the excess energy and strength to protect another’s?”

That person stared at Lu Shiqian in surprise, not expecting to answer as such.

Understanding something, he made up his mind that if she needed something in the future, he would go through water and fire for her.

Qi Zhan squeezed out a playful smile, his white hair shining brightly, “Little guy, how do you have so many magic beasts?”

When he asked, all the nearby powerhouses raised their ears and listened carefully.

Lu Shiqian was fond of this old man and didn’t conceal, “Caught them.”

Qi Zhan thought she was guarding a secret. After all, who would reveal the origins of a strong magic beast? “Little guy, it’s not good to lie.”

Lu Shiqian was helpless. How come no one believed her when she told the truth? On the contrary, people actually do believe her when she’s lying or going to do something bad. “Heritage. These are all passed down from my family. My family was originally a beast-taming family in its earliest days, so the ancestors left me these magic beasts in case I got bullied.”

“Oh, so it was like that.” Qi Zhan nodded his head.

The others also looked on in understanding.

Lu Shiqian’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

They walked smoothly and didn’t meet any more dangerous beasts. The two hundred people entered an area of the forest where the trees were taller and denser than before. This place was like a dividing line, separating the two parts very clearly.

As soon as they entered, they saw something eye-catchingly bright. When they looked up, it was actually gold! Gold all over the place! Countless pieces and piles everywhere.

Was the forest showing off its accumulated wealth? But still, this was too much!

“Hurry, look! These pieces of gold have directive magic!” The beautiful middle-aged woman excitedly gushed. Women would be interested in these shiny things even if they were Gods.

What more, these gold pieces had directive magic!

“Look here, heavens, so much Heavenly Fragrance! What’s next to it? Wah, Heavenly Thunder Stone!” Another God Rank powerhouse found some good stuff.

“There’s Violet-Gold Fruit here and also olivine!”

“Hurry and look here…”

People went crazy. Ordinary things would never enter these people’s eyes. Since they were Gods, power and status also didn’t mean much to them. The rare treasures that could increase their strength, precious forging materials, equipment and magic beasts could rouse their vitality.

Here, there was everything!

“Say, what else do you think we’ll get if we continue?” a God excitedly asked.

“Do you think there’ll be… God Artifact?” someone asked.

With this pile of treasure, everyone was crazed. Don’t forget that their original purpose was to explore this forest and find rare treasures!

God Artifacts were of course the ultimate treasure Gods reached for even in their dreams!

Would the people stimulated by treasure easily retreat?

Facing these treasures, Lu Shiqian fell silent. It was weird! It was hard to put in words, but she had a strange feeling that someone had dug a pit for them to fall into.

However, no matter what, she decided to continue on. She believed in the progress expedited by battle. This forest would definitely have what she wanted!

Everyone hurriedly stashed items into their storage bags, hating that it was too small. There were also some powerhouses that were cleverer, taking care to not go overboard. In this dangerous forest, it wasn’t suitable to overload yourself.

Of course, there were also that were overly greedy. Take the Song Empire powerhouses for instance, they even gave up fresh food and water. Especially Song Yan, in addition to putting gold into her interspatial bag, she even stuffed quite a few gems on her body.

“You’d be better off leaving some fresh food and water,” Qi Zhan good-naturedly spoke. Even though he didn’t like their antics, it was still good to remind them.

“No need for your hypocrisy. There’s so much food in this forest. Any one or two magic beasts would do!” Song Yan rudely answered, tying another piece of olivine to her hair.

Qi Zhan saw it was as such and didn’t speak anymore. They could do as they liked. Either way, he was not giving his food to them!

After everyone finished picking up the treasures, they reluctantly moved forward. Some people were still intoxicated by the sight of gold everywhere.

There were still five teams: Lu Shiqian’s team led the front while Song Chengyuan’s group brought up the rear.

Sometimes, it was not best choice to be at the rear. Song Chengyuan and Song Yan’s little abacuses clacked in their mind. If they met danger, they would let those fools at the front bear the brunt of it. They just needed to pick up for cheap at the back. Their bodies were filled with gold and precious stones, and they were quite proud of their smarts.

The smell of gold and treasures spread very far. What they didn’t know was that in this forest, there was a species of magic beasts that specially ate gold.

A piece of dirt behind them silently parted and closed. The creature moved quietly underground and no one could find it. That thing swam to the back of the pack, and after confirming that the things moving in front of it was edible, opened its huge mouth and swallowed them one by one. The swallowed people didn’t even have the time to make a sound, showing how fast its speed was.

So far, no one had realized someone had vanished.

Next to Song Yan, there were five Saints. They were all the students of Gods of the Song Empire, and usually pandered to her. At this time, one Saint adopted an original approach and picked some wildflowers, ingratiatingly saying, “Incomparably beautiful princess, please accept my heart.”

Song Yan also liked this type of tone. She liked the feeling of being praised and having men revolve around her. She angrily thought that these men were much better than those around that ugly woman. Not only did they look better, they were also good in bed. She grinned from ear to ear as she took the flowers and was just about to compliment him when she saw a giant mouth more than 3 meters wide lined with white teeth swallow the bouquet-giving Saint in one gulp, then burrowing into the ground. The place the person was standing was flat. If you didn’t see it yourself, you would never believe that someone just died!

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