Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 178

Everything happened in a flash!

“Ah!” Song Yan uncontrollably screamed.

When people turned around, they saw a round mouth filled with teeth appear again and again around Song Yan, swallowing the Saints around her at an unbelievable speed!

“M-Master, save me!” Song Yan felt like she was going to pee her pants again. She shook as she begged for help from the not far away Song Chengyuan.

How could Song Chengyuan dare to go help? That unknown monster could even swallow a Saint in one bite! He frowned and shouted, “Hurry up and come over!”

Song Yan sank in despair. She could feel the coldness around her.

Drip, drip. She lost control of her bladder again. The bad smell spread through the air.

The huge mouth that was about to swallow her seemed to be disgusted by the smell and turned around to attack others.

Whoever carried more gold was its primary target!

Soon, another few fell to the mouth. It was open and swallow, open and swallow— extremely fast! Besides seeing a huge blurry mouth and sharp teeth, they didn’t even know what attacked them.

The less known about it, the more terrifying it was, right?

“Yin, Hong Jin, Wang Cai, come back first!” Lu Shiqian made a split-second decision and summoned back the three magic beasts. First ensure the safety of her magic beasts. She lightly jumped onto a branch and observed the enemy from above.

Someone in the team responded quickly and was able to stab the monster right when it attacked. There was a cracking sound— the sound of the sword breaking! It could be seen that the monster’s skin was extremely tough!

Some mages froze the ground but still couldn’t resist the monster’s attack, showing its great strength!

“Everyone jump onto the trees!” Lu Shiqian shouted.

Everyone seemed to snap awake and climb up the trees.

However, as they climbed, some dark round shadows also chased them up.

Some insects that were more than four meters thick and ten meters long also jumped up. That speed and agility, how were these oversized bugs able to achieve that? Not only that, these insects were able to spit out a highly corrosive acid. Anyone hit would gain an extra hole in their body.

These insects were common Ground Insects that could be found in ordinary forests, generally the size of a human thumb.

Since flowers could be so abnormal, it’s no surprise that Ground Insects could be so large either!

The Ground Insects were all around 30 Stars, its skin thick. It couldn’t be chopped, burned, or pierced. The sulfuric acid it sprayed was also very powerful and anyone who touched it would be injured or killed, extremely troublesome!

If flowers and insects could grow so large, then stronger magic beasts don’t even need to be mentioned! They were definitely completely overpowered!

“Careful to not get hit by the acid. Avoid and jump up to attack! We should be able to deal with these bugs!” Mu Rongyi naturally had more experience than the others since he could seat in the seat of city lord. His observation skills and judgement were also somewhat better.

The powerhouses all nodded and released their domains.

Indeed, they were taking the beating too passively. It was around time the Gods showed their power to this forest! Ducking and hiding was never a good feeling. Moreover, even if they preserved their strength to the maximum, once the fight passed and they were killed by the magic beasts of the Forest of Death, wasn’t that worse?

A large half of their body’s magic power was consumed by releasing their domain. In general, a God Rank could use their domain five times a week; Saints only twice a week. Afterwards, their magic power would be exhausted. Of course, the power of the domain was unquestionable and a life-saving measure of the Gods and Saints.

Releasing their domain did not require chanting a spell. Instead, it was controlled by the rules they comprehended. There were thousands of rules, and domains would differ depending on which one was comprehended. Attacking with the power of the rules was naturally more than just a whole level higher than using spells!

Comprehending the domain needed strong perceptive skills, and hundreds of thousands of accumulated battle experience. Neither could be missing. Strong perception would allow you to come to a realization about the vast universe; battle would allow you to surpass yourself. Both were needed!

However… The heavens and earth were broad, as vast as the universe and beyond the plane of existence. The more they understood, the more they felt that it was mysterious and expansive. The things that could be comprehended, the direction to move in. Even the minutiae of emotions were endless! Thus, everyone had different domains with thousands of changes!

Some people’s domains were like a blazing fire, another had blade-like winds; some were strong like the earth, others were like a drop of water… There were also some that were like swords, fans, enabling invisibility, or increasing speed.

“These are all called low-level rules, but it’s still good to observe and learn.” Li Jing flashed to Lu Shiqian’s side and pointed out. His face had a slight smile, his body wearing a magnificent leaf-patterned robe, not contaminated with a single speck of dust. This guy really knew how to enjoy himself! Changing clothes every day, and they were all different designs too!

Lu Shiqian collected her thoughts and moved her consciousness towards the released domains. Storms, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, lightning and thunder, seemed to pass through her mind… A different world for each person. All kinds of experiences and the Fire of Creation merged together. She seemed to bypass everything, coldly observing the world from above, watching the blue seas turn into mulberry fields. Suddenly, there was a flash of lightning and a trace of life appeared on the ground… A small sprout spread its roots in her mind.

She snapped awake and was somewhat surprised at her earlier state, but she soon shifted her gaze to the battlefield. She wasn’t aware that the moment the bud sprung to life, her body glowed with a faint golden light.

However, Li Jing, who was by her side, saw it clearly.

Lu Shiqian soon discovered that amongst the Gods, there were four that had powerful domains.

One of them was Qi Zhan. His domain was a field of fire, and the Ground Insects’ acid couldn’t hurt him at all. The temperature of the flame was extremely high and ignored the defenses of the Ground Insects. Where it passed, the insects would burn to a crisp so much so that they wouldn’t dare to near him, burrowing back into the ground.

The second was Feng Zhongxin. His domain was composed of more than a hundred broadswords. The wind within was cutting, and the insects were sliced as easily as hair.

The third was Mu Rongyi. His domain was called ‘One Sword to the Sky’. It was bold and fierce, lofty and unyielding, chopping the Ground Insects like cabbage.

Amongst the powerhouses, the one with the most powerful domain was actually Wei Mo.

His domain was a giant lotus. The lotus was beautiful and delicate, indescribably pure and elegant. Stepping on the lotus, Wei Mo was like a lotus fairy: pure, untarnished, and extremely attractive. He originally had a pair of fox eyes, hair like ink, red lips, face like jade, and an outstanding temperament. Even wearing the human face mask, he was stunningly beautiful. His expression was innocent. A white lotus and its guardian; he transformed his love for Lu Shiqian and his will to protect into rules, transforming it into a beautiful and powerful domain!

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