Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 179

What was the requirement for protecting? It was strength! The lotus looked harmless but hid its power. When the lotus attacked, the Ground Insects were unable to resist the pressure and were crushed into powder!

Even though he was just a Saint, Wei Mo’s domain was a level higher than the others.

This was talent! This was the kind of talent you couldn’t even be jealous about!

The rules were a dividing line. It could be seen that once Wei Mo became a God, his achievements would be higher than others. This was the difference between a genius and a fool. The starting line was completely different!

There was one other person that couldn’t be ignored: The Son of Light, Shuang Ruyue.

A Rank 8 Great Mage with a 15 Star White Phoenix, it stands to reason that this combo wouldn’t be able to beat the 30 Star Ground Insect. However, Shuang Ruyue revealed his hidden strength. The Verdict of Light hit 3 Ground Insects at the thin skin right next to their mouths, making them highly irritated. Repeatedly hit the same insect in the same place dozens of times, his control and accuracy were stunning. His judgement of the situation and observation of the Ground Insects’ movements was also amazing! If he was not born with this talent, then it could only be gained through countless battles!

The powerhouses couldn’t help but feel a bit depressed. Lu Shiqian was an abnormality, but why were the people around her also so abnormal? How were the rest of them supposed to live? Fortunately, none of them looked good appearance-wise. Otherwise, God loved them too much!

Song Chengyuan stared at Shuang Ruyue in amazement. He was now sure that the one who used the Verdict of Light must be from the Church of Light. This move couldn’t be learned unless you were an Archbishop. It could be seen that the other’s status in the Church of Light was not low. Then, he shouldn’t not know the relationship between the Song royal family and the Church. If he knew, why did he keep helping that woman called Ren Woxing?

After receiving some blows, the Ground Insects hid in underground and didn’t dare to come out. It was unknown whether they ran away or were waiting for another chance to attack.

A lot of magic power was consumed to release their domains. The good thing was that the loot was pretty good. On average, each person received two 30 Star magic beast cores.

Song Chengyuan and Song Yan didn’t participate in the battle, but they thickened their faces and grabbed some magic beast cores. They also took quite a bit— at least 5 or 6!

Feng Zhongxin had always been upright and couldn’t stand their antics, “These are all the fruit of Little Brother Wei Mo’s labor! Hurry up and return it!”

Song Chengyuan retorted, “I also met life-threatening danger; I was also fighting desperately, so why can I not take a few magic beast cores?” You’re kidding! Where was he supposed to find 30 Star magic beast cores when they left the forest?

Everyone couldn’t help but disdain their actions. They had seen shameless, but never to this degree! He obviously didn’t do anything other than run for his life, but he could still turn around and say that he was fighting, even snatching someone else’s treasures! How disgraceful!

“Little Brother Wei Mo, go get your spoils of war back.” Feng Zhongxin suggested.

Before Wei Mo could open his mouth, Song Chengyuan said, “I believe that Little Wei Mo has a broad mind and can understand our desperate fighting heart.”

Wei Mo wasn’t good at interacting with people. After hearing Song Chengyuan’s words, he was too embarrassed to ask for the magic beast cores.

Lu Shiqian grabbed Wei Mo’s hand and kissed him on the lips. This child was truly too kind!

Quickly, Hong Jin and Yin rushed over, one bumping and one snatching. The two magic beasts were extremely cooperative, holding with their mouth and claws. Once they finished stealing the magic beast cores, they hurriedly ran back.

It was also Song Chengyuan’s fault for filling his interspatial bag with gold. The magic beast cores which he temporarily had no space for was cleanly stolen.

Song Chengyuan suddenly turned red with anger, “Shameless thing, you dare to steal?!”

Lu Shiqian took the magic beast cores her magic beasts delivered and smiled wildly, “Yes, I robbed you! What are you gonna do?!”

“You…” Song Chengyuan trembled with anger. Her attitude clearly didn’t put him in her eyes!

“Old guy, don’t take things that aren’t yours. The next time you blindly reach out, things won’t end as simply!” Lu Shiqian narrowed her eyes coldly, laying on the pressure.

Yes, she mocked and threatened them. So what?

Song Chengyuan searched for help angrily. If the others weren’t looking at leaves, they were looking at grass. Everyone collectively ignored him.

In the end, Song Chengyuan was still a God Rank. After being worshipped like an ancestor by the Song Empire, he was enraged at being treated this way: “Good, good, good. You dogs that stare with your dog eyes, I’m leaving! I don’t believe that you’ll be able to survive without me in this forest!”

He brought 10 God Rank powerhouses and could be considered a portion of the fighting force. It was a pity that they basically didn’t make any effort, hiding whenever danger came. What was the difference with them and without them?

“Take care and we won’t bother to see you out!” Lu Shiqian declared.

“Think carefully!” Song Chengyuan was waiting for them to repent.

“If you want to go, then hurry up and leave!” Xifeng bluntly said. He had long been unhappy with them.

Greedy but fearing death, making barely any effort but still liking to take advantage of others. Who would want a teammate like this?

“Alright, don’t regret it later!” Song Chengyuan angrily snorted and left with the 10 Gods and Song Yan. Not long after they left, they felt the extreme danger of the forest, their rage quickly replaced with fear. They followed closely behind the 300 people, unwilling to drift far.

The magic beasts in the forest were clever and quickly surrounded the people who lagged behind the group.

The Ground Insects that hadn’t truly dispersed were the first to attack!

Behind the Ground Insects were countless Forest Spiders.

Not to mention the size of the Forest Spiders. Of course, they were large and had a disc-like body with eight legs, each over 2 meters long. Forest Spiders liked to travel in groups and hunt together. They were fierce and brutal creatures!

Honestly, the Forest of Death had countless such creatures. Forest Spiders and Ground Insects could only be considered lowly insects!

30 Star Ground Insects and 30 Star Forest Spiders were usually bitter enemies locked in battle, but when facing outsiders, they magically formed a cooperative relationship. They pointed their heads at the Song Empire’s 10 or so Gods and 5 or 6 Saints!

“Master, what to do?!” Song Yan looked at the Ground Insects and Forest Spiders jumping over and shouted in horror.

“Release your domains! Hurry and release your domains!” Song Chengyuan screamed in fright. F*ck, such bad luck! They met this kind of trouble the moment they left the group! What was sadder was, they might even need to ask for help from those bastards!

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