Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 180

The Song members listened to Song Chengyuan’s orders and released their domains immediately.

However, not all domains were that effective.

The spiders jumped up together, two or three besieging one. Ground Insects were also at their feet, taking advantage of the fire to loot. The slightest carelessness caused them to be surrounded on all sides. The domain of a Saint broke first and was quickly defeated by the spiders’ venom, his corpse tragically dissected.

The domain of a Saint may be able to withstand a few attacks, but it took a lot of magic power to sustain the domain. Once there was a slight gap in their defense, they would fall to a miserable end. Soon, another two or three Saints were bitten to death.

Even though the God Rank powerhouses were sustaining their domains, under the siege of so many insects, they were pushed to the edge.

Song Chengyuan intestines turned green with regret. If he knew earlier, why would he have left the team? Being angry was better than death! However, there was no medicine for regret. He vented his anger onto Lu Shiqian. If it weren’t for her enraging him, they wouldn’t have left the team!

“Master, why aren’t they coming to help us?” Song Yan asked in horror. There was still the disgusting stench of urine coming off her, and the insects didn’t want to touch her for the time being.

“Yan’er, hurry and ask for help! Hurry!” Song Chengyuan saw a God Rank powerhouse being turned into a lifeless corpse and no longer cared about his earlier words, his pride, or his anger. He wanted to live! There was still a lot of money waiting to be spent, hordes of beautiful women waiting for him to play with. Wasn’t the purpose of being a God to better enjoy your life?

Song Yan was terrified, “Master, I don’t dare go! I don’t dare go!”

At the critical moment of life and death, Song Chengyuan berated Song Yan for the first time, “You trash! Incompetent thing, we will all die if you don’t ask for help now!”

Song Yan was successfully scared and shouted loudly, “Save us! Save us! Please save us!”

The two hundred or so powerhouses naturally heard their cry for help. However, the Song Empire’s attitude was not good, to save or not to save?

Lu Shiqian’s eyes turned slightly, “Everyone, I’ll go and help them. They had also once fought alongside us.”

Qi Zhan disagreed, “Girly, those people are obstinate and self-opinionated, leaving the team of their own accord. If you go by yourself and fall into danger, it’s not worth it.”

Lu Shiqian replied, “Don’t worry, I am aware of my limits. I’ll be back soon.”

Everyone saw that Lu Shiqian had made up her mind and stilled their steps, waiting for her. They hoped that she would go quickly and come back quickly.

Wei Mo tugged on Lu Shiqian’s sleeves, implying that he wanted to go with her.

Lu Shiqian persuaded him otherwise. She knew that with his innocence, he would be hurt seeing her do bad things.

That’s right, she wasn’t going to save them! She was going to send them off to meet death!

Shuang Ruyue’s eyes darkened slightly. He had met countless people and could guess at Lu Shiqian’s thoughts. Sure enough, this was the woman he was chasing. The crueler she was, the more his interest was piqued.

After a few jumps, Lu Shiqian landed on a tree high above and coldly asked, “Hey, you need my help?” She asked as such, but it didn’t seem like she was going to make a move.

She had always had a question, and now was the best chance to unravel it.

Song Chengyuan saw that only Lu Shiqian came and his anger long rushed to his head, “What are you speaking so much nonsense for? Hurry up and help us!”

Lu Shiqian was laid back as she languidly watched another God fall to the hands of the insects. She slowly and unhurriedly asked, “I would like to ask you a question.” Her eyes suddenly turned cold, “Do you know Lu Wushuang?”

Song Chengyuan did not expect her to ask this question. Lu Wushuang? The Lu family’s founder, the peerless genius Lu Wushuang? His face was pale for a moment. How could he not know him?

“Who the hell are you?” Song Chengyuan finally remembered to ask.

Lu Shiqian had suspected from the beginning. A Saint was chased with nowhere to hide… Just who would be the pursuer? When those seven God Rank powerhouses from the Song Empire were chasing her, a light passed through her brain. Lu Wushuang might’ve been chased by the Song Empire!

She came over to clarify the matter. She also wanted to know whether Lu Wushuang was dead or alive, and if so, where he was.

“Who am I? You’ll know if you see.” Lu Shiqian pulled down the human face mask and a peerlessly beautiful face was revealed. Her black hair fluttered in the air. She was more beautiful than peace blossoms, purer than lotuses. Her eyes shone with stars, her lips red, her skin like the finest jade, smooth and delicate, and faintly glowing. This was a face that could make both men and women crazy!

The Song powerhouses were dumbfounded. They were too familiar with this face! Wasn’t that the highest kill priority, the General of the Thorn Army Lu Shiqian?! That person who may be even more genius than Lu Wushuang?!

“Impossible, impossible! How could you be so beautiful?!” Song Yan was drowning in jealousy. Compared to the fairy-like person on the tree, she was like dirt. This incomparable gap made her crazy.

Song Chengyuan seemed to see a ghost, “They didn’t kill you?”

Lu Shiqian put the mask back on and answered with a question, “Lu Wushuang was also chased down by you guys in the past?”

Song Chengyuan’s face changed greatly. She even knew this? Back then, the ten of them united together in order to force Lu Wushuang— who had just entered Saint Rank— into the corner. It could be seen that his talent was high. If he became a God, he would become the Song Empire’s nightmare. They just didn’t expect that other than Lu Wushuang, Lu Shiqian would become their new nightmare after 500 years! As a result, they used the power of Gods to kill Lu Shiqian. “You better hurry up and save us or I’ll let out your secret.” Song Chengyuan thought that he’d grasped Lu Shiqian’s weakness and threatened.

Lu Shiqian laughed wildly, “Secret? What secret? That Ren Woxing is Lu Shiqian?” Lu Shiqian’s eyes narrowed coldly, “Alright, I’ll admit, you’ve successfully frightened me.”

Song Chengyuan was overjoyed that he gained the upper hand, haughtily posing, “Then hurry up and save us!”

She lifted her arms carefreely, “You must know… The only one that can keep a secret are dead men. I’m not that dumb yet!”

“You…!” Song Chengyuan was enraged but was unable to do anything. The insects ate another few God Rank powerhouses. Their screams as they died lingered in his ears. Too scary! Too terrifying!

“Allow me to give you a final chance. Where is Lu Wushuang?” Lu Shiqian coldly asked. She dared to guarantee that someone who feared death like Song Chengyuan would definitely spill.

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