Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 181

Song Chengyuan seemed like he was grasping at life-saving straws, “He’s still alive in the Deceiving Sea! If you save me, I’ll take you to find him!” Yes, Lu Wushuang was in the Deceiving Sea, but the sea was so big and there were many sea monsters. Who knew which corner he was in? Whatever, first trick this damned woman and consider other things later!

Lu Shiqian held her chin, “Really? Then thanks, you can go die now.”

“You…!” His voice remained in the air as he was finally dissected by a spider. The other God Rank powerhouses also lost their lives.

A large number of spiders and Ground Insects surrounded Song Yan.

“S-Save me…” Song Yan trembled and begged Lu Shiqian.

“If I go save you, these insects definitely wouldn’t let me go.” Lu Shiqian smiled like a demoness and quickly left.

The spiders jumped towards Song Yan… A gem tied on her head fell off.

Back at the team, Wei Mo held Lu Shiqian’s hand, checking her up and down. He was making sure that the person in his heart didn’t suffer any injuries. This idiot, you can’t tell if there are injuries just by staring at the hand.

“I was one step too late, not a single person was left alive. Let’s leave quickly, there are thousands of Forest Spiders behind us.” Lu Shiqian lied without a blink of an eye.

The others were also reluctant to waste so much magic power on those insects and began moving as fast as meteors, trying their best to avoid the spiders.

Deep inside the forest, some esteemed one sat atop a majestic throne and glanced over his subordinates, “What kind of person do you think that woman is?” Everything in the forest was under his control. Lu Shiqian taking off her mask and not saving the others were also seen by him.

“Your Majesty, I think she’s an insidious person that cannot be trusted!” A huge looming shadow said.

“Yeah, Your Majesty, humans are all cruel like that!” He had not seen humans for many years, but still had a deep-seated aversion to them.

“Your Majesty, I think what she did is understandable. Those people were like poisonous snakes, there was absolutely no reason for their continue existence. If it were me, I would also get rid of them.” A slightly smaller figure analyzed.

“Where are they going next?” From the throne, a deep and sexy voice sounded.

“Your Majesty, they will be arriving at the Hollow Lake next.” A figure respectfully replied.

They were somewhat looking forward to the next events. They had been bored for too long and needed something to disrupt their monotonous lives.

These humans that were neither strong nor weak could be used for entertainment.

The powerhouses ran forward until they were blocked by a wide lake.

It was hard to imagine that there would be such a beautiful place in the Forest of Death. The lake surface was like a sapphire or the teardrops hanging onto the eyelashes of a beautiful girl.

The breeze blew, causing the surface to ripple lightly. It was beautiful!

Lu Shiqian’s heart sank. Weird, too weird! There must be something at work behind the scenes! She trusted her instincts.

The light wavered on the surface of the water; the surroundings quiet as if this was a paradise that should not be disturbed. For the group that was fatigued, this undoubtedly appeared to be a paradise. If this lake appeared anywhere other than the Forest of Death, it would be a place everyone would go to. There were also quite a few powerhouses that were suspicious: why would there be such a magnificent lake here?

The powerhouses all carefully gathered into a circle, ready to deal with any dangers that may arise.

The magic beasts in the Forest of Death were cunning and strong, well versed in ambushes. Maybe some were eyeing them right at this moment!

The lake was calm and there was nothing strange in the surroundings. The leaves swayed lightly as if mocking their timidity.

Could they really be thinking too much?

The lake was more than 3,000 meters wide, lying between two rugged peaks. If they wanted to continue forward, there was only one choice: to cross the lake!

Feng Zhongxin walked to the side of the lake, stabbing his broadsword into it. He quickly retreated while the water splashed up.

Only a slight breeze blew over the lake, and nothing else happened.

It appeared to be safe.

Another God walked to the edge of the lake, staying a little longer this time. He even scooped up some water and, after confirming that there was no poison or parasites in it, drank it. The water was sweet and clear, also containing abundant magic power. It was an excellent source of freshwater. It was understandable, the Forest of Death had five or six times more magic power than the outside world. The deeper you went, the denser it was. The fact that the lake contained a lot of magic power was thus not very unusual.

There was still no movement. The lake seemed to be a broad-minded donor, extremely generous to the people that broke into the forest.

Since the lake was so generous, the others didn’t dally and also replenished their water supply. Such water was also a treasure if taken out. Gods could not eat for 10 days to half a month, but they still needed water every 5 days. When it came to Lu Shiqian, she of course was not polite. She filled almost 1,000 cubic meters of her interspatial bag with water. Good thing the lake was large enough. Other than some ripples, it couldn’t be seen how much water the lake truly lost. Her face was calm as if she had just taken a little water.

Her small movements were clearly seen by a certain esteemed one deep within the forest. This human woman sure was special, sure was shameless!

Lu Shiqian frowned slightly. For a moment, she felt like someone was watching her. This feeling came and went, quite strange.

After noon, they had to cross the lake. Otherwise, they’d have to stay the night in the forest. The Forest of Death at night was truly a party!

At first, everyone decided to fly over but soon found out that flying was prohibited in the area above the lake. The strange pressure gave only one choice to the group: obediently cross over the lake, or even swim across it.

Several giant trees were cut down and turned into rafts. The five teams of 280 or so people stepped on and began crossing.

At the beginning, everyone was alert, staring cautiously at the lake. However, the lake remained still.

Around the middle of the lake, everyone released a breath. Perhaps the Forest of Death also had its moments of peace.

What they didn’t know was that the water behind them was rippling slightly, countless fierce little eyes staring at them. When they turned around, the creatures sank down again.

“Do you feel like something’s wrong, hmm?” Li Jing squeezed next to Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian coolly glanced at him, not giving him face.

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