Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 182

A certain someone without self-awareness continued to charmingly say, “Aiyah, your stiff face really isn’t cute at all!” This guy! Even if his face was changed to that of a normal person, his charm did not decrease in the slightest.

A model evildoer!

Wei Mo held Lu Shiqian’s hand, “A’Qian, there seems to be something watching us.” He was born with a natural sixth sense, his senses extremely keen!

That feeling of being looked at as food was indeed highly uncomfortable! How could Lu Shiqian not feel it?

“Ah!” a scream sounded. A Saint standing near the edge of the raft had a piece of his calf bitten off by something, his blood seeping into the water.

The calm lake suddenly exploded like boiling water!

Countless green-black piranhas were stimulated by the blood and jumped out of the water, attacking the group.

People immediately realized their mistake: The Forest of Death ah, would never be gentle!

The piranhas were generally above 20 Stars and attacked with their teeth and sound. Even though they didn’t have as many stars as the Ground Insects, but in the water— in the water dominated by fish— their advantages were greatly increased! Furthermore, the powerhouses were unable to escape to the air!

Besides that, there were multitudes of piranhas. The sight of green and red made their scalps grow numb.

What were they waiting for? If they didn’t want to be their dinner, then hurry up and fight back!

Everyone worked together: those who rowed the raft rowed, those who killed piranhas killed.

The piranhas had sharp teeth but had weak skin. They were much easier to kill than the Ground Insects.

Mu Rongyi’s one strike killed at least in the tens.

Feng Zhongxin’s broadsword was dominating, the piranhas dying once seen.

Wei Mo and Shuang Ruyue’s attacks were also sharp. Their attack power was not any worse than the Gods, especially Shuang Ruyue. He was good at using the least amount of power to obtain the greatest effect.

Lan Ruo, Hong Jin, Wang Cai, and Yin all entered the magic beast space. They knew that they wouldn’t be able to help their master in the following battle. In fact, they would probably tire their master from worry. They could only keep their eyes wide and give blessings at the critical moment. Instead, their replacement was the Basket Vine. Even though it was only 13 Stars right now and couldn’t help much, it was still a native of the Forest of Death. Some things were only known by it. In addition, this small vine evolved a new ability. It could release spores and parasites, but it was ineffective against creatures a higher rank than it.

Qi Zhan was the most depressed amongst the team. He was a fire mage and had no way when it came to water. However, he still tried very hard to use his silver grade staff to whack piranhas. His movements were nimble and it could be seen he had great talent in the field of whacking fish heads!

The piranhas that could grow to 20 Stars weren’t dumb either. Seeing that they were unable to win the attack from above, a portion of them swam underneath the raft and butted against it, an attack from both above and below! Someone fell into the water and they all bunched up to attack him, divide and eat his body. When they found a chance, they gripped tightly onto their skin, not giving up unless they tore off a piece of meat!

Soon, three people fell into the water. They died instantly, with no time to save them at all.

“Falling Flowers Season,” Li Jing softly said.

The peach blossoms were fragrant as they landed on the water surface. Some petals were swallowed by the fish while others remained afloat, scattered far and wide.

“Rise,” Li Jing quietly ordered.

The petals that were swallowed broke out of the fish; the petals floating on the water sliced the fish. The petals seemed to be wind, yet also seemed to be rain, rolling along the surface of the water. Where it went, dead fish would rise.

Half of the piranhas were quickly wiped out. If you didn’t see it with your own eyes, it was hard to imagine that soft peach blossoms would have such power.

The powerful Gods suddenly felt the distance between them and Li Jing. They were all Gods, but the difference was so large.

Bai seemed to have said before that becoming a God is only the first step.

However, these were not things Lu Shiqian had to consider yet. She was only a Rank 4 mage right now, still far from becoming a God.

The school of piranhas were severely damaged and momentarily didn’t dare to make brash moves. They all stared with fierce eyes as they began to spit bubbles and splash the water.

Gugugu, papapa.

“Mieeee…” a long call sounded out from below the water. Following after, a four long-legged, 9 meters long and 4 meters wide cow-like magic beast erupted out of the water.

“Ahhhh…” several dreamlike notes also rang out. Two mermaids appeared out of the water. They sat on a reef, appearing beautiful and alluring, charming the soul.

“M-Master… This is the Phantom Beast and Sound Beast,” Poluo said in a trembling voice.

The 43 Star cow-like Phantom Beast attacked with sound and could cause people to hallucinate and damage brain nerves. The 42 Star mermaids were Sound Beasts. The mellifluous notes coming from those small mouths were very powerful and could make people step through the door of death in their fascination.

“Everyone quickly seal your hearing, they can attack with sound.” Lu Shiqian shouted.

“Mieee…, mie, mieee…” the Phantom Beast began to attack.

“Ahh, ahh ahh, ahhhh…” the Sound Beasts followed soon after. (Please associate the voice of the Sound Beasts with a beautiful and melodious voice. Do not, by any means, think of the sound a child makes when they refuse to exercise… A serious note from the author.)

These two types of magic beasts could cause disaster just by themselves. The two attacking together was obviously not leaving a way out for the group.

Even though they responded quickly and sealed their hearing, they soon found out that even without hearing, the magic beasts’ sound could be directly transmitted into their mind. They transmitted sound through sound waves.

Sound waves reached the brain!

Someone suddenly hugged their head and stumbled into the water. The surrounding piranhas quickly dissected the unlucky person.

Some people saw beautiful and incomparably real illusions, walking directly into the mouths of the piranhas.

Even Lu Shiqian had her heart swayed and thought of Bai and the Death God.

These voices could truly tug at the deepest secrets hidden within the heart!

The stronger ones could slightly resist the voices traveling through their head; more than 20 weaker ones had already ended up in the piranhas’ stomachs.

Could it be that they were going to be annihilated here?!

“Roarr…” a long roar flooded across the earth and broke through the clouds.

The heavens and earth exist for an eternity, revering only me!

As soon as this roar came out, the Phantom Beast and Sound Beasts seemed to be petrified. They froze, then trembled, then knelt!

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