Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 183

Not just these magic beasts, within the whole forest, a large majority also knelt.

Respect the king, the king of the beasts, the king amongst kings!

Even deep within the forest, the figure sitting on the throne trembled slightly. The magic beasts before him also hesitated on who to kneel to.

“Don’t be afraid. Even if he has great skills, he still needs to break through first.” The voice calmed down, “The show has just begun.”

The huge blood-colored array spread out over the entire lake, even extending past that.

Silver moonlight colored hair wrapped around Lu Shiqian. The perfect beyond compare body was revealed. Even the feet were beautiful. The seductive red eyes held a teasing smile and deep affection with pampering tones. The red lips parted to say, “Dumbo, you’re really cutting a sorry figure.”

Lu Shiqian stared speechlessly at Bai’s feet. A clone that was 500 Stars high, what a sight!

Of course Bai understood Lu Shiqian’s thoughts. First hold her tightly in his embrace to alleviate the pining of the past few days, then he rubbed his thumb over her lips, communicating through the mental platform, “This is a part of my body. Even though it’s a clone, it’s also the same as me. You could think of it as two bodies one person. Dumbo, you have to treat me well.”

Lu Shiqian glared at him. Indeed, if this wasn’t Bai, who would it be?

Charming and seductive, overbearing and exceptional, who other than Bai would look at her so affectionately?

His charm was natural. If Li Jing was considered devilishly enchanting, then he would be considered the ultimate devil!

His majestic presence was incomparable. There were none anywhere near his level, making all want to worship him at first sight!

The powerhouses were rooted, were stunned! T-T-This, who was this OP as f*ck man? Which corner did he pop out from? Oh heavens, heavens! Even if he didn’t intentionally suppress them, just standing next to him was too much! Furthermore, the glowing array that hadn’t disappeared from his feet yet proved one more thing, a thing that these powerhouses weren’t able to derive an answer to even if they broke their brains thinking. The peerless powerhouse in front of them was actually a pet! In other words, a contracted magic beast! Yes, a magic beast! How could such a powerful king submit to a human?

A humanoid magic beast king! Oh heavens, heavens! They were going to go crazy!

This definitely surpassed the existence of a God Rank powerhouse!

Except, things seemed to be developing in a strange direction. A super handsome guy that shall not be looked down on was opening his arms wide, staring affectionately at the ugly girl in his embrace. Uh, how should they look at this scene? So skewed!

Could taste grow heavier the higher the star rank?

Bai touched the edge of Lu Shiqian’s human face mask, the slender and powerful hand squeezing the plastic around her waist. He laughed jokingly, “Haven’t seen my little dumbo for a while and you gained quite a bit of weight! However, fortunately, these eyes are real and these lips are real.”

He couldn’t hold back anymore and kissed those red lips he’d been dreaming of. He sucked and slipped inside the opening, searching for the little fish.

Everyone was dumbfounded, their heads taking major damage!

What was this? This was called a live action movie of a handsome man with a beast! Heavens, this world was too insane!

Wei Mo bit his red lips and clenched his fists tightly. H-He would never give up! Never give up, no matter what happens, no matter what obstacles, he would never falter!

Shuang Ruyue’s eyes darkened. He had never thought that such a peerless man was by her side. Even someone like him who had his eyes pointed to the sky had to admit that he was more exceptional than him, much more exceptional! The closer he wanted to be to her, the farther the distance he discovered between them. That simple boy could still stay with her under the excuse of protecting her, but what about him? She didn’t say anything directly to him, but he had no reason or excuse to remain by her side. No, he had to become stronger and stronger! That was the only way he could get her!

Bai didn’t not notice the two men beside Lu Shiqian, nor did he skip over that devilish man who had decent strength. However, he wasn’t afraid of them stealing her from him. Put another way, he was confident in himself and his love for Lu Shiqian was too deep that he didn’t even think about it. If they had the strength, then come and fight for Dumbo with him! If they left a place for themselves in her heart, he wouldn’t suppress them because… he did not want her to feel sad!

After a kiss, Bai wrapped Lu Shiqian in his embrace and glanced over at the trembling Phantom Beast and Sound Beasts, “You guys… Do you wish to live or die?”

The three beasts definitely didn’t want to die, crying out mournfully, pleading for this esteemed one to let their lives go.

“Very good, come over here and get contracted.” Bai lightly stated.

How could the three beasts dare to delay for a moment? They shakenly walked to the front of Lu Shiqian and lowered their heads. They were really hoping for Lu Shiqian to contract with them, or else their little lives were gone!

“Wuwu…” the three beasts sobbed extremely pitifully.

Lu Shiqian sighed again. Bai was just OP, too OP! Look at these three magic beasts and their pitiful appearance, she almost couldn’t bear it. What else was there to say? Contract! The three beasts successively rose 5 Stars, causing the beasts to be surprised again, then followed ecstasy.

“M-M-M-Master, our star rank increased?” the Phantom Beast, also the four-legged cow, asked in surprise. As soon as he voiced out, he seemed to realize that Esteemed Bai was still there and immediately shut up, not daring to speak.

The two mermaids were also jubilant, wanting to hug their new master, but seeing Esteemed Bai holding Master in his arms, they immediately bent over and didn’t dare walk within 5 meters of him.

The three beasts couldn’t bear Bai’s pressure and ducked into Lu Shiqian’s magic beast space.

This scene made the eyeballs of the powerhouses pop out again. That’s right, they definitely saw the contract pattern and advancement pattern. They also saw the magic beasts suddenly disappear. What happened? Someone contracted three beasts?

Oh, the damage taken today was too high. Perhaps it was all an illusion!

“Dumbo, do you want these people to follow? They may not be of much use.” Bai stared tenderly at Lu Shiqian. He was only concerned about her. What did the life and death of others have to do with him? However, he still had to ask for Dumbo’s opinion.

“I want to help some friends catch a few magic beasts…” Lu Shiqian quietly whispered. Qi Zhan, Feng Zhongxin, Xifeng, and others took care of her and she didn’t want to owe them. Taming magic beasts was also her specialty.

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