Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 184

Bai rubbed Lu Shiqian’s nose, “As you wish.”

He waved his hand and a wind rose, sending the 200 people to the other shore in the blink of an eye.

“Dumbo, I’m not here to get rid of all your troubles. I’m only here to protect your life at the critical moment. Even if you are beat until you see stars, do you understand?” Protect and cultivate their feelings. Bai kissed Lu Shiqian’s lips and retracted his domineering and majestic presence.

Lu Shiqian nodded, as if returning to that moment she met Bai. At that time, he was the boss of the Dragon Group. Even though he adored her very much, he still hardened his heart to teach her survival skills and fighting techniques, teaching her to be a firm and resilient person!

It seemed that ever since then, his eyes had always followed her, watching her, never leaving.

Childhood, youth, young adult. He gave her the love of a parent, teacher, brother, and friend. The only thing he didn’t give her was a lover’s love. However, the heavens knew how much he wanted to give her such love. Every time he endured was like being sliced at with a knife because he knew that his Dumbo would eventually go to the other world.

Now, he could finally pamper her in broad daylight and also hug and kiss her! How wonderful!

Love her, spoil her, but he would never stall her growth. He would let her grow to be dazzling…

He still had a lot of things to give to her like kisses and the like. His girl, his Dumbo, he waited for so long… Of course, everything needed to be taken slowly.

Without his presence, Bai seemed to be an extremely beautiful, immortal-like character. Except, they didn’t dare to look into his eyes. Otherwise, he was like an ordinary person. No matter how you looked, you wouldn’t be able to see the magic power fluctuations in his body.

As soon as the majestic presence was retracted, the magic beasts of the Forest of Death began to move again.

After crossing the Hollow Lake, they entered the macaw’s sphere of dominance.

The 39 Star flying magic beasts specialized in breathing fire, its wings sharp!

These macaws were much better looking than those Man-Eating Flowers, Ground Insects, and Forest Spiders.

The macaws were a type of green parrot, its feathers like jewels, quite beautiful and pleasing. They had a habit of collecting precious gems and herbs, as such, entering their realm was like entering a garden of treasures.

It had to be said that the magic beasts of the Forest of Death were very powerful but also very rich!

As soon as the 250 or so people entered their sights, they were locked on to.

“Does anyone in our team want to contract with those macaws? As long as you can grab them, I’ll tame them into contractable beasts.” Lu Shiqian grinned slyly, “Only the team I’m in is allowed to.”

Lu Shiqian’s words caused very different effects. The ones on her team were overjoyed; the ones not on her team shook their heads and regretted greatly. In particular, the ones who scorned Lu Shiqian’s low rank and swapped teams regretted until their intestines turned green.

They believed in Lu Shiqian’s words and believed that she had reached the level of a Great Tamer. They trusted that she could tame 30 to 40 macaws in a day even though a normal Great Tamer may not be able to successfully tame a 39 Star magic beast in a month. They just zealously believed. How could they not believe after seeing someone like Bai kiss her? Even the most unbelievable thing had happened, so something like taming shouldn’t be overreacted over.

This was a 39 Star Macaw! It was soon to be theirs? Everyone in Lu Shiqian’s team grew fanatic. They stared at the macaws desirously. Qi Zhan, Feng Zhongxin, Mu Rongyi, and Xifeng moved first. The others followed soon after and launched a macaw-catching contest!

Honestly, catching these macaws were much harder than killing them. Their wings, claws, and fire were all hard to defend against, but these people stared at them like a pack of hungry wolves, causing them to tremble in fright.

Lu Shiqian’s team went to catch macaws and the others teams, in order to comfort their broken hearts, went to steal the macaws’ treasures.

They all heard and understood Bai’s words clearly. They also knew that their ability was limited and reaching the lake was their limit. It was only proper they get some spoils before leaving. They should be happy since without Bai, they probably would’ve already perished.

Qi Zhan was the first to catch a macaw. He always hoped to have a high-quality magic beast and could finally fulfill that wish today.

After contracting with the macaw, the old man was refreshed and flew back into the fight to capture macaws. He tried armor merging and soul merging, his face blooming with flowers.

Soon, everyone contracted with a macaw. That look, that was called happy with pride!

After contracting, it was time to discuss whether to advance or retreat. Whoever wanted to go or stay was separated.

Wei Mo refused to leave. He innocently looked at Lu Shiqian, the belief expressed in his eyes true. Since he stayed behind, Li Jing also stayed behind in the name of taking care of his student.

Shuang Ruyue was smiling lightly, but if you carefully studied him, you would find out just how stiff his smile really was. He decided to leave. He was going to look for a way to make himself stronger. Only if he was more powerful could he protect or vie for the person he wanted, the right to stay by her side! There was a flame of stubbornness lit in him, he would stop at nothing!

The powerhouses didn’t dare stay with Bai and decided to leave. They tried their best and also experienced the Forest of Death’s terror. With their current strength, they were unable to reach deeper into the forest. They also gained much on this trip. Sometimes, people couldn’t be too greedy. Of course, when they left, they deeply remembered the name ‘Ren Woxing’. They also remembered Bai, an existence they didn’t dare to even look up to. Though they remembered, they were too scared to recall.

“Little girl, good luck!” Qi Zhan was pleased that he chose the right team at the start. He believed that the woman in front of him would definitely fly to the Ninth Heaven, her future unlimited!

“Pig, don’t die here.” Xifeng pretended to indifferently say. He knew that after parting here, their paths may never cross again in the future. However, there was once such a unique woman that appeared in his life. It could be considered a blessing.

Shuang Ruyue wanted to say something, but he couldn’t speak a word. He stared at Lu Shiqian, staring deeply at her.

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