Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 185

Lu Shiqian noticed his gaze but didn’t say anything. Their identities were too awkward, but she hoped that the next time they met, they would no longer be enemies. Perhaps they would be able to drink and chat merrily, like the wind chasing the clouds.

Bai looked at the sky above the Forest of Death. There was a transparent shield covering the entirety of the forest. It was also the reason why the magic beasts inside couldn’t leave! This forest originally only allowed for entrance but not exit!

Even if they retreated 10,000 steps or killed all the magic beasts in the forest, they still wouldn’t be able to leave!

The previous adventurers also died for this reason. When they met a strong magic beast, they couldn’t escape outside. As for the one unfortunate guy who managed to leave, he just happened to step on the periphery of the shield and saw with his own eyes his companions being dissected by the Carnivorous Rats, not one escaping. There seemed to be something firm yet invisible blocking their way… The scene straight from hell and the unexplainable strangeness caused his mind to snap and he fled home in a craze, passing away not long after.

However, they were lucky to have met Lu Shiqian, who had the ultimate sidekick Bai!

Bai waved his hand carelessly, and the 200 or so people seemed to be wrapped up and drifted outside of the transparent shield, sent out of the forest.

The powerhouses couldn’t glean much out of this hand wave, but the esteemed one deep within the forest almost fell off his throne in shock. His subordinates also stared at each other in astonishment, watching the 200 people shoot past the shield like meteors.

The power Bai demonstrated was far greater than their imagination!

How many years had that transparent shield trapped them for? Not a single one of them had successfully left. It wouldn’t break even if they joined forces?

No one could decipher the secrets hidden in the Forest of Death!

After sending everyone away, only Bai, Lu Shiqian, Wei Mo, and Li Jing were left. It grew a lot quieter all of a sudden.

Lu Shiqian also no longer hid her true face and took off the human face mask. After taking off the plastic, Wei Mo and Li Jing also smiled and revealed their true faces. The reason she wore the mask was to cover others’ eyes and ears. The way forward was too dangerous and she didn’t want to increase the amount of trouble. Even if someone decided to investigate, they would only find a person called Ren Woxing and not her, Lu Shiqian!

Once her true face was revealed, her peerless appearance moved Bai’s heart. He hugged Lu Shiqian tightly, pressing his face against hers. Even though he didn’t dislike her ugly appearance, it was still most comfortable seeing her like this and hugging felt better. Just now there were too many people, so although he wanted to hug and kiss more, he didn’t want others to see her drunken appearance, even if she was wearing a mask.

Wei Mo had seen Bai like this before. His heart sank but his face reddened. He thought of some shameful pictures.

Li Jing smiled charmingly and seemed to think of something.

Leaning against Bai’s chest, Lu Shiqian’s mind seemed to be in a daze. She never seemed to be immune to him.

The glow of the setting sun shone over them. It was twilight. The four didn’t rush on their way and made camp in the macaw’s territory, taking a break.

Compared to other magic beasts, the macaws were relatively calm. The strength the God Rank powerhouses displayed earlier still made their hearts shudder and they decided to not provoke those four people.

Lu Shiqian finally knew how extravagant she was.

In the Forest of Death, the forbidden area of death, she dared to bring kitchenware: iron pan, an energy-saving oven, condiments, vegetables, and meat. Everything was readily available! The interspatial bag was really good and worth recommending. A must-have for killing and traveling!

Lu Shiqian made a few Chinese dishes. Even though the vegetables and meat were from the Devil Dance Continent, it was still pretty good.

The four people sitting at the table together made it feel like they were a family.

Bai picked up his chopsticks and tried some Yuxiang shredded pork. Lu Shiqian asked him somewhat dazedly, “Is it good?”

Bai’s long eyes narrowed slightly, somewhat overbearingly and slyly saying, “I want you to feed me.” Finishing, he lay down on Lu Shiqian’s lap, his squinting look really made him seem like a majestic cat— a very big cat!

This him was a little different from the usual him.

When those beautiful and alluring eyes looked at her, Lu Shiqian was really rendered unable to reject.

She helplessly fed him and sighed inside. Wasn’t she the one that was supposed to be spoiled?

Bai ate the dumplings in satisfaction and licked Lu Shiqian’s fingers from time to time, making them numb.

This guy!

Wei Mo sat on the side blushing so hard he could drip blood while Li Jing smiled, eating happily.

This fragrant and delicious dinner was extremely satisfying for the four. It also made that esteemed one deep within the forest salivate. That… seemed very good.

At night, after Lu Shiqian sat in the tent to practice the Heavenly Swinging Sword, Bai also stepped into her tent. The tent was about 5 cubic meters large and could hold more than two people, but the temperature seemed to rise as the two met in a small space for the first time alone.

“Bai, why are you…?” Lu Shiqian wanted to ask him why he came in, but if he didn’t come in, where would he go? That was why she couldn’t finish the rest of her sentence. She was just… a little shy.

Bai smiled alluringly, “Dumbo, if I don’t sleep with you, where would I go?” Magic beasts were supposed to stay by their master’s side anyways, right?

He knew that she was practicing the Heavenly Swinging Sword so he didn’t disturb her. Now that she finished, he squeezed in.

“Sleep?” Lu Shiqian’s head was struck by lightning.

Her ditzy look made Bai embrace her. His dumbo was so cute! Unable to help himself, he hugged Lu Shiqian and the two fell on the soft mattress.

The temperature suddenly rose.

Lu Shiqian’s face turned red and she wriggled uncomfortably.

Their bodies were close and this movement caused their clothes to shift. Bai’s arms wrapped around her tightened slightly. His overbearing low voice was tinged with gentleness, “Dumbo…”

It was a mistake to press her against his body. These actions only made Bai’s heart ripple more. Lu Shiqian’s weight, her graceful waist, her soft chest… Bai seemed to feel that he made a mistake for the first time.

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