Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 186

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Lu Shiqian’s heart was also chaotic, a masculine scent engulfing her senses. She squirmed around again. It was just too embarrassing! This ambiguous atmosphere made their heads grow hotter than kissing, their hearts beat faster, and a feeling of not knowing where to put their hands and feet.

With her twisting, waist against waist, chest against chest…

Bai was an extremely controlling tyrant. His long life left him without the energy to dwell on these desires or these impulses, but he was repeatedly stroked by this little dumbo. How spectacular.

Heart agitated, he flipped around and pressed Lu Shiqian beneath him. However, he soon found that whether she was above or below him, the effect on him was obvious. The throbbing was very strong, especially in his lower body. He wanted to completely embrace her. There was an exceedingly gentle and warm feeling.

There was also the satisfaction of holding the whole world.

No, that was wrong. Dumbo was his whole world from the start!

He smiled devilishly and kissed Lu Shiqian’s red lips.

He kissed her gently— upper lip, lower lip— but he was still unsatisfied. He wanted to invite the little fish in her mouth to a dance under the moon, a picturesque scene.

Her taste would always be so sweet, always able to disperse his loneliness, always be something he sought.

Lu Shiqian was out of breath from being kissed and licked him voluntarily.

Bai’s body shook and deepened the kiss.

In the dark night, her black hair and peerless appearance sucked each other in. Bai was glowing even in the dead of night. His hair also shone with faint moonlight, his strong body giving birth to a new feeling. Lu Shiqian seemed to be flying amidst the stars, black hair and silver hair entangling into aa intertwined painting.

Sometimes, Bai could be very bad. He didn’t care about ethics and whatnot. If he loved Lu Shiqian, then he loved. When desire came, he also didn’t shy away. Holding Lu Shiqian’s hand, he pressed against his burning spot.

Lu Shiqian’s face exploded in red!

This guy, this bad guy, he actually…!

“Dumbo…” Bai’s raspy voice called for Lu Shiqian.

It had to be said that when a perfect man, an overbearing yet seductive man, a king amongst kings, had been turned on, it was thrillingly beautiful, so enticingly heart-wrenching.

Lu Shiqian was dumbfounded!

Bai lifted his head, his eyes turning in a certain direction. He waved his long sleeves and the whole tent was sealed off. He already let that damned bastard see more than enough!

Kissing the somewhat pitiful dazed person, his slender hands reached beneath her clothes. Their skin touched, raising the temperature of the other.

Lu Shiqian’s eyes widened, releasing a moan in the wake of these motions. Even though she lived quite an unordinary two lives, she had never experienced such a thrilling thing.

The suppleness of the skin beneath his hand made Bai’s heart shake. Dumbo’s moan just made it even harder for him to hold back. This little thing, did she not know how alluring she looked right now?

His hand couldn’t resist from touching her chest, his finger poking the tip.

Lu Shiqian didn’t know what to do, it was way too embarrassing!

“Good, grab it…” Bai tempted in a low voice.

Lu Shiqian’s mind was blank. Grab it? Grab what? Could it be that… Her body reacted faster than her mind, rubbing the thing…

Bai smiled devilishly and entrapped Lu Shiqian, kissing her deeply.

He had set his mind on one person, never to leave or waver!

The temperature inside the tent rose to a high, but a sudden clamor rose outside the tent, alarming the two making love inside. The Forest of Death really didn’t have a down time.

Bai’s eyes darkened and whispered next to Lu Shiqian’s ear, “Dumbo, I’ll let you go for today.”

He was a little annoyed. Just now, he really couldn’t help himself. His attraction to his little dumbo was much higher than he thought! It seemed like he loved her more than he thought, so much so that such a strong mood would come about just from being in the same room alone.

He actually wanted to tie the knot with her in a better place and state!

Looks like he would have to restrain himself, though it would be quite hard on him.

The one that barged in was a 50 Star Red-Tailed Leopard. 50 Stars with irregular patterns on its body, the tip of its tail red. It chased the 42 Star Lantern Antelope into the macaw’s territory. At this time, it still hadn’t known that it had disturbed a certain someone’s good thing. It also didn’t know it had provoked a sky-burning anger and regretted it for many years in the future why it was so stupid back then, just having to go in the direction of the macaws.

Now, this Red-Tailed Leopard was full of strength and enthusiasm. That cunning little Lantern Antelope was finally going to be caught by him!

It continued to frantically chase and didn’t stop even when it saw two strange objects in front of it. The macaw’s squawk also didn’t make it worry. It had been chasing that Lantern Antelope for 5 days and nights. The 5 days and nights of running had exhausted both of them, but its power was still a bit greater in the end. Look, that bastard had already fallen into the ground and can’t move anymore, just waiting for it to go and eat it up.

It would definitely savor it slowly and carefully!

The Red-Tailed Leopard would’ve burst out in loud laughter if it could laugh like humans!

This Lantern Antelope destroyed its hunting plan several times. Every time it was about to succeed, this guy would jump out and warn its prey. It would then leap a few times and disappear without a trace. It was truly infuriating!

The Red-Tailed Leopard charged right through a tent that was blocking his way like a fireball and was preparing to knock down the second. No matter what blocked his way right now, it would rush through it and heartily bite through that Lantern Antelope’s throat!

It hit its head against the tent, which was as hardy as a boulder, so hard he saw stars.

Two peerlessly beautiful people walked out of the tent. One of them glanced him, and for some reason, even though that person didn’t have the slightest bit of magic power fluctuations and just gave him a look, it made his entire body tremble!

That person gently said to the person next to him, “Dumbo, look, it’s a little kitty.”

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