Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 187

The Red-Tailed Leopard couldn’t help but cry out in indignation. A magnificent 50 Star Red-Tailed Leopard also had a time he was called a ‘little kitty’. Do you have to be so shocking?

Lu Shiqian was now awake. As long as Bai didn’t tempt her, she could guarantee that her mind would always be clear. But, the feeling of being seduced… was quite good.

Brushing aside the shameful thoughts inside her head, Lu Shiqian stared at the Red-Tailed Leopard and coldly asked, “You… Are you willing to be my contracted magic beast?” Alright, she was also a little mad that their passionate time was interrupted.

Li Jing and Wei Mo walked over. One was watching the show, the other guarding by her side.

Li Jing was relaxed. A man who knew how many times stronger than him was protecting her, so there was nothing much for him to worry about. He just slightly pitied his little student. He didn’t yet know how powerful his rival was, but looking at his expression, it didn’t seem like he would let go. It was great being young!

The Red-Tailed Leopard never imagined that Lu Shiqian would ask such a question. Be a human’s contracted beast? In their dreams! Besides, this human in front of him had so little magic power in their body, how could it surrender to her?!

Lu Shiqian turned to the Lantern Antelope and asked, “Contract with me and I’ll beat this little kitty for you. Are you willing?”

The Lantern Antelope was named after the two lanterns hanging off its horns. The lit lantern represented the healthy growth of the antelope; when the lantern extinguishes, it means that the antelope has not long left to live. The lantern also has a magical effect of illuminating the space and fully control all movements within 500 meters. In general, it was rarer than rare that you could ambush such a creature.

This Lantern Antelope’s lantern burned with a pink light. It had a vigorous appearance, indicating its good health and strong physique. It was chased by the Red-Tailed Leopard for 5 days and was just slightly tired is all.

Its warm and big eyes blinked. The person in front of it had firm eyes, even though she seemed cold, her heart contained infinite warmth.

Thus, it nodded.

Lu Shiqian walked in front of the Lantern Antelope and placed her hand on its forehead, starting the contract.

The Red-Tailed Leopard was indignant. This abominable woman, did she not understand what it meant to first come, first serve? Did she not know to be a gentleman? She had the gall to just so simply contract with the prey it had chased!

The Red-Tailed Leopard charged forward.

Don’t blame the Red-Tailed Leopard for being silly. It was just too angry. Anyone who falls right before succeeding would grow so angry they lose their usual calm. It was just in this state.

The purple contract shone and finished!

Lu Shiqian’s contract was different from others. The purple contract was extremely domineering. During the formation of the contract, no outside forces could interrupt.

The poor Red-Tailed Leopard bashed its head against a transparent barrier and bounced over 10 meters away.

Immediately afterwards, it was astounded to see its prey successively rise 5 stars from 42 Stars to 47 Stars.

The shadows deep within the forest saw this scene and were flabbergasted. Last time she was contracting with the Phantom Beast and Sound Beasts was the same. Could it be that this woman truly had the ability to raise the level of her magic beasts?

Seeing this scene, for some reason, some shadows had faint feelings of expectation…

The Lantern Antelope kicked its hooves happily, energetically waving its two lanterns. Its exhaustion was swept away and its condition shot back to its best. It was just too happy. Advancing was a great thing, finding a good master was also a great thing!

It walked to Lu Shiqian’s side and licked her hand. Its black eyes looked extremely cute.

As soon as the contract was concluded, Lu Shiqian knew the Lantern Antelope’s skills and weaknesses.

Lu Shiqian rubbed its glossy coat, “Do you want to beat that little kitty?”

The Lantern Antelope nodded.

“Soul Merge!” Lu Shiqian quietly said.

Lu Shiqian’s hair and eye color didn’t change much after soul merging, but there were two lanterns on her head like a hair accessory, making her cold face somewhat cute. Her hair blew lightly, a beautiful scene.

The three men standing beside her were dumbfounded.

Lu Shiqian’s hands clasped together. Her first move was the Lantern Antelope’s best skill: True Wood Technique!

This was a wood type spell and generally not used to attack. Instead, it was good for the growth of the flora in the forest. However, the spell released by Lu Shiqian was magical and no one would think that the True Wood Technique had a use like this.

They only saw the growing wood become as large as pliers, a round ball, a hammer, and so forth, showing its strong attack power.

The Red-Tailed Leopard was extremely nimble, fast as the wind, but it finally failed to resist Lu Shiqian’s persistent attacks and was caught by a giant pair of pliers, making him cry out in pain.

This scene made the three men watching the show grow flabbergasted once again. Especially Bai, feeling proud of his family’s little dumbo.

The Red-Tailed Leopard felt ashamed, extremely ashamed! It was actually played like this by that little Lantern Antelope and its master!

Its body emitted a blue light!

The Red-Tailed Leopard could be considered a genius amongst magic beasts. It had three attributes of water, fire, and lightning. In just a short period of time, it got to 50 Stars. In the Forest of Death where the weak fell to the strong, it learned quite a few tricks, making it quite difficult for a higher star rank magic beast to catch him. Relying on its quick-wittedness, it lived quite well.

But today it took a great fall and lost great face!

The blue light flashed and it activated its ultimate skill: Frost Blight!

This skill was very powerful, freezing anything within 10 meters and causing whatever was frozen to become brittle. Even if it was steel, it would crack as easily as a cookie. Its anger brought out its potential as it released another skill: Purple Thunder Assault!

Purple Thunder Assault was another one of its proud skills. When used in an ambush, whether it was a goat or a rabbit, a bird flying in the sky, a fish in the water, they only had one choice— to obediently die! It didn’t believe that this move couldn’t finish off Lu Shiqian!

But it had forgotten that Lu Shiqian and the Lantern Antelope had soul merged. How could its small movements be hidden from them?

Lu Shiqian’s countermeasure was to undo the soul merge, shooting through like a released bird, barely avoiding this sneak attack!

Bai’s hands clenched tighter and tighter. This leopard… Making a move himself would obviously take less effort than squashing an ant, but he wanted to let dumbo grow. She would have to experience more of these dangers. However, he couldn’t help but feel distressed. Ai, what torment!

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