Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 188

The Red-Tailed Leopard saw that Lu Shiqian evade one of its attacks and was about to send the second when he suddenly saw the Lantern Antelope standing to its side. It raised its front legs and stamped down!

There was a burst of white light and a tragic cry.

The Lantern Antelope shook its ears. Little guy, don’t think there aren’t any moves to deal with you!

That move was the Lantern Antelope’s protection skill: Full Power Stomp!

It was just that it never used it is all. The effect of the first time was quite good! It was all thanks to Master! Thinking of this, the Lantern Antelope reaffirmed once again that contracting with Master was the right decision!

The tragic Red-Tailed Leopard was kicked over 50 meters away, smashing through 10 trees. It lay on the ground miserably, its blood staining the floor red.

Lu Shiqian and the Lantern Antelope walked over leisurely, especially the Lantern Antelope. Its steps were light and graceful, its cheek pouches flapping. The Red-Tailed Leopard knew that it was mocking him.

“Hey, still alive?” Lu Shiqian smiled evilly, tossing a dagger up and down, “I’ll give you a choice: either I dig out your magic beast core slash by slash into your brain, or you contract with me. Which do you choose?”

Lu Shiqian threw the dagger and the Lantern Antelope lifted its hooves and stamped down. It was quite malicious in bullying the leopard.

The Red-Tailed Leopard glared fiercely at the Lantern Antelope. If it weren’t for it, how would it have fallen to this point?

“That look’s pretty good, seems like you’re still full of energy.” Lu Shiqian grinned badly.

The Lantern Antelope certainly understood her meaning and pressed its hooves on the leopard.

Another burst of blood came out.

“Don’t step on him too much, I still have to peel its skin. Slice by slice, it’d definitely be enjoyable.” Lu Shiqian bent down and tugged the leopard’s ear as if considering whether to start from there.

This unscrupulous master-subordinate pair!

The Red-Tailed Leopard relented. Rather than being killed for its magic beast core, it was better to contract with this evil woman.

Lu Shiqian made a cute triumphant gesture to the three men behind her, her hand touching the leopard’s forehead.

Her adorably evil look made Bai’s lower body tighten. Dumbo…

The purple contract lit up and the devastated Red-Tailed Leopard was successfully contracted with an unscrupulous someone. The successive 6 Star rise made this miserable Red-Tailed Leopard into a clown Red-Tailed Leopard. It suddenly jumped up, looking left and right for something to test its new strength on. A shot of lightning burst through a giant tree, its strength obviously increasing greatly. At 50 Stars, it was extremely hard to continue to rise. To rise one star in 5 or 6 years was already quite good; to rise 6 stars in a row was something that shouldn’t even be daydreamed about!

But Lu Shiqian’s contract was just that magical. Lower star ranks rose slower while higher star ranks rose faster!

Before the excitement from the contract wore off for the leopard, Fire Fox Hong Jin jumped out, its small paws waving above the leopard’s head, pulling it by the ear. It had to be said that Hong Jin was usually not so bold as to bully a 56 Star magic beast with his 20 Star identity. The reason why he dared was because… Well, it interrupted Esteemed Bai and Master’s good thing. Was it not worthy of bullying?

The Red-Tailed Leopard didn’t dare to complain. It just found out that his new master was really a first-rate madman. Just the amount of saliva from all these contracted magic beasts could drown him. One of them was even like the faraway galaxy that couldn’t be seen; one of them was dark like the netherworld and couldn’t be looked straight at. They were the Elf Lord Tree and the 77 beast kings. They weren’t something he could fight against. He obediently lowered his head.

Alright, he could forget about it if it was just Hong Jin bullying him, but even that Lantern Antelope contracted a few moments ago dared to put its hooves on top of its head, patting it twice like an elder consoling a child. Its mouth was grinning widely, clearly bullying him.

The Red-Tailed Leopard seemed to feel like it went back to being a tragic leopard, growing despondent and helpless.

“Brother, your future is still bright.” Yin comforted the Red-Tailed Leopard.

The Red-Tailed Leopard seemed to meet his savior and was immensely grateful.

“But you offended someone you must not offend, so your destined bright future has been covered by dark clouds.” Yin mercilessly finished.

The poor Red-Tailed Leopard, just when it saw a light of hope, it was cruelly broken!

Who told him to show at the most inappropriate moment? Who told him to stupidly offend Bai? No choice, from the moment he interrupted the two’s lovey-dovey moment, there was no turning back from his destined tragic fate.

A 56 Star leopard was a little larger than a 50 Star one, and its coat was also prettier. At this moment, he servilely carried Hong Jin and followed the Lantern Antelope to the front of the three men. Seeing Bai, he began to shudder again.

This man, even if he wasn’t releasing pressure, gave him an unbelievable feeling of coercion.

“Tonight, you’re guarding.” Bai didn’t even look at the Red-Tailed Leopard and whisked Lu Shiqian away into her tent.

The Red-Tailed Leopard raised its spirits. Guarding for this esteemed one? He was ecstatic!

Bai hugged Lu Shiqian and fell on the mattress together. This time, he just wanted to hold her like this, even if restraining himself was hard!

Bai’s embrace seemed enveloping and stable. His unique fragrance swirled around Lu Shiqian’s nose, making her feel comfortable. In such a harmonious atmosphere, Lu Shiqian temporarily set aside her troubles and buried her head into his chest.

Like a little child.

Bai lowered his head and looked at this cute girl. His little dumbo… He wanted to pamper her to no end! At his rank, sleeping was unnecessary, but he fell in love with holding her like this.

Smelling each other’s scents, feeling their heartbeats, mood, feelings, thoughts.

This was a delicate and warm feeling.

The endless feeling of love wrapped the two.

Lu Shiqian raised her head slightly and gazed into his long, narrow eyes, growing drunk on the tenderness in them. She blushed in embarrassment, giving him a light peck on the lips.

Bai was overjoyed. His little dumbo rarely took the initiative, so was he allowed to believe that she would be unrestrained in front of him one day and want him as much as he wanted her?

Lu Shiqian shrunk back into Bai’s arms and fell asleep peacefully.

This night, good dreams came again and again.

Bai kissed her forehead, shifting her into the most comfortable position.

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