Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 189

“Dumbo, if it can be, I hope that I can protect you forever and make you the happiest princess in the world. However, your enemies are too strong. Only by becoming stronger, stronger than your enemies… Dumbo, sorry, it’s been hard on you.”

Early the next morning, Lu Shiqian muddle-headedly woke up, thinking that this sleep was the most peaceful one she had ever since coming to this world.

Eh, there seems to be something wrong. Since when was she lying against a warm object? Even her leg was entangled with the others’, and her hands were playfully extended into their clothes. No wonder why it felt smooth like silk.

She accidently met a pair of faintly smiling, diamond-like eyes. Lu Shiqian sat up quickly, pressing against their waist, “Yesterday, did I…” Box in my dreams? Dream talk? Drool?

Bai lifted his head, his glossy hair covering the entire mattress. His eyes narrowed as he looked at his waist, where Lu Shiqian was boldly sitting. Thinking about yesterday, who knew what this little demoness was dreaming of, but she was punching and kicking to no end. Of course, it wasn’t much, her punches and kicks were like a tickle. However, with her thrashing about, her clothes were loosened and he fortunately yet unfortunately saw some beautiful scenery, leading to a nosebleed. Around the middle of the night, this little thing began burrowing herself into his embrace. Just burrowing was fine, but even her hands were restless, stretching into his clothes and feeling up his chest, so much that it stroked his fire more and more.

Now she was sitting on his waist with an innocent face. Oh heavens! Really want his life!

Discarding politeness, he pulled in Lu Shiqian and pressed a finger against her lips, spitting out a single line: “Dumbo, you made me go into heat!”

Before Lu Shiqian had the time to think about the meaning of this sentence, she was caught by a pair of fiery lips. The passionate kiss truly left her breathless. It was the first time Bai was so urgently passionate.

He did not let go until the person in his arms was flushed red, his mood good.

Lu Shiqian stared speechlessly at Bai’s back. Even the back of this domineering and enchanting man was attractive. God seemed to give everything good to him so that he was flawless in every spot.

She took down the tents. Ai, this kind of thing shouldn’t be done by handsome men so it landed upon her to complete.

The Lantern Antelope and Red-Tailed Leopard took the lead, Poluo hanging off the Lantern Antelope. Their goal was clear: find magic beasts for Master!

“Master, ahead is the territory of the Three-Headed Snake, Four-Headed Snake, and Five-Headed Snake. These three brothers often bully the weak with their combined strength,” the Lantern Antelope explained.

“Yeah, Master! They’re terrible!” the Red-Tailed Leopard jutted in. It had been attacked many times by the snakes and remembered the grudge clearly.

Powerful yet bullying the weak. Mm, they truly deserve to be taught a lesson.

The Three-Headed Snake was 45 Stars, Four-Headed Snake 55 Stars, Five-Headed Snake 65 Stars. This was high potential, high growth type of magic beast. They were hermaphrodites and were 25 Stars at birth. Every time they grew 10 Stars, they would grow another head until it hit nine heads. At nine heads, they would evolve to become the Nine-Headed Serpent. With nine heads, it had nine types of tricks and its attack power was greatly increased, incredibly powerful! These three snake kings were probably the only ones of their kind on the entire Devil Dance Continent.

What a pity, a pity it was that they provoked the Lantern Antelope and the Red-Tailed Leopard. Originally, this wouldn’t be much. In this Forest of Death, making a few enemies was perfectly normal. The problem lied in the fact that the two they provoked were both contracted by Lu Shiqian and they unanimously recommended the three to her.

Thus, the fun began.

The Lantern Antelope cheerfully jumped over to the three snakes’ territory, arrogantly lifting its leg and spurned the ground. It was very arrogant.

The Red-Tailed Leopard followed, roaring loudly and creating shockwaves.

The three snake kings had some doubts. Weren’t the Lantern Antelope and the Red-Tailed Leopard archenemies? How did they end up mixing together?

No matter. Since they wanted to have a taste of the three brothers’ skills, how could they refuse to entertain? The three crawled out together.

It was worthy of being a unique magic beast. The smallest of the three snake kings was over 4 meters long, and the largest one was over 15 meters long. It is said that when they grow nine heads, they would be over 100 meters long! Their scales were the color of sapphire, their head diamond-shaped, and their eyes were also blue. Overall, it was elegantly beautiful.

The three snakes recognized the two beasts. One of them was a bad guy that frequently disturbed their hunting; the other was cunning and slippery, hard to catch. Now was the time to teach them a lesson they would never forget!

The three snakes hissed. Translated from snake, they would be saying, “You two cowards, obediently accept your death!”

The Lantern Antelope smiled and jumped up, leaping in Lu Shiqian’s direction. The Red-Tailed Leopard stared contemptuously at the three snakes before running back to Lu Shiqian. The two beasts were obviously mocking them. Translated from beast, they would be saying, “With just you? You little things, this old one crushes one with each step!”

If this was tolerable, what would be intolerable?!

The three snakes decided to immediately show these two up and let them know that they would have to pay the price for angering them!

Their most powerful skill was Death Gaze. Their eyes could shoot out light and all creatures hit would be frozen and unable to move. They also wouldn’t feel pain. Even if they were eaten, they wouldn’t have any fear. This was the skill the three snake kings knew how to use from birth. It was unknown just how many magic beasts had fallen under this skill!

At this time, they already saw the four puffing out their chests ahead of them. One of those four had no magic power fluctuations at all; two were too weak; the one wearing flowery clothes was pretty strong, but not worthy of fear.

The battle was decidedly won! Three against two, wasn’t that like playing foul? Or so the three snake kings thought.

The three snake kings played with their abacuses in their minds about how to torture those two beasts while the two beasts schemed against the three. Just who was going to win and lose, who was going to bully who, was undecided.

Lu Shiqian walked out like the clouds, her face cool, “I’ll give you two choices: surrender or die!”

The three snakes looked at each other. Oh great! This human woman was so bold and audacious, daring to say such things in their territory! Wasn’t she just seeking death? However, why were those two beasts smiling so insidiously and wickedly?

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