Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 190

There were schemes afoot?

Snakes were cunning creatures, wary and alert!

Lu Shiqian didn’t care for that much. Soul merging with the Red-Tailed Leopard, she sent a bolt of purple lightning at the three. Since they were going to fight, then it was better to take the first move. Wasn’t there a saying? ‘The first to make a move gains the upper hand!’

The three snakes probably didn’t think Lu Shiqian was so shameless as to take advantage of her question to sneak attack them. It was truly without integrity! The 65 Star Five-Headed Snake reacted the fastest. It lifted its head and blocked the attack for its two brothers. However, they can dodge the attacks in the open, but not the sword in the dark. The Lantern Antelope used the trees to make a cage and locked the three inside.

The three snakes were enraged. The Eldest blocked the purple lightning, and Second Eldest used Death Gaze. A sapphire blue light shot towards the Lantern Antelope.

The Lantern Antelope quickly snuck into the magic beast space, evading the Death Gaze, and jumped out on the other side. It parted its mouth in happiness.

Lu Shiqian flipped in the air as nimbly as a swallow, activating Frost Blight.

The three snakes knew the power of this move and cast Fire Dancing in the Vast Sky to offset the other move. Among the three, the Five-Headed Snake was the most powerful and most experienced. It was the first to know that this woman in front of them was a strong enemy! She was actually able to contract with two magic beasts! Even though it didn’t know where she came from, it decided that it must deal with her. Its powerful tail swept the cage away and ordered its two brothers to attack Lu Shiqian with it.

Wei Mo worriedly watched Lu Shiqian. Just when he was going to step forward to help, he was stopped by Li Jing, “If you don’t want her to get hurt in the future, then calm down and watch. Or, you can follow my teachings the other day and start practicing now.”

How could Wei Mo calm down enough to practice? That dancing figure was always dragging his heart along.

“She’s stronger than you think. If you want to stay by her side in the future, then you better improve your weak ability. Otherwise, you’re not worthy.” Bai’s words were spoken insouciantly, but they cut like a sharp knife directly into Wei Mo’s heart.

But he was right. A’Qian would meet many troubles in the future. If he didn’t grow stronger, then he would just be a burden on her! He looked at Bai. Perhaps he should thank him, since he taught him such an important truth. He also needed to thank him for not chasing him away.

He had to work hard to earn the right to stay by A’Qian’s side!

Wei Mo abruptly sat on the ground and turned all his love and worry into driving force.

Bai surreptitiously glanced at Wei Mo, then shifted his gaze back to Lu Shiqian. He was like a strict mentor and a concerned lover, endlessly gentle and believing in the other.

“Wang Cai, Yin, buff me!” Lu Shiqian secretly ordered.

(TL: I might change blessing to buff from now on, though buff names will remain the same.)

The speed and power boost shone around her.

Quickly avoiding the Death Gaze and danced through the Fire Dancing in the Vast Sky. Lu Shiqian punched the Three-Headed Snake and backhandedly kicked the Four-Headed Snake away. How sharp! How valiant!

Her light brown hair fluttered in the air; her light brown eyes filled with a wild emotion. It was the perfect picture of a beauty beating down a snake.

Unfortunately, Bai became excited again.

He really loved her. Black hair, silver hair, red hair… No matter what she looked like, it was all her. It was all his little dumbo!

He really wanted to hold her in his arms and love her thoroughly.

The Five-Headed Snake never thought that Lu Shiqian was so strong. Its fifth head raised up, casting a hallucinatory spell at her!

Strictly speaking, these three snake kings could be considered function type magic beasts. The more heads it grew, the stranger its skills became. For example, this hallucination attack. It was like a shadow, but it could move and catch material things, not disappearing for several minutes. This shadow could also move freely through the air, earth, and water! The Five-Headed Snake successively sent out five shadows!

“Hong Jin, Lantern (Denglong), Red-Tailed (Chiwei), buff me!” Lu Shiqian secretly ordered again.

The three buffs immediately lit up on her body.

Lu Shiqian was as light as a swallow, but powerful beyond compare. She broke free from the shadow and flew downwards, striking towards the snake king’s neck.

With a loud bang, the Five-Headed Snake fell over 10 meters away. It could be seen that this punch was very powerful!

The Five-Headed Snake hadn’t recovered yet and was still a bit dazed. How could she have five buff lights? Could it be that she contracted with 5 magic beasts?

The other two snakes struggled to help their eldest brother, but were stepped on by the Lantern Antelope and Red-Tailed Leopard. One used their sharp hoof to knead it, the other blew thunder through its mouth to bully it. In one word: tragic!

In the end, a 65 Star magic beast was hardier. Minus a few fallen scales, the snake was still alive and kicking. It saw its two little brothers getting bullied and grew furious, about to fire a Death Gaze to kill Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian expected this and slammed her dagger into the Four-Headed Snake’s body, the broken scales raining down loudly. The Four-Headed Snake screamed and wriggled helplessly.

The Five-Headed Snake’s eyes turned red from anger and anxiety. This human was too cruel! She actually used its own brother to threaten it! However, it truly was frightened by her threat and didn’t cast Death Gaze.

“How about it? Have you finished thinking about it? Surrender or die?” Lu Shiqian smiled evilly, “Or I can scrape these three little snakes for a little and sharpen my knife?”

The dagger was placed around 7 inches down from the Three-Headed Snake and shook back and forth. Thus, the Five-Headed Snake’s heart also flew up and down with it. In the end, it grew too unbearable for it so it lowered its head submissively.

This abominable woman was too evil and cruel! This devil was simply bullying them!

Lu Shiqian nodded in satisfaction and walked in front of the Five-Headed Snake, pressing her hand against its large head.

The contract was concluded and it rose 6 stars in a row, rocketing up to 71 Stars.

This result was far beyond its expectations, stunning it for the longest time. The three snakes were from a rare breed and its advancement speed was also much slower. To successively rise 6 stars made it almost immediately hang onto Lu Shiqian, especially when it knew that it would advance when its master advanced. Now, he couldn’t be chased away even if you beat him with a stick! A certain excited snake urged its two younger brothers to join Lu Shiqian’s contracted beast cohort.

The Three-Headed Snake advanced to 50 Stars, the Four-Headed Snake 61 Stars.

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