Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 191

At this time, three giant snakes, one Red-Tailed Leopard, one Lantern Antelope, Hong Jin and Yin waited together. There was a strange silence.

Bai saw that Lu Shiqian’s contract was concluded and didn’t care for much else, kissing those devilish lips.

He slipped his hand through her dark hair, savoring her taste.

Holding her in his arms, he couldn’t seem to ever get sick of hugging her.

The beasts all looked at each other and turned around, pretending they saw nothing lest Esteemed Bai got angry.

“Why aren’t you willing to go?” After kissing, Lu Shiqian’s face was still slightly red.

“Because there’s a heaven-shaking secret hidden here,” the Five-Headed Snake looked left and right before mysteriously saying.

Lu Shiqian was intrigued by its funny actions, “What secret?”

“In the next few days, there’s going to be a huge spray. We have to snatch some good stuff before the other magic beasts come. Otherwise, there would be a sea of magic beasts and we may not be able to get anything.” The Five-Headed Snake answered.

Lu Shiqian held her chin. A lot of magic beasts will be coming to snatch stuff? Seems… quite interesting…

“What is going to be coming out?” Lu Shiqian asked.

“Master, there will be a lot of magic stones. There might even be magic stone hearts,” the Five-Headed Snake answered diligently.

“Magic stone heart? What is that?” Lu Shiqian asked.

“…Master, I don’t know. No one knows what that is.”

Lu Shiqian: “…”

The three snakes led the four to the place under a mountain. It was a huge mountain, the height of the Himalayas and a third of its range. The plants grew lushly on this mountain and magic power was abundant.

The mountain was so magnificent that humans standing beneath it was akin to ants before a skyscraper.

Such a tall mountain existing in the Forest of Death was an amazing thing in and of itself! If the dense foliage had not covered it up, it probably would’ve been discovered long ago!

The mountain was named the ‘Giving Mountain’ by the magic beasts. Every year, the mountain would shake and spray out an astounding amount of magic stones. The magic beasts would snatch them up and use them to increase their strength.

The four people set up camp at the foot of the mountain, ready to guard.

Faced with an incoming horde of magic beasts, they needed to prepare.

Lu Shiqian spent two days tinkering in her tent. Bai stood on the side looking at her tenderly. The more he looked, the more he felt that his little dumbo was cute and clever, unable to resist giving her a kiss or hug. However, he also knew he shouldn’t disturb her now and could only stand on the side doing this and doing that until she was done.

He pulled this adorable person into his embrace and gave her a passionate kiss.

Lu Shiqian knew that he had been enduring these days, so she had to give him a small reward. She smiled evilly and pushed him down, kissing him back.

The red lips were incredibly enchanting and especially soft when kissing. Actively kissing and passively receiving indeed felt different. Taking the initiative was much more exciting. Lu Shiqian devilishly hooked Bai’s tongue and sucked.

Bai was slightly stunned and his body tensed. This little devil… He was very satisfied with Lu Shiqian’s initiative. This kiss was worth waiting for.

Lu Shiqian’s hair fell on Bai’s splendid clothes, her eyes shut slightly, eyelashes trembling. Her perky nose was so cute. The scene as she gently kissed him was so seductive.

The one that was absolutely seduced was Bai!

That little devil took the initiative to kiss him. It was even more deadly than him kissing her! The most important thing was that… this was a good start.

The two were forgetting themselves in the kiss when there was shaking outside and the mountain erupted out its first spray of magic stones!

As soon as the magic stones came out, the Five-Headed Snake happily went to grab them. Lu Shiqian and Bai walked out of the tent, taking in the amazing sight.

She released Yin, Shui Se, Hong Jin, and the white-winged unicorn, Phantom Beast, and Sound Beasts. Later, when the magic stones were sprayed out, having more magic beasts to snatch would be better. Alright, actually, she couldn’t stand watching the excited magic beasts and set them loose.

“Master, do you need reinforcements?” the Elf King Xiu Si asked through the mental platform.

“No thank you,” Lu Shiqian replied through the mental platform.

“…Master, please take care of yourself.” Xiu Si reminded. Thousands of miles apart, he was happy that he had a contract with his master so he could contact her through the mental platform anytime. However, Master said she didn’t need their help, and that made him slightly disappointed.

“Master, or I can come?” the Beast King Fuyi also asked.

“I can deal with it, so take care of your own kingdoms for now. When I need you, please lend me your full support!” Lu Shiqian strongly stated.

“Yes!” The two kings who were strongly motivated declared together.

More magic beasts did not necessarily mean that it would be conducive to her plan. On the contrary, it would distract her. Who knew what powerful magic beasts would be coming to snatch? Even though she had 500,000 magic beasts, they were only around 16 to 17 Stars high. Even if they came, they would probably only get trampled on.

While thinking, the mountain began to erupt its second batch of magic stones. The mountain was very large, but through the many years of rummaging by magic beasts, they found that only two places on the mountain sprayed magic stones. One of them sprayed rarely, the other sprayed frequently. The place Lu Shiqian was guarding was the place that frequently sprayed.

A large pile of green magic stones shot out and hit the transparent shield, falling to the ground one by one. Lu Shiqian was the closest to the spray, and quite a few magic stones had already fallen by her feet.

These magic stones were generally the size of a thumb, the largest a fist. The color was a somber green. It was actually higher quality than the ones inside Lu Shiqian’s interspatial bracelet!

Bai seemed to know what Lu Shiqian was thinking, “Dumbo, even though the things in your interspatial bracelet are good, many more good things are hidden between heaven and earth!” Bai looked at her tenderly, “There’s still a vast world waiting for you to conquer!”

This sentence was spoken lightly and slowly, but the domineering tone was like the person, a signature of his.

How could he speak of conquering the world so simply? It was a world without bounds!

Words worthy of the OP Bai!

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