Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 192

She knew what Bai meant. This interspatial bracelet could only help her growth, and though the things inside weren’t bad, but it wasn’t the best. The space inside was large, but it was just a little bracelet in the end.

Soon, the mountain sprayed for the third time. It was much fiercer than the first two times. It sprayed into the air and slammed against the transparent shield before falling back to the ground. Tens of thousands of half a fist sized magic stones littered the ground.

The magic beasts all went crazy. Those that clawed, clawed; those that held, held; those that swallowed, swallowed. They all snatched with pleasure. Especially the Three-Headed Snake, relying on the fact that it had more heads than others, it stuffed all three of its mouths full. When the other beasts saw it, they all enviously wished they had more claws and mouths to grab a few extra magic stones.

Lu Shiqian did not act. She had a crazy plan.

The mountain continued shaking. It turned out to be an unprecedented explosion. After the intermittent sprays, it entered a mode of continuously spraying. Massive pieces of magic stones erupted into the transparent shield, rubbed against, hit against, then fell down, scattering throughout the forest. Of course, this place at the foot of the mountain was the most concentrated.

A very small amount of magic stones broke through the shield with the enormous power of nature and flew out, becoming the rare resource people outside fought for tooth and nail. That was probably the reason why there were magic stones outside. Except, after passing through the shield, a large amount of magic power was exhausted and the quality wasn’t as good.

The vibrations and jets of magic stones naturally attracted the attention of strong magic beasts. Through their years of experience, they hurried over to the location of the spray.

“Master, let’s go quickly. Otherwise, all of the magic stones we grabbed will be snatched away.” The Five-Headed Snake understood the power dynamics in the forest well. The year before, when the mountain sprayed, the three brothers only dared to stand on the periphery and take a few magic stones the other beasts missed. After a year of struggle, their strength was only about middle-bottom, and they only dared to take a few advantages before beating it the heck away.

Lu Shiqian looked at the ground littered in magic stones, calmly asking, “You’re saying all of these will be taken?” How many magic beasts would that need?

But as they say, the more the better!

She also became more overbearing staying with Bai. Did she get influenced by him?

The forest roared as countless magic beasts rushed crazily towards this direction. That scene was spectacular! Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands— no, more than a million— converged into a terrible torrent and came together! There were even a hundred thousand unique and rare species!

From this point, the Forest of Death really was a treasure trove of life. It really gathered too many kinds of species, so much so others could only sigh in amazement.

The deluge came together, with more than a thousand leaders. At first, there was no conflict in interest and could be considered harmonious. However, when they almost reached the mountain, the magic beasts began fighting for an advantage. It couldn’t be clearer: whoever occupied the area would garner the most magic stones.

Lu Shiqian watched the beasts killing each other coldly. Only when they grew tired and weakened from massacring would she have a chance.

It may be cruel, but it was necessary. It was the rule of survival.

Whoever could trade for the greatest gain with minimal loss would have the upper hand.

Even though Bai could deter them, she couldn’t perpetually rely on him.

The magic beasts went crazy for the magic stones!

Within the forest, a shadow asked the esteemed one, “Your Majesty, how many servants are you choosing this year?”

From the throne came the king’s magnetic voice, “Let’s see how things go first. There are a few amazing guests in the forest right now.”

Every year, the servants who served the king were all selected through this riot. It had always been this year for many years. Thus, the reason why these beasts went so crazy was not just for magic stones, but also to enter the inner circle of the forest. Only the victorious had the chance!

Amongst the rioting beasts, the birds flying through the sky were represented by the Phoenix Bird and the Water Eagle; the beasts on the ground were represented by the Violent Dragon and the Flaming Lion; the plants were represented by the Rafflesia. The Five-Colored Elk was a new talent, a dark horse, leading the herbivores to dominate the world!

These magic beasts were all around 150 Stars. Even the weaker ones were 30 or 40 Stars, the slightly stronger ones would be 70 or 80 Stars.

The Phoenix Bird and Water Eagle temporarily cooperated to attack the other species. The Phoenix Bird was considered a healing type while the Water Eagle emphasized defense. The two flying species united, one focusing on healing, one forming a defensive barrier. The other bird species released their skills, creating a dazzling scene. Lu Shiqian saw flying colors everywhere and repeatedly nodded.

Both the Violent Dragon and Flaming Lion were kings that dominated their own side. They usually fought against each other and had even less reason to cooperate at this time. They were both strength-oriented beasts. Their strong physique and sharp skills were their weapons to victory.

The evasion ability of the plant type magic beasts was extremely high. They could preserve their strength in the midst of a crazed battlefield, cling to other beasts in an attempt to seek shelter, or inflate their fuzz to float into the air… They marched step by step towards the mountain.

The Five-Colored Elk was the most unconventional. As everyone knows, the attack power of herbivores was not very strong. They moved elegantly and had a cute appearance, more suitable for viewing. On the battlefield, their running speed was unparalleled. They weren’t as courageous and didn’t easily provoke other beasts. If they were taken to the other world, they would be the model citizens. Such magic beasts tend to develop strange abilities. Take, for example, the Lantern Antelope, who could control everything within 500 meters. Even the 30 Star Long-Eared Rabbit could release waves to confuse the enemy.

As one of the best, the Five-Colored Elk had an amazing skill that could triple or quadruple the strength of its allies. This made it possible for even a Long-Eared Rabbit to face against a wolf! In this way, the herbivores fought to a standstill with the carnivores.

The battle grew fiercer!

Lu Shiqian had been pondering over some problems. The 77 beast kings had once said that they were overbearing tyrants in the Grand Era of Magic, so how could they be slightly weaker than the magic beasts here? What was the reason? It was true that the magic power in the forest was many times more condensed than outside, but it still shouldn’t be able to create such strong magic beasts. It should be noted that even in the Grand Era of Magic, there weren’t that many strong magic beasts! Just what was the reason for this?

Was it related to the annual spray? Were there any other factors?

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