Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 193

The magic beasts gathered around Lu Shiqian, sighing in amazement at the scene. Everyone stayed within the circle released by Bai, and the group of magic beasts couldn’t see them.

The competition reached its peak!

The Violent Dragon was enraged. Thinking of its noble dragon clan which was innately strong, it could be considered relatively powerful even within the Forest of Death. The spray this time was of great importance. As long as it could grab the best spot and get a large amount of magic stones, it would be able to rise another star to 152 Stars. Then, it could enter the inner circle of the forest and serve that esteemed one! It brought more than 100,000 warriors to compete for this honor. But now, not to mention those pesky birds troubling it, even the Flaming Lion and Five-Colored Elk were fighting against him. Their thoughts were obvious: join forces to get rid of the most powerful enemy before dealing with each other.

Hmph, would it give them that opportunity?

The Violent Dragon roared loudly, ready to unleash a move!

Its subordinates also roared, shaking the forest. They quickly gathered together with the Violent Dragon as its leader, listening to its orders and preparing to attack.

The Flaming Lion and Phoenix Bird realized the danger. If they decided to tank through it, there would be heavy casualties and they would lose the chance to fight for a better spot. Avoiding was even more out of the question. Once they moved aside, the other magic beasts would definitely seize the opportunity to take their spot, and all their previous efforts would be in vain.

The mountain shook violently, and magic stones sprayed out in multitudes one after another. There were more than all the other years combined, and fiercer!

The mountain shook, and the rumbling also stimulated the magic beasts.

The Violent Dragon was 20 meters long and 9 meters tall, its back blue in color and its front black. Its special skill was Dragon Flame Wave. This was a large-scale skill, and with the other beasts buffing it, the power was upped.

As soon as the Violent Dragon made its move, the other magic beasts followed closely. Within the light, all magic beasts touched would either be heavily injured or died. The Phoenix Bird, Water Eagle, Flaming Lion, and Five-Colored Elk resisted hardily, switching from attack to defense, locked in a fierce battle! The plant magic beasts led by the Rafflesia all released their life-saving hallucinatory skills to confuse the attackers’ line of sight.

The Violent Dragon was desperate, but didn’t want to lay its life on the line!

In the end, there were just too many magic beasts and the Violent Dragon’s attack was suppressed. The casualties were heavy, but the other side also suffered countless serious and minor injuries. With this, the strength of the five was around even. In the next few hours, whoever seemed stronger than the rest would be collectively suppressed by the other four. The situation ended in a deadlock.

At this time, there were wounded and disabled magic beasts all around. Other than the few leading beasts and their lackeys, they were basically all finished.

The fierce fighting also severely injured those leaders.

The timing was right; the opportunity shan’t be missed!

Lu Shiqian took out the Thorn Army staff, and 77 green balls of light danced around her. The 77 beast kings over 100 Stars jumped out, releasing their pressure.

Bai’s eyes darkened slightly. He had asked where these beast kings came from, and his little dumbo obediently told him what went down at the underground palace of the Qin Empire. The… Death God?

The suppression of the 77 beast kings made the magic beasts of the Forest of Death vigilant. This force came too quickly! Even though their star rank was slightly lower, but they had numbers! Furthermore, they were energetic soldiers fighting exhausted ones. It was naturally much easier!

Against this strange force, the Violent Dragon and the others decided to cooperate against the new enemy.

Lu Shiqian was like a goddess floating in the air. Her finger pointed at the magic beasts as she arrogantly asked, “You all, do you choose to submit or die?”

The magic beasts all looked at each other. They had seen brazen, but such audacity they had never heard of before! After the surprise passed, they grew dissatisfied. A little human dared to order the proud beasts of the Forest of Death to surrender?

The magic beasts all sneered.

“No? Alright then.” Lu Shiqian pointed at the front and shouted, “Go!”

77 balls of light fell on the ground and morphed into 77 beast kings, forming a small mountain.

The black tiger looked at its millions of opponents and excitedly cried, “Looks like there’s going to be a nice fight!”

The black dragon also grew animated, “Perfect for moving some muscles!”

The other beast kings were also enlivened, grinding their teeth and scratching their claws. This group of beasts more than 100,000 years old were all very hot-blooded!

Magic beasts over 100 Stars were capable of speech.

The Forest of Death’s Violent Dragon viciously asked, “Where did you come from?” It was in a terrible mood today, so its tone wasn’t anything good either.

The black dragon walked up to it, “Don’t mind where this old one came from. This old one just wants to beat you.”

The black tiger faced against the Flaming Lion.

The other beast kings faced against the Phoenix Bird, Water Eagle, Rafflesia, and other high star magic beasts. As long as they reached their desired effect, it didn’t matter that they were using numbers to bully the other!

Lu Shiqian confronted the Five-Colored Elk!

The 77 beast kings buffed each other, and at least 77 rings overlapped on Lu Shiqian. The higher the star rank, the stronger the buff and brighter its aura.

Being able to buff without holding back was one of the good points of the 77 beast kings!

The Forest of Death constantly guarded against each other, so of course they wouldn’t be rest assured to buff the other. This point was also within Lu Shiqian’s calculations!

Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to do such a crazy thing as to face against a million magic beasts with a mere 77!

The Five-Colored Elk was very beautiful. Like its namesake, the ‘five-colored’ referred to the five rings revolving around it. It itself was an unblemished white with beautiful patterns. Its antlers were especially beautiful like corals, each section a different color. Its eyes were black, with the gentleness inherent in all herbivore magic beasts. This Five-Colored Elk was so beautiful it was as if it had stepped out of a painting.

Lu Shiqian looked at it; it also watched Lu Shiqian.

Neither made the first move!

The black dragon and the Violent Dragon were enraptured in their fight. The black dragon’s physique was much larger than the other. It was big, but flexible! The two dragons butted heads, claws against claws, spraying dragon fire from time to time, and occasionally made a big move. No magic beasts were in the vicinity of their battle on the ground! After all, no magic beast was willing to fall under the two dragons’ claws! Even though the Violent Dragon was 20 Stars higher than the black dragon, but it was a little tired from fighting for magic stones earlier and its morale was lower. It spread its wings and flew into the air.

“You can fly, and this old one can’t?” The black dragon spread its wings, continuing the battle.

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