Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 194

Even though the branches were different, the two still belonged to the same family of dragons that could fly. The Violent Dragon’s plan to attack from the sky failed!

The two dragons took their battle high into the air!

The Two-Headed Black Tiger’s opening move was a killing technique. The ground split, thorns rising through the cracks one after another. The Flaming Lion’s body was covered in flames and its jumping ability was strong. The black tiger’s move wasn’t of much use.

The Flaming Lion fired a dense fire cannon at the black tiger. As the saying went, ‘you have your strategy, I have my solution!’ The black tiger twisted its body into strange shapes to avoid the attack. The seemed to have finished gauging the other’s strength and stopped probing. The battle escalated!

The Phoenix Bird belonged to the Phoenix race. It had beautiful feathers, a golden body, and a long tail. It was extremely beautiful, and its healing power was astounding. It wasn’t good at fighting, so when the two beast kings cornered it, it cleverly chose to surrender.

The Water Eagle struggled to defend, but under the beast kings’ collective attacks, it couldn’t hold on.

Magic beasts respected the strong and adhered to the powerful. The 77 beast kings interrupted the flow of the other six and the others were left confused. Who were they supposed to listen to now? The one who wins the fight? For a time, the magic beasts below 80 Stars retreated to the side to observe. This was out of Lu Shiqian’s expectations.

Winning through battle seemed to turn in an unexpected direction.

“To be honest, I don’t really want to fight you.” Lu Shiqian spread her hands, her calm face revealing a mischievous smile. The evil smile added a different charm to her person. Affected by her magic beasts, she had a good feeling towards the Five-Colored Elk and didn’t want to harm it.

Anyone staring at such gentle eyes wouldn’t want to hurt it!

Of course, even if she did attack, she was probably not its opponent. However, with so many buffs, it should still be easy to run.

The Five-Colored Elk tilted its head slightly. This human woman was so strange. Her attitude seemed to distance herself, but her heart was extremely warm. How weird. It had a good feeling towards this woman in blue-green silk clothes. Her body seemed to contain certain traits magic beasts were fond of.

“I don’t want to fight you either,” the Five-Colored Elk spoke.

Amongst them all, Lu Shiqian and the Five-Colored Elk’s side was the most casual.

“I’m here to capture magic beasts. Are you interested in contracting with me?” Since they were able to talk peacefully, that meant that she would be able to properly explain herself. Then, negotiating would become possible.

The Five-Colored Elk replied cleverly, “I’ll think about it.”

Lu Shiqian promoted her merchandise in a business-like manner, “Don’t just think about it. There are many benefits that come with contracting with me. Not only would you have many companions to mutually take care of each other, your star level would rise exponentially! How about it? Doesn’t that sound good?”

The Five-Colored Elk didn’t believe it at all, “How could there be such a thing? Are you lying to me?”

Lu Shiqian declared, “I never trick magic beasts.”

The Five-Colored Elk hesitated, “…Perhaps, you can give it a try.”

The persuading dialogue and weird interaction struck the magic beasts like lightning, especially the 77 beast kings. They could only endlessly admire their master. Master was truly the master, OP as hell! How could OP be enough to describe her?

Bai’s long and narrow eyes stared closely at his little dumbo. The conversation between the Five-Colored Elk and her was heard clearly by him. His darling was grasping his heart harder and harder! When this thing was over, he had to reward her resplendently.

Li Jing smiled enchantingly. He was growing more and more intrigued by her. How did that brain of hers work? Tussling back and forth with a high-level magic beast, haha.

Wei Mo’s peach blossoms eyes were filled with her image. A’Qian, A’Qian is so amazing!

Lu Shiqian smiled and said, “Truly, you would only know the results after trying.” She placed her hand on the Five-Colored Elk’s head.

The contract was concluded.

The Five-Colored Elk instantly rose 10 whole stars, and the lights around its body grew more enchanting. The contract also facilitated their mutual understanding. Both parties were satisfied.

The Violent Dragon glanced over, and its eyeballs almost bulged out! Every time the Five-Colored Elk rose a star, it would shudder uncontrollably. In a short few seconds, the Five-Colored Elk was a whole 10 stars above it! This shock was not small!

With the Five-Colored Elk’s demonstration, the eyes of the others lit up!

The degree of enthusiasm was comparable to that of a man who just saw a naked beauty. Contracting could make you rise in star level! What great temptation!

Now, even if the woman in front of them rejected them, they wouldn’t let go!

Think about it, successively rising a few stars in a row. Such wishes, such miracles… Oh, what is freedom? What is pride? In order to advance, in order to contract, everything can be scrapped!

The magic beasts began to regret. They should’ve agreed earlier! Why did they laugh at her earlier? After contracting, she would be their master. Ah, the regret, regret! The magic beasts have already taken Lu Shiqian as their master.

Millions of magic beasts bowed to Lu Shiqian. The scene was astounding.

This change was so fast and so amazing that even Lu Shiqian herself was surprised.

The esteemed one deep in the forest was also in disbelief, and his subordinates also seemed eager to try.

After the contract was concluded, you could rise several stars in a row! This kind of temptation was unprecedently huge!

“Master, you’re very cunning.” The Five-Colored Elk blinked its eyes and teased.

Lu Shiqian was rendered speechless.

Everything went smoother than she thought, but the anxiety in her heart only intensified, as if there was a loophole somewhere.

At this moment, the mountain spraying magic stones shook violently. A terrible aura shot into the sky.

Yes, that was it! This was where her anxiety came from!

This mountain… was strange!

The mountain rumbled severely, and the magic beasts also grew uneasy through the powerful fluctuations. The spray this year was different from the previous years. Was something going to happen? The surging magic power gathered into the air, circling and winding.

Bai’s long and narrow eyes darkened slightly, but he didn’t make a move. Making a move when Dumbo can’t resist any longer wouldn’t be too late.

The esteemed one deep within the forest and his subordinates also didn’t expect things to develop to this degree. That mountain had existed for so many years, but such an incident had never occurred before. Magic power was like air, and its shape and size could not be seen. However, that magic power in the air could be seen with the naked eye, indicating its richness and density.

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