Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 195

“Your Majesty, should we send someone over?” a shadow leaned over and inquired.

The esteemed one on the throne pondered for a moment, “Watch and see first.”

The cloud-like magic power reflected back to the mountain. The mountain shuddered and trembled, spitting out a fist sized, shimmering octagonal blue-green stone.

The magic beasts stared at this peculiar stone; their mind somewhat unable to wrap around this.

The Violent Dragon and black dragon weren’t fighting so fiercely anymore. The battle gave birth to comradery between the two. The Violent Dragon stared at the stone and exclaimed in astonishment, “This is the magic stone heart?”

Magic stone heart, heart of the magic stone!

The magic stone heart was made from compressed magic power essence. It contained at least a thousand times more magic power than the average magic stone, definitely the most amazing creation of nature. A fist-sized magic stone heart was enough to make a Saint into a God, and make 70 Star magic beasts rise by one star. Having said that, these things were useful to Saints and Gods, but for those below that rank or 70 Stars, there was no use at all.

This mountain actually sprayed out a magic stone heart!

The mountain trembled again. It was a miracle that a 20,000 meters high mountain shaking so violently did not collapse. In the following moments, every time the mountain shook, countless magic stone hearts would spray out, a spectacular scene. The magic easts were somewhat stunned. The mountain was… a little too generous this year, wasn’t it?

However, the anxiety in Lu Shiqian’s heart grew more and more. There seemed to be something in this mountain that was about to erupt out! She could feel the thick magic power growing wildly!

Ten minutes later, the area around the mountain was littered with magic stone hearts. The mountain trembled violently like a pregnant woman that had just passed the toughest moment and roared, a huge object being sprayed out!

The mountain finally grew calm again!

The ejected item was shaped in a sphere with a radius of 5 meters. An incomparably rich magic power wrapped around it. Its body emitted even more powerful magic power fluctuations. It was as clear as a piece of jadeite. Within the stone, there was a red, blood-like object as large as a head contracting and relaxing, like the beating of a heart.

The magic stone hearts that were previously ejected gathered towards it, even those grasped tightly by other magic beasts would be forcibly ripped away. With sharp eyes and quick hands, Lu Shiqian grabbed a volleyball-sized magic stone heart and threw it into her interspatial bracelet.

This thing was helpful to Wei Mo.

A large number of magic stone hearts gathered around the sphere, actually increasing its size by ten times! The inside of the sphere flashed intermittently, and the magic power in the magic power hearts flowed towards the sphere. The strange scene made the watching magic beasts unable to scratch their heads in confusion.

There was a 70 Star magic beast that was unwilling to see the magic stone hearts be taken and wanted to steal a piece back. However, outside of 5 meters, it was killed so thoroughly by an invisible force not even a piece was left.

The magic power in the magic stone heart was madly sucked away. Soon, there was only dust floating in the air.

The origin of Lu Shiqian’s malaise came from this sphere.

“Wuwuwu…” A sound that seemed to be the cry of a magic beast originated from the sphere.

Lu Shiqian stared firmly at this strange sphere.

The sphere split like a chick popping out of its shell. From within, a monster came out, a limpid, translucent monster!

It seemed like a cat with three transparent wings on its back, eight energy tails, and a bell-like object on its neck. The color of its body was a translucent green. Its star pattern revealed that this strange creature that was just born was 450 Stars!

High star ranks had a high suppression ability on lower star ranks. Millions of magic beasts slowly retreated a thousand meters away. However, the monster didn’t signal them to leave so they could only obediently stay until it spoke or an esteemed one with a higher star rank came, breaking the suppression.

Its two green eyes stared at Lu Shiqian, the first person it saw after it was born!

Logically speaking, a newly born beast would instinctively call her ‘mother’ or ‘mama’, but she had to defeat it first. Otherwise, it would never admit to itself that that small body of hers was qualified to be its mother. Wasn’t it? It was three meters tall and six meters wide. Standing in front of it, Lu Shiqian was indeed a small body.

Should it kill her with a swipe of its claw? Or kill her in a bite? This was a serious question to consider!

It had bided its time in the mountain for hundreds of years, but it had never expected to confront this issue when it was born.

Lu Shiqian didn’t know what it was thinking about. She only knew that a mountain three times larger than Mount Everest gave birth to a creature that was like a cat! Oh, what was more shocking than this? Furthermore, this life seemed to be from magic stone hearts. It also wouldn’t be far off to call it the child of the mountain!

Lu Shiqian stared at the mountain with a complicated gaze. She didn’t understand, truly didn’t understand.

It was just too shocking! Carrying knowledge from the other world, she had some trouble digesting this.

Wei Mo stared at the green monster and worried for Lu Shiqian. He wanted to break through Bai’s barrier to help her. It didn’t matter even if he died in battle for her! 450 Stars was not something A’Qian could handle!

Bai looked at Wei Mo thoughtfully. He knew that even if he let Wei Mo go, nothing would change. However, he still let him go.

His Dumbo didn’t need weaklings around her. As for this kid, if he doesn’t die this time, he’ll consider teaching him some.

Wei Mo stepped in front of Lu Shiqian. He will protect his A’Qian!

The strange cat waved its eight energy tails, its claws scratching its chin. Another weakling came. However, if the two of them could beat it, it could still recognize that little body as its mother.

“You two can attack together-ow.” Its speech was also like that of a cat.

Lu Shiqian stood up straight, soul merging with the Five-Colored Elk and recalling the 77 beast kings. She needed to seize the right moment.

After the soul merge, Lu Shiqian’s hair and eyes were multicolored like a rainbow fairy, amazingly beautiful.

After giving the beast kings inside the staff multiple buffs, and also strengthening three times and buffing Wei Mo 77 times, Lu Shiqian stood on a leaf, searching for the opportune timing to attack!

Wei Mo opened his White Lotus Domain. Under the strengthening and buffs, the power increase was not by just one or two levels!

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