Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 196

The strange cat was somewhat amazed by the amount of magic beasts Lu Shiqian owned, but it wasn’t afraid. Facing the strong, numbers didn’t necessarily matter. Its star rank was a huge advantage. Besides, as a product of magic stone hearts, the child of the magic stone spraying mountain, unique in the world, if it didn’t have some tricks up its sleeve, it wouldn’t dare swagger around. It had eight tails, each tail containing intelligence. That was why, this one cat was equivalent to eight 450 Star cats! Additionally, it possessed all five attributes like Lu Shiqian.

Who told it to jump out of magic stones? Being abnormal was completely normal!

The strange cat squatted on the ground, a claw scratching over.

As soon as this claw came, fire, wind, ice, and water followed after. The wind helped the fire rise, water assisted to ice, but none of the elements interfered with each other. Fire and ice shot towards the heavens, a great power!

A 450 Star magic beast could create a tsunami just from exhaling!

Lu Shiqian waved her staff and casted the Fire Dragon spell. The staff of the Thorn Army was legendary in and of itself. It could seal the soul and could also amplify power like a normal staff. When the spell was casted, five fire dragons charged forth to meet the strange cat’s attack.

Several successive jumps later, Lu Shiqian dodged the aftermath of the collision of spells.

Wei Mo moved quickly, shifting the white lotus to protect A’Qian.

Lu Shiqian gave Wei Mo a glance and he immediately understood. He knew a little bit about the things she was fiddling with before. Now, it was time to flip the switch and trick the cat.

This was originally a device to be used against the magic beast horde. Now, it was going to be used against the strange cat, but that was alright.

The strange cat didn’t seem to expect that Lu Shiqian could avoid its first attack and grew interested. It walked forward a few steps, its front claws intersecting, and a silver crescent burst out.

There was a strong power within the silver crescent!

This strange cat was also a little ancestor that didn’t care about magic power consumption. It itself could produce endless amounts of magic power!

Wei Mo pulled up the white lotus to block the move, but Lu Shiqian jumped in front of him even faster. The silver crescent hit and Lu Shiqian was blasted over ten meters away, the soul merge with the Five-Colored Elk breaking.

Lu Shiqian spat out a mouthful of blood, and the Five-Colored Elk snuck into the magic beast space to tend to its injuries.

Your aunt! Breaking three ribs sure wasn’t your normal pain! Lu Shiqian took out a bottle of gold medicine and chugged it. The regeneration of cells made her shudder all over again. However, this pain wasn’t anything much!

Bai’s silver hair swayed, his hands clenching tighter. Dumbo… If he could, he was willing to take the pain for her, but she must grow stronger!

Seeing that Lu Shiqian was injured, Wei Mo’s heart ached unbearably. It was he that caused A’Qian to get hurt! His hair turned white and his eyes red. The white lotus also turned a bloody red.

Wei Mo actually transformed at this moment!

“Woman… You idiot woman!” The silver-haired Wei Mo was heartbroken and angry. He didn’t want to see her so heavily injured the next time he saw her!

The explosive Wei Mo didn’t care about whatever was in front of him. The red lotus turned as he recited a spell, and a raging fire shot forward! This Wei Mo struggled harder the more difficult it was, gaining courage as he went!

It was just a pity that the fire couldn’t harm a hair on the other.

The strange cat flicked the flames on its body and sneered, “Just that little bit of ability?” It was a little surprised in its heart. That silver-haired boy actually hurt it a little with his blow!

Lu Shiqian stood up and weapon merged with the Phantom Beast. Sound waves resounded one after another.

The strange cat contemptuously mocked, “Child’s play!” The 48 Star Phantom Beast had absolutely no effect against it. It lifted a claw and sent Lu Shiqian flying again, then stood up and chased.

Afterwards, every time it attacked, Lu Shiqian and Wei Mo would suffer injuries. It was experiencing the glee of a cat chasing mice.

However, it had no idea that it was step by step entering the trap set by Lu Shiqian. Ever since Lu Shiqian was injured, her every step and movement turned on a mechanism.

Bai’s clenched fists relaxed. What a clever Dumbo, how could he not adore her?

It was now!

Lu Shiqian held the Thorn Army staff and yelled, “Go!”

With the shout, the 77 beast kings charged towards the strange cat with great confidence and courage. Low star rank magic beasts were scared of high star rank magic beasts, but they had a master. Master’s power allowed them to overcome their fear. Their power gathered together into a single point not to kill the strange cat, but to make it retreat a single step!

Headed by the black dragon, 40 beast kings activated their skills, the other beast kings supporting from the side.

The huge ball of light formed from condensed skills rushed forwards. This scene was similar to the one in the underground palace, when the beast kings were attacking the Death God. The only difference was that the 77 beast kings attacked together then. Today, could the strange cat take the attack without moving one step back?

The strange cat didn’t take this level of attack seriously. There were very few magic beasts that could actually injure it. Its two claws joined together and a green shield appeared. The huge ball of light hit the green shield right then.

The strange cat underestimated the power of the 77 beast kings. How could the beast kings of the Grand Era of Magic be ordinary? Its shield quickly shattered and the ball of light landed against its body. It took a step back!

Lu Shiqian immediately pulled the silver-haired Wei Mo and retreated a thousand meters.

After the bombing, its green body was a little cracked. This cat that was like superb jade shook its neck and its eight tails, its body quickly recovering. It soon became a beautiful green jade cat again.

“You guys are better than I thought, but the game ends here.” The strange cat softly purred. Seeing that Lu Shiqian retreated into the distance, it still didn’t rush, “Even if you run, you can’t escape from my claws.”

Lu Shiqian smiled devilishly and kicked the switch.

Kacha! The strange cat’s tail was clamped tightly!

The cat turned and saw a three-meter long metal contraption had caught its tail. The clamp exuded a cold brilliance, the forging smooth, and its shape cute. Most importantly, it had a strong biting force and had high resistance to explosions, beatings, and spells!

Its tail was the strength and weakness of the strange cat. Even though it was quite the strange cat, its tail was like the neck of a human, extremely fragile! With this clamp, although it might not be life-threatening, the pain wasn’t small.

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