Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 197

The strange cat was angered.

Its claws waved. There were green bursts of light, and the trap was dismantled.

Wei Mo glared, “This one suffered so many injuries for this?”

This explosive Wei Mo sure had a temper!

The strange cat also mocked, “Petty tricks. You think this can take me down?”

Lu Shiqian smiled even more devilishly. Whether they were petty tricks or not had yet to be decided.

The strange cat took a graceful step.

Kacha! Another trap with the same sleek and modern look caught its right foot.

The cat was enraged and smacked the ground hundreds of times, destroying the contraption.

Kacha, kacha, kacha! Three clicks sounded as they grabbed three other feet. Another vise also grabbed its tail!

The cat was furious, a glowing circle emanating from its body. It broke through several clamps and twitched its tail, shattering the vise.

However, at the next moment, more traps shot forward, clamping the cat’s tails, claws, fur, and ears!

The cat was furious!

“Are you done yet?!” the cat lambasted Lu Shiqian.

At this time, Lu Shiqian calmly sat upon a tree. She wiped the staff down diligently as she said, “What’s the hurry? The show has just started.” Saying that, she blew a breath onto the staff and continued wiping.

The silver-haired red-eyed Wei Mo crossed his arms and stared at Lu Shiqian, “Woman, I just love your evilness!”

Bai flashed to Lu Shiqian’s side and trapped her in his embrace, passionately kissing her. Hmph, don’t think that he doesn’t get jealous. The main position in Dumbo’s heart can only be occupied by him! Everyone else… step aside!

When Wei Mo saw Lu Shiqian being hugged and kissed by Bai, his eyes flared. He pointed at Bai and declared, “I want to fight you!”

Lu Shiqian almost choked. Wei Mo wanted to duel Bai? This was probably the funniest joke of the century! But seeing his resolute face, Lu Shiqian didn’t have the heart to tease him.

Bai’s long eyes narrowed. Very well. He flicked his fingers and the two disappeared.

Li Jing watched the spot the two vanished and smiled, “Looks like if I want to squeeze in, I’ll have to expend some effort.” He kissed Lu Shiqian, “Don’t you think?”

Lu Shiqian had absolutely no idea what he was talking about, but she had a terrible feeling in her heart.

A few minutes later, Bai brought Wei Mo back. It was unknown what means he used to make the brazen Wei Mo pipe down. At the very least, the gaze Wei Mo used to look at Bai was a lot more complicated. As long as he saw Bai hug and kiss Lu Shiqian affectionately, he would run to the side to desperately practice some spell.

Lu Shiqian curiously asked, “What did you do to him?”

Bai innocently replied, “Just taught him some stuff.” His warm palm was placed against Lu Shiqian’s waist. The feeling under his hand felt good; hugging her in his arms felt even better. Bai was going to be addicted.

Bai’s embrace was always so reassuring.

Lu Shiqian’s side was harmonious, but the strange cat’s side was the complete opposite.

The more it moved, the more traps that surrounded it. If there were too many ants, it would be annoying; the constantly appearing contraptions were even more annoying. It would be fine if it were just traps, but now there was some cylinder-like thing shooting at it, firing one after another. Even though this thing didn’t hurt as much as a needle, but getting hit here and there was quite irritating. It was going to be annoyed to death!

The strange cat used its second tail’s power to break free from the annoying clamp and destroyed it. It flapped its wings and flew into the air, preparing to strike from above.

Lu Shiqian smiled and spoke, “You think flying into the air will do you good?”

The strange cat was startled and saw the thousands of black objects aim towards it, and some cage that fell from nowhere trapped it. Inside the cage, lasers shot repeatedly, shooting several holes in its wings, forcing it to fall. As it fell, thousands of cannons launched at it!

It took several days of using the Fire of Creation to make these clamps, cannons, cages, and the like. She had tricked it at the price of being injured herself, so if she didn’t abuse it a little, how could she face herself? Within these thousand cubic meters, there were traps everywhere, one ring after another. The deeper you went, the more you struggled, the more you’d suffer!

“You’re shameless!” the strange cat gritted out.

Lu Shiqian humbly replied, “It’s okay, it’s okay. Just average.”

The cat: “…”

The cat used its third tail’s power.

Its green body grew a tinge darker and shone with a faint green light. Extremely dense magic power jumped around it. It opened its mouth and spat out a ball of light, firing it at Lu Shiqian. It wanted to break Lu Shiqian that baddie into a million pieces!

Lu Shiqian shook her finger, “Useless, useless.”

She naturally already took the spells magic beasts would shoot at her into consideration. This was energy. While the traps were responsible for attacking the enemies, it was also responsible for collecting energy. Two birds with one stone!

When the strange cat’s skill shot towards Lu Shiqian, a box appeared out of thin air and caught the ball, refining it! The cat trembled in anger! She was bullying a cat! She was bullying a cat!

The cat used its fourth tail’s power.

Thousands of large and small balls of light appeared around it. She could block one, but could she block thousands?

“Kitty, you must believe in science. The power of science if huge.” Sometimes, fighting didn’t necessarily need brute force. Take, for example, now.

The legacy of the God of Creation paired with the other world’s technology and Fire of Creation was astoundingly powerful! When the robots caught the balls of light and shoved them into their chest, using the cat’s attack to counterattack it, the strange cat was dumbfounded!

The esteemed one and his subordinates that were watching were also stupefied.

Bai’s long and narrow eyes lit up, giving his little dumbo a kiss.

Lu Shiqian was a little dissatisfied, “The movements of the robots are a little stiff. Look at that robot, the speed it caught the ball was a little slow. It’s a sin to waste energy.”

Very good, Lu Shiqian. She had walked a bit further on the road of abnormality.

The strange cat was infuriated, but it didn’t have a way. The traps had exhausted it. Whenever it wanted to leave, some attack would come flying at it, forcing it in deeper and deeper.

And that hateful woman, that demoness, actually spread out a thick blanket, took out a bunch of strange objects, and actually started making lunch! That baddie, did she not know that a cat’s nose was extremely sharp? She even deliberately made the dishes so fragrant!

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