Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 198

The smell of the food immediately attracted the horde of magic beasts who were watching the battle not far away.

The Violent Dragon squirmed around, its saliva dripping like a flood, but still tried its best to pretend to disdain such things. It furtively stared at the meat Lu Shiqian was grilling and vegetables! Heavens, they were all used to eating raw food! When had they ever seen such heavenly cuisines?

Relying on its beauty, the Phoenix Bird squeezed to Lu Shiqian’s side, its round eyes riveted on the dishes. Seeing it stare so hard, Lu Shiqian gave it a small bite. The Phoenix Bird quickly snapped it up with a blissful expression.

The Water Eagle and Flaming Lion quickly asked, “Is it good?”

The Phoenix Bird didn’t answer and just rushed to Lu Shiqian’s side again, its head rubbing against her. Its intention was clear.

The magic beasts all understood: it must be very delicious! Otherwise, how could the lofty and proud Phoenix Bird lower itself to act cute?

The Flaming Lion refused to back down. Who didn’t know how to act cute?!

It shrank its body into a small, furry lion, popping up next to Lu Shiqian to beg for food.

Lu Shiqian gave him a piece of grilled meat.

Good guy, they only saw him slowly hold the grilled meat like a treasure and scan his surroundings carefully. Only after determining that there was no threat did he smell, lick, and slowly eat.

The Water Eagle and Rafflesia also made themselves cute and beautiful in exchange for food.

But food, this thing, only made one more and more addicted.

Thus, a comic scene came to pass.

The magic beasts of the Forest of Death all changed their appearances, blinked their huge eyes and pretended to be cute, innocent, and naïve. It made all of their subordinates wonder: were those cute and huggable magic beasts truly their bloody and cruel bosses?!

The lunch was very lively. Lu Shiqian and the others, her contracted magic beasts, and all the other beasts in the forest were all very satisfied. Other than the tsundere Violent Dragon and the still struggling strange cat.

The Flaming Lion glanced at the Violent Dragon and deliberately placed the barbecue in front of it. Bursts of sweet fragrance tempted the Violent Dragon. This was definitely punishment! The poor Violent Dragon could only see and not eat. That aggrievement! That feeling of being wronged! That heartache! The Violent Dragon’s face twisted, its saliva dripping. The look of being unable to eat was truly tragic!

Lu Shiqian couldn’t bear it and tossed a piece of barbecue to it.

The Violent Dragon’s eyes lit up and flew over to snatch up the piece. Thinking that its huge body could swallow this meat in one gulp, it transformed while flying over, changing into a small and cute dragon. It was extremely cute as it gnawed on the piece of meat!

The eyes of the magic beasts kept twitching. The Violent Dragon was the most hot-tempered and strongest boss! A powerhouse within even the Forest of Death, 160 Stars, able to hold down the other magic beast bosses. Anyone who called it cute on a normal day would have its neck broken by it! However, now, its height was only 60 cm! It was absolutely adorable!

Bai looked at the sky. The sun was blazingly bright. He gently said to Lu Shiqian, “Dumbo, contract with them first.” Bai spoke carefreely as if he was saying, ‘Baby, come drink a cup of tea.’ The earlier they finished their business, the sooner he could be intimate with his little dumbo.

Lu Shiqian thought the same as Bai. She smiled and announced loudly, “Now, who here is willing to contract with me? Those willing should stand to my right!”

The beasts didn’t hesitate at all, lining up to the right. The allure of ranking up was irresistible.

The Phoenix and Water Eagle were the quickest, standing on Lu Shiqian’s shoulders since long ago, expressing their stance from early on!

Other than the temptation of ranking up, Lu Shiqian’s performance was stunning and had already garnered the respect of the beasts.

The Rafflesia swayed its petals and also stood over. The Flaming Lion rose proudly on its chubby legs and also walked over.

The Violent Dragon rushed up, slamming the Flaming Lion to the side, stealing its spot. The joy of being ahead of the other made it flap its fleshy wings, laughing at the Flaming Lion falling behind. The Flaming Lion glared hatefully at it, knowing that it was taking revenge.

“Are you surrendering to me?” Lu Shiqian asked the strange cat.

The strange cat was in the midst of struggling with its anger. Hearing her question, it immediately replied, “Not surrendering, not surrendering, you baddie!”

Lu Shiqian spread her hands. She gave it a chance. Since it didn’t want it, there was no other choice!

It looked at the millions of longing eyes and sucked in a deep breath. It was about to start!

She first contracted with the few beast bosses and then expanded her consciousness. A huge contract pattern lit up under all the magic beasts’ feet. The purple light, intricate design, and stunning visual spread out. As long as the magic beast agreed, the contract would automatically release a small contract light to each one, point-to-point.

The beasts in the Forest of Death that were gathered here were at least 30 Stars and above. It was unlike the 500,000 5 Star magic beasts she contracted with before. Their power was greater, their bloodline purer. The scene as they were contracted was even more astounding!

Originally, the concentration of millions of magic beasts was a stunning sight in and of itself. Magic beasts had different shapes and races, so just on a visual level, it was amazing.

Think about it, dozens of kilometers densely packed with magic beasts. A tall mountain stood to the side, white clouds floating leisurely through the sky. A purple contract that enveloped them all shone with a mysterious light!

This was a miracle!

This miracle made the beasts madly excited!

The contract was concluded and the leveling up began. Even the glaring sun in the could not dim the light from the advancement patterns!

The magic beasts 30 Stars and below gained around 3 stars; 30 to 70 Stars around 5 stars; 70 to 100 Stars around 10 stars; 100 Stars gained 20 stars; and 160 Stars gained 26 stars. The Elf Lord Tree’s magic circle also carried great magic power fluctuations. The most exaggerated was Bai and the Death God’s circles. To avoid frightening the magic beasts, Bai suppressed his advancement pattern and the power surge, but the blood-red circle that stretched for several kilometers still made the others shrink back.

After the magic beasts finished leveling up, Lu Shiqian began to rank up too. The power of the contract, millions of magic beasts, the beast bosses, and Bai and the Death God’s feedback rapidly filled all of Lu Shiqian’s magic seas. The violent power made Lu Shiqian feel like a sail in a storm surrounding by churning waters. Her meridians expanded and her cells seemed unable to take the surging magic power. Bai hugged her, covering her lips with his. A strong presence entered and helped suppress the raging power. His breath blended with hers. You come I go; after several repetitions, magic power filled her 100 magic seas. Yet, it didn’t cease and continued to fill 100 magic seas. Lu Shiqian rose two ranks in a row! Now, she was a Rank 6 Archmage!

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