Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 199

Lu Shiqian’s face was red and she slightly loosened their entangled mouths. An ambiguous wet string hung between the two of their lips. Bai’s heart knitted and he kissed her again.

Behind the two, another ranking up frenzy started up.

The hundred star magic beasts were led by the Five-Colored Elk. It was 153 Stars at the start, 163 Stars after contracting with Lu Shiqian. Now that Lu Shiqian advanced two ranks, it shot up to 215 Stars. The Violent Dragon was 238 Stars, the Water Eagle 210 Stars, the Phoenix Bird 213 Stars, the Flaming Lion 214 Stars, the Rafflesia 198 Stars. The 77 beast kings also ranged from 150 Stars to 180 Stars.

The Five-Headed Snake had the greatest growth amongst the 70 to 100 Star magic beasts. It was originally 71 Stars and was now 89 Stars, becoming a Six-Headed Snake.

The 30 Star to 70 Star magic beasts were led by the Three-Headed Snake and the Four-Headed Snake. The Three-Headed Snake was 58 Stars and became a Four-Headed Snake. The Four-Headed Snake was now 70 Stars and became a Five-Headed Snake. The Phantom Beast was 58 Stars and the Sound Beasts 57 Stars, the Red-Tailed Leopard 66 Stars.

As for those below 30 Stars, Poluo was 19 Stars, Yin 23 Stars, Hong Jin 26 Stars, Shui Se 27 Stars, Wang Cai 30 Stars, the white-winged unicorn 37 Stars.

Other beasts could be calculated the same way, each one benefitting much!

Elf King Xiu Si, Elf Priest Milo, Beast King Fuyi also advanced two ranks, and Lan Ruo became a Saint!

Bai leveled up again, his stars all added to his original body. Even though his original body showed 700 Stars, don’t forget that most of his power was sealed. When Lu Shiqian was just a little Apprentice Mage, she had contracted with Bai. After several rank ups, what star level he was truly at was unknown. Bai’s aura was even more overbearing after the advancement, his hair softer, and his eyes more beautiful. Even his red lips grew more alluring!

The power of millions of magic beasts blended together, so there would naturally be a few mutations. For example, the Elf Lord Tree once split into battle, wisdom, and guardian trees. Each magic beast had changed slightly, either in their shape or skill set… There were many, but overall, they were all a change for the better.

The strange cat watched from the distance. It was now regretting so much its intestines had turned green… Alright, its intestines were green from the start, but it was truly regretful. Seeing all the magic beasts madly advance, it wished it could bash its head into the wall… Alright, even if it smashed the wall, only the wall would get crushed.

Once, there was an opportunity to advance placed in front of it. It didn’t cherish it, and now, it was too late for regrets. If God gave it another chance, it would definitely say yes.

The missed opportunity was enough to break its heart, so if it didn’t act now, it might as well not live anymore.

“Mommy, I was wrong.” The strange cat immediately turned into a small cat, although its three wings and eight tails made for quite a sight.

The magic beasts had all grabbed onto Lu Shiqian’s preferences and acted cute, the cuter the better, as cute as they possibly could!

Lu Shiqian relaxed in Bai’s arms. Really, his kisses made her feel dizzy every time, “What did you call me?”

Mommy, did it make a mistake?!

“Mommy, I don’t dare to be naughty anymore!” the little cat pleaded.

That was naughty? If it weren’t for her earlier preparations, who knew how miserably she would’ve died?

“Mommy, forgive me please!” The little kitty shed crystal tears, looking very much like a pitiful, lost child.

Lu Shiqian held her forehead, “Just what do you want?”

When the kitty heard Lu Shiqian’s tone, it was moved. Yes, there was still a chance! It immediately struck while the iron was hot, “Mommy, I want to contract with you!”

Lu Shiqian curiously asked, “Didn’t you reject?”

The kitty’s tears fell once again, “Mommy, I was wrong…”

The corner of Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched and removed the traps. Now that she contracted with all of those magic beasts, she wasn’t afraid of the cat’s tricks.

The kitty rushed into Lu Shiqian’s chest like lightning, extremely happy and excited. Its eyes blinked over and over again in affection.

Bai’s expression didn’t change, merely grabbing the kitten’s neck and tossing it to the side. What kind of joke was this?! Dumbo’s chest was his!

The kitty stared at Bai. With its 450 Star rank, it still couldn’t tell whether Bai was human or beast. It only then panicked. Now it knew, even if Mommy didn’t trap it, it would only have the route of failure left to walk. Perhaps, it might even be killed! Thinking of that, it was both invigorated and regretful. Why didn’t it surrender earlier?

Lu Shiqian placed her hand on the kitten’s head. The contract was concluded, and it successfully rose to 500 Stars.

Its extreme jubilation and extreme regret made it enter a state of ecstasy.

After contracting with the cat, Lu Shiqian also knew the cat’s secrets. This kitty had the ability to produce high density magic stones! Quite good!

Afterwards, Lu Shiqian divided several areas and instructed the magic beasts to pick magic stones by themselves. Each beast got one or two pieces, returning to their dens after finishing to diligently train and advance, listening to orders if there were any.

The magic beasts heeded the orders and went, accomplishing them quickly!

The esteemed one and his servants didn’t return to their senses for the longest time. Some even wanted to run right over to that godly woman right now. She… was simply the goddess of magic beasts!

Lu Shiqian took out the magic stone heart and handed it to Wei Mo. After absorbing it, Wei Mo should be able to become a God.

The moon was black, and the World of Death only held the moon and no sun. The black moon was quite strange. Could black also radiate light? However, the World of Death was truly illuminated by this black moon. Even though it was dark, everything was strangely visible.

Weaker dead spirits would be swallowed by the stronger ones. Powerhouses in their own right only knew after coming here that there was strong amongst the strong! Who could surpass death? That was why the most powerful undead gathered here!

The world of death, the world of the dead!

However, the one who managed these dead was the Death God. The World of Death had no bounds, powerhouses as plentiful as stones and sand. There were also tens of thousands of Death Gods!

These tens of thousands of Death Gods were originally dead spirits. Only after emerging victorious from battle time and time again could they be promoted to be Death Gods. The birth of a Death God took around 50,000 years to complete. During this time, they had to accept all challenges from powerhouses all over and must win every fight! That was why, to become a Death God was tremendously difficult. At the same time, the Death God born from such battles was absolutely unparalleled in combat.

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