Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 200

The life of the Death God was monotonous yet hot-blooded. Manage the disobedient spirits, accept their challenges, or challenge a higher-ranking Death God!

That’s right. Even if you became a Death God, you can’t let down your guard. There may be challenges from spirits and low-level Death Gods anytime, anywhere! Lose and you’d die again, your soul scattered; win and replace your opponent!

Having said that, becoming a Death God required going through countless fierce battles, and a high-level Death God was even more powerful and terrifying, their battle experience rich and plentiful. Few spirits and low-level Death Gods succeeded in such challenges. However, such fights always existed and would not be cut off. That was why the amount of Death Gods was always in the tens of thousands and barely increased. However, the Death Gods who could protect their position had grown stronger and stronger!

The World of Death was endless. Just imagine, how big would the territory that could hold all dead be? All creatures would eventually die, so the dead would only ever increase. Of course, many weak and peaceful spirits would also be sent off every year.

Life and death: the greatest balance in the world must be respected!

Amongst the tens of thousands of Death Gods, there were 100 Third Rank Death Gods. Above them was the Fourth Rank Death God!

But this Fourth Rank Death God was much stronger than the 100 Third Rank Death Gods, so powerful that they could only look up at him. Even though he was Fourth Rank, he was actually far higher than Fourth Rank. He might be Fifth Rank, Sixth Rank, or Seventh Rank… No one knew how strong he was, they only knew that when they came to be, he was already here!

Perhaps he was the very first conscious dead spirit within the World of Death!

Or… This world was originally created by him.

He was dressed in black, wearing a black cloak, his hand carrying a huge black scythe. This appearance was exactly the same as all the other Death Gods. Even though the appearance under all the layers of black seemed different, the black clothes, cloak, and scythe were no different.

The only difference was that there was no rank mark on his body.

Death Gods were divided into First, Second, and Third Rank. First Rank Death Gods were weak and most plentiful. There were only 100 Third Rank Death Gods, the top of the World of Death.

The Fourth Rank Death God was also known as the proxy, the cream of the crop!

At this time, this peak of the peak, Fourth Rank Death God had a black advancement pattern spreading at the bottom of his feet. It continued to spread and not long after, another advancement pattern appeared… The 100 Third Rank Death Gods didn’t dare to even breathe loudly, patiently waiting for this esteemed one to recover his senses.

Ever since Esteemed One came back, he always seemed to be thinking about something. Of course, as Third Rank Death Gods, they didn’t dare casually guess Esteemed One’s great thoughts.

Esteemed One must be thinking about something of great importance! Definitely! He had already sat there and contemplated for half a day!

So, just what was this Esteemed Fourth Rank Death God thinking?

He was thinking, uh… he was thinking… Really embarrassing. He was thinking about… chests. Yes, a certain person’s chest that were soft and warm. Uh, the shape was quite moving too. Whenever he thought of it, he would remember her eyebrows and eyes, her lips, her slim neck, stomach… and her slender legs!

A nosebleed abruptly spurted out.

Even though he was dressed in black, that nosebleed was like a spring, gushing forth. Those 100 Third Rank Death Gods all saw it.

Despite seeing this esteemed one spray nosebleeds multiple times, they wisely chose to not say a word.

“Just a group of low-level ants,” the voice of the Fourth Rank Death God seemed to come from the ninth hell, “required calling me back?”

The 100 Third Rank Death Gods shuddered, “My Lord, they have strange appearances and their attacks are also weird. Furthermore, space cracks have appeared.”

In the World of Death, there were all kinds of spirits. What could be deemed as ‘strange’ then?

Even though this Fourth Rank Death God was slow to respond to certain things, overall, he wasn’t stupid. Alright, how could the top of the top be dumb?

Waving his scythe, a black halo rippled out.

“Go check again if there are any space cracks,” the Fourth Rank Death God tersely ordered.

“…” The 100 Third Rank Death Gods were speechless. Their lord was indeed the strongest, solving this difficult problem that had plagued them for so long just like that. Not one doubted their lord’s strength. Since he told them to go check, the problem must’ve been resolved.

“My Lord, I think it’d be better if you wait a while before going to that world…” the Third Rank Death God broke out in cold sweat. This kind of thing could only be done by him. After all, who told him to be the second-in-rank after the lord? “I’m afraid that more space cracks would appear…” This was a big problem. They couldn’t solve space cracks by themselves and could only bother their lord.

Speaking of it, ever since this Third Rank Death God donned his black garb, he had never revealed his appearance again. The others had no idea what this Third Rank Death God looked like. This Fourth Rank Death God knew clearly, but absolutely no one knew what he looked like, and presumably not in the future either.

No one was qualified to take the cloak off of someone as powerful as the Death God!

When the Fourth Rank Death God thought that there would be more delays before he could return to her side, his voice abruptly became cold, “Scram! All of you!”

Can’t even take care of these trivial things!

The 100 Third Rank Death Gods immediately ran. Since their lord agreed to stay a few extra days, their mission was finally accomplished. Even though they were dripping cold sweat and suffered several chills, it was still worth it.

The Death Butterflies fluttered around the Death God, his thoughts drifting off to who knew where…

I miss you, miss you so much…

He still remembered when he received a summoning from a believer. Originally, this kind of low-level summons could be handled by a little Death God, but then he discovered that that summoning came from a sealed world. Only he could answer the summoning from this place, but he didn’t really understand why he did so.

Perhaps he had lived for too long and wanted to have some fun.

Thus, he tore apart the space and came to that world.

As if fate had destined, he met her.

Huh, an extremely strange creature. A new species.

The believer begged him to kill her. He thought, ‘Okay, he could fight her for a little, but whether or not he killed her was up to him.’ He unceremoniously swallowed the soul of the believer. Thinking about it, the quality of the souls of this world was very inferior. Good thing he wasn’t picky.

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