Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 201

The strength of that new species was truly low, very low, unbelievably low… What was even more fascinating was that he had lowered his strength to just slightly above hers and only fought physically. Every punch or kick was enough to send her flying.

However, she stood up again and again, waving her fist at him.

At that time, he had thought about taking her soul and placing it in his special collection.

He was willing to see how long she could hang on for.

Following after, he jumped up to attack and grabbed a soft and strange to the touch object, stunning him for a moment.

Then… he was contracted. Actually, if he wasn’t willing, that contract wouldn’t be able to succeed no matter what. However, perhaps her chest was too soft and felt too novel, carrying a strange electric shock, he didn’t resist.

He followed by her side out of curiosity at first, comparing her to himself. Hmm, her eyes were black, her chest popping out. Her waist was slim and her legs were slender… There were countless question marks in his head, so he decided to personally touch it and confirm his suspicions.

He entered her room and began to touch.

The strange feeling of her skin, en, it wasn’t bad. The more he touched, the more right it felt. He also didn’t dislike her face, touch some. Lips, didn’t dislike, touch some. The strange current appeared again, slightly numbing but he didn’t dislike it. He continued down and pressed down on her chest, paralyzed by the electric jolt.

He shot into the sky, flying in circles…

Afterwards, he saw many ‘new species’ that were similar to her. Would he also have such a strange feeling towards them?

He touched a woman’s behind.

Ugh, too disgusting!

He squeezed a woman’s small hand.

Ugh, he was going to throw up!

He even touched a woman’s face.

Ugh, he wanted to chop off his hand!

He was grabbed by a woman that claimed to be a half god and forced to touch her chest. He then sent her ‘beautifully’ to the World of Death. Now, that woman probably had her soul scattered from the torture.

He was certain now that he only liked to touch her. He also liked her to touch him.

Anyone else who touched him would be killed without mercy!

He became very strange, always thinking about her, hoping that she didn’t get injured. He just wanted to protect her and stay by her side: watch her smile, watch her be evil, and watch her kill…

He just wanted to see her.

How strange!

There was also that time he was checking her and looking at her body… Thinking of that, there was another nosebleed.

Also that time where both of them pressed against each other. Uh… he had another nosebleed.

He gave his heart to her. From then on, their two lives were one!

The advancement patter’s black halo was quite strong. Did she advance again? Did she encounter danger again?

He missed her, missed her very much, really missed her… He just missed her…


Wei Mo didn’t waste any time after accepting the magic stone heart and began refining it. He must grow stronger!

Lu Shiqian let the green kitty guard by Wei Mo’s side. The kitten was originally created through the essence of countless magic stone hearts and knew more than anyone else on the matter.

In lieu of Lu Shiqian’s two consecutive advancements and outstanding performance, Bai decided to give his cutie some special rewards. He encircled Lu Shiqian, his finger touching her lips. He smiled seductively, domineeringly, and wickedly, “Dumbo, are you willing to go somewhere with me?” Evil intentions were written all over his face.

Lu Shiqian carefully studied Bai. There was evil, there was definitely evil!

However, when he gazed at her with those beautiful eyes, she couldn’t say a word of refusal.

Ai, Bai was not one of those wimpy or tender beauties. He was obviously a domineering and enchanting man, so why was she always so soft on him? Strange, strange. Very strange!

Bai held Lu Shiqian and flashed to a scenic place with lush grass and green trees. The rocks were flat, clear water gurgling down into a spring. It truly was a place fragrant with flowers and filled with birds. Alright, the bird was a 60 Star Golden Eagle and the flowers 20 Star Illusionary Fragrance, both dangerous species.

However, in the middle of the forest, the vast majority of high star rank magic beasts were bagged by Lu Shiqian. These little beasts all turned and ran from the slight presence of a 100 Star beast.

Actually, if it weren’t for the fierce magic beasts, the Forest of Death would be extremely beautiful. Calling it a paradise wouldn’t be far-fetched.

That was especially true for Bai’s chosen place.

Lu Shiqian found it somewhat strange. What did Bai bring her here for?

Bai walked into the spring, leaning against the large boulder in the middle. His silver bobbed up and down, his body half submerged in the water. The clear water and beautiful man would make anyone lose their soul watching him.

Bai saw Lu Shiqian’s doubtful face and pressed her nose, chuckling, “I want you to see me.” He waved his hands, sealing off this small spring, turning it into a paradise for only two. No coveting eyes could squeeze in.

Lu Shiqian was taken aback. Didn’t she look at him every day?

Just as she was about to say so, Bai smiled at her. His clothes slipped off, drifting away in the water.

Lu Shiqian was stunned, her cheeks flushed red. Her eyes were wide at the sight of the beauty, truly inexperienced.

It was that guy Bai who caused this lack of dignity.

He told her to see him, but she didn’t know that he wanted her to look at his naked body.

The knife-sharp body had a pearl-like sheen, but the corners were all smooth. Every muscle seemed to contain great power. The snow-white chest had two red dots, and the waist that would make people’s thoughts fly off… Oh, every inch was heaven’s masterful creation like a great work of art, intoxicating and charming. Lu Shiqian was mesmerized by his powerful body, and her thirst for beauty was peaked at this moment.

Was Bai trying to seduce her?

Good thing she wasn’t jumping around, or else her nosebleed would’ve long flown everywhere!

Seductive devil!

Bai was a domineering person, but this clear water rinsed away some of his overbearingness, leaving behind a seductive devil, tempting people’s hearts.

“Dumbo, come here.” Bai hoarsely called in his mellifluous voice.

How could Lu Shiqian have any other thoughts? She unwittingly walked towards him.

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