Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 202

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A long arm took Lu Shiqian and dragged her into the water. Her clothes were wetted in a moment, the scenery under her clothes slowly revealing itself.

Bai’s lower body tensed. This must be self-punishment!

He trapped her in his arms and bit her ears wickedly, “Dumbo, how about we take a mandarin ducks bath together?”

The ambiguous atmosphere and hot breath blowing against her ears made Lu Shiqian return to her senses. Heavens, when had she ever been tempted like this? Her face flushed redder and redder. Trapped in his arms, she could clearly feel Bai’s sturdy chest and couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Bai was very satisfied with Lu Shiqian’s reaction.

“Come, be good, take off your clothes.” Bai seduced little by little.

Lu Shiqian was like a frightened rabbit. She was still too tender in front of Bai.

Bai’s beautiful eyes were like the dark night, deeply attracting Lu Shiqian’s eyes: “Don’t you feel like you accumulated some dust these days in the forest? I’ll help you wash.” These words were gentle, ambiguous, and warm.

This was his way of caring for her. However, washing was washing, but washing so erotically really made one a little embarrassed.

Bai touched Lu Shiqian’s graceful curves, which felt great to the touch. The little thing still seemed a bit stiff, looks like she didn’t have much experience. Bai’s long eyes narrowed as he stared at the person in his embrace.

Actually, he was already infinitely satisfied just by holding her in his arms, but he would also be ecstatic if their relationship grew even closer.

“I-I…” Lu Shiqian wanted to say that she was embarrassed, but Bai’s lips had already come crashing down.

The warm and scorching breath enwrapped her. Bai’s kiss was gentle and patient. The one in his arms was his favorite and most loved Dumbo. He could feel her so clearly, so restraining himself was very difficult.

However, he was content!

Lu Shiqian was fascinated by such a gentle kiss. By the time she came around, her clothes had already been taken off by Bai.

The two faced each other frankly.

Just like when Adam met Eve in the Garden of Eden, a destined fate, a destined entangling.

Lu Shiqian blushed hard.

Alright, she was very cool and strong, but she was still a woman that hadn’t experienced love affairs yet for two lives. This kind of thing was more startling than fighting deadly battles, so she would naturally blush and feel shy, especially in front of Bai.

Bai’s eyes carried appreciation and deep love. He was gentle and filled with endless pampering.

The little dumbo in front of him had a clear complexion with a warm glow. Her breasts were still developing, but they had already taken a good shape. Her waist was slim and delicate, her curves creating a nice hold. Her entire body was like a beautiful painting. The painter’s technique was godly, and only a magical pen could truly sketch her beauty.

Bai gently held and cherished her.

“Allow me to wash off the dust on your body.” Bai’s voice was like a whisper.

For his entire life, he would only ever wash one person!

Lu Shiqian could understand his feelings and thought, who could refuse such tender affection?

He washed carefully: her face, neck, shoulders, back… Where he touched, Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but tremble. Bai was even more uncomfortable, the suppleness under his hands making him feel like he was drunk. This pain was penance, and he was willing to bear it.

The desire that couldn’t be held back was restrained by him because he loved her too much.

Unwilling to hurt her in the slightest, he could only take it slowly, making his little dumbo gradually like this feeling.

He carefully cleaned her silky black hair and said by her ear, “From now on, let me wash you for you.”

Bai embraced her tightly, his scorching heat pressed against her.

Lu Shiqian’s heart pounded. This kind of Bai was too seductive! This kind of situation really made people lose control of themselves!

She turned around and pressed Bai into the water, flipping over and kissing his lips.

The two were like two fish. Silver and black hair entangled in the water like a beautiful black and white painting.

How beautiful and touching.

Bai held his little dumbo, the two’s breath intertwined, sharing the same air and emotions.

In the end, Lu Shiqian couldn’t hold on and released to gasp in air. Bai smiled slightly and also poked his head out. Two lotuses surfaced in the water, causing the mountain flowers to pale and the moon and sun to dim in comparison.

Lu Shiqian who had just popped out of the water was even more refined and beautiful. Bai’s eyes dulled, his voice carrying a tint of desire, “Dumbo, you look really delicious.”

Lu Shiqian was taken aback. Did she look like a cake to him? Suitable to his tastes?

Bai buried his head in her chest, taking a bite out of the pink dot at the front, “The taste of cherry.”

Lu Shiqian’s face instantly turned redder than the sunset!

Ahhhh, Bai, this villain! How could he bite there?!

Bai smiled evilly, resisting the impulse and waved his hand. Clothes appeared from out of nowhere and he quickly put them on. He daren’t guarantee that if they continued, he might do Dumbo then and there.

Honestly, it was truly embarrassing. At first, he wanted to seduce her, but he didn’t expect her to tempt him instead. He liked the taste of temptation, though.

He’ll wait a little longer. When Dumbo grew stronger, he would no longer need to endure and could accept her wholeheartedly.

Lu Shiqian took out a lighter-colored robe from her interspatial bracelet and wore it. She tied her long hair up and walked to Bai’s side.

Bai embraced her, “Dumbo, did you know? I once wanted you to belong to me alone.” That was why, in that world, as the boss of the Dragon Group, he dominantly occupied her entire body and heart.

“I belong to you, but you do not belong just to me.” Bai looked at her as if he were staring at the far away future, “We four beasts will only serve one master in our lifetime. And you, are our master. They will also love you…” They will love their master, and also wish for their love to be reciprocated.

Doubt quickly flashed past Lu Shiqian’s mind.

She held Bai back. Perhaps even the strongest person would be injured for love, “You are irreplaceable to me.”

“That’s good. My heart will only belong to you in this lifetime. If you love me, that’ll be enough.” As long as he could stand by her side, watching and guarding her, dying when she dies, living when she lives. Loving her deeply and pampering her was enough!

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