Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 203

He was her magic beast connected at birth. No one could deny this point. At the same time, no one could cut off the connection between them.

This kind of Bai caused Lu Shiqian’s love for him to overflow. She pulled down his head and delivered her lips to him.

Bai’s long and narrow eyes exuded a brilliant glow. He lowered his head, sucking and turning, both lost in the moment.

“Dumbo, I’ve already been completely seen by you. You have to take responsibility,” Bai licked Lu Shiqian’s ear.

The corner of Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. Didn’t he see everything of hers too? Besides, he took off his clothes himself, okay? However, she had an urge to tease him, “How should I take responsibility?”

“Give your heart to me, how about it?” Their breaths entangled again as Bai kissed her red lips.

It was a gentle and lingering feeling.

By the time the two returned to the foot of the mountain, three hours had already flown by.

After Wei Mo absorbed the last drop of magic power from the magic stone heart. The sky was dense with clouds, and the laws of heaven and the earth descended. A white advancement pattern slowly grew grandeur, a large amount of magic power pouring into Wei Mo’s body, creating a silver light.

Wei Mo opened his red eyes, “Becoming a God is just so-and-so!”

The silver-haired Wei Mo was just that domineering!

The corners of Li Jing’s mouth curled up. This guy… Even though he couldn’t beat Bai’s natural seductiveness, he still had endless charm and didn’t underestimate himself.

Bai encircled Lu Shiqian and whispered into her ear, “Becoming a God is just the first step. Dumbo needs to work hard.” The hot breath brushed against her ear. It was a little itchy.

The four set off towards the center of the forest.

Towards the esteemed one deep within the forest!

The Forest of Death was divided into three circles: outer, middle, and inner. Each section was separated clearly!

There were 10 to 30 Star magic beasts in the outer perimeter; 40 to 200 Star magic beasts in the middle. As for the inner circle, no one knew as of yet what the situation was. However, one thing was certain: the inner circle was going to be even more dangerous.

If you walk from the middle to the inner normally, you wouldn’t be able to reach it for one or two years. Bai waved his sleeves and brought everyone to the inner circle periphery.

“After reaching 150 Stars, we will receive a summoning. If we win in the battle for magic stones, we will be allowed inside to that esteemed one’s side.” The Violent Dragon clarified. Its 60 cm tall figure was just too cute! The other magic beasts all went to their respective positions, but these few magic beast leaders gained the right to remain by Lu Shiqian’s side.

“What is that esteemed one?” Lu Shiqian expressionlessly asked.

“Is he more powerful than me?” the green cat asked as it walked.

The Violent Dragon scanned his surroundings, “I don’t know what that esteemed one is, but I do know that all the magic beasts in the forest obey him.”

At the innermost circle of the Forest of Death, the trees were all darker in color. The difference was noticeable in a moment’s glance compared to the middle and outer layers. Upon closer look, it was even more like a huge and unmatched city. The deeper you went, the higher you were elevated, until you reached the clouds. This city was more than 100 times larger than the Qin Empire’s capital! Similar to a pyramid structure, the imposing city oversaw the world without boundary! Even though it was covered by the trees and had traces of damage, it still exuded an inexplicable pressure, announcing to the world its dominance!

It could be sure that the magic beasts had never seen such a magnificent city before. This… was a miracle!

This Magic Beast City seemed somehow familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere before…

Bai raised an eyebrow. He saw through the dissonance in the city in an instant. Perhaps, he saw through more than anyone there!

The expression of Li Jing was subtle. There seemed to be nostalgia, sorrow, and relief.

After figuring out the secrets of this city, perhaps the mystery of the Forest of Death would also be solved.

Lu Shiqian and her party walked into the Magic Beast City, stepping into the inner circle!

At this time, the esteemed one was sipping a blue drink as he watched the few walk in.

“I guarantee that this place is much more interesting than you bargained for,” a magnetic voice slipped out from his mouth.

The shadows under the throne all exclaimed, “Your Majesty is wise!”

He also wanted to know the secrets of the Forest of Death. If they had the ability, then come! He gulped the blue drink down in one go.

This was indeed a city, a once extremely prosperous and advanced city!

Perhaps from the outside it didn’t seem so, but once you walked inside, the technological advancement would hit you full force. The walk was like wandering through the towering skyscrapers of a science fiction world. Even though some were already broken and dilapidated, it couldn’t conceal the glory they once possessed. Flying machines, magic stone railways, huge glowing letters… Everything seemed to be a product of mixed time and space!

Lu Shiqian finally remembered where she saw this scene from: the Fallen Goddess set, Yi Mengji’s memories. In that brilliant era, the land of the Gods, paradise on earth. That kingdom amongst kingdoms. This was the first place the one that had captured the dragon had sealed!

Although a part of it was severely damaged, it was still an awe-inspiring existence!

Hong Jin was so awed you could stuff an egg into his mouth. The other magic beasts were the same. Their expression was like Grandma Liu touring the Grand View Garden when seeing this advanced city. Each of them was dumbfounded.

Bai was domineering as usual. No matter where he went, he would be a king. This city couldn’t catch his eyes. His focus was entirely on his little dumbo.

Lu Shiqian saw its most glorious state in Yi Mengji’s memories, so she was now calmer. Besides, when she had read the God of Creation’s idea for the city. That was much more mystical than this. Worthy of the God of Creation, he truly dabbled in many fields. After a hundred thousand years, Lu Shiqian inherited his mantle and possessed the Fire of Creation. Seeing that the path of creation would be continued, he could finally rest in peace.

Li Jing seemed to be nostalgic, but not overly excited.

The silver-haired Wei Mo snorted coldly, “Dilapidated city.”

The streets were wide and there was no worry of congestion. The few walked on when they kicked a shiny object.

When they looked, it was actually a magic beast core! A 100 Star magic beast core!

Since when was a 100 Star magic beast core discarded so casually?

A closer look revealed that there were not only magic beast cores, there were also Heavenly Thunder Stones, black iron, and other high-grade materials. It was truly excessive, throwing away at will. A person who was rich like Lu Shiqian could take out any random item from her interspatial bracelet and exchange it for massive amounts of riches. However, when a whole city was wealthy, that was truly rich!

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