Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 204

Like seeing a leopard through a narrow tube, it could be seen just how astounding the Grand Era of Magic was!

A pity that its glory was not passed on. The development of present times was like comparing the Paleolithic Era with the future technological age.

It was destroyed by a single person, using a single move!

A might enemy! It was surely a powerful enemy!

“Don’t know if we’d run into a God Artifact if we keep walking down,” Lu Shiqian carelessly said.

As a Rank 6 Archmage, she could unlock the spirit grade equipment in her interspatial bracelet and use most of the materials in there. Unfortunately, she couldn’t use God Artifacts nor activate the vast amount of 500+ Star magic beast cards in there. Big sad!

Also, only at Rank 8 would she be qualified to use the spells in the “Contract***” book.

Li Jing gave a charming smile, “Even in that era, God Artifacts were rare. It’s impossible to find one walking down the street.”

Lu Shiqian curled up her lips, “You know a lot.”

Li Jing smiled carefreely, “With my lovely countenance and charming temperament, knowing these things are normal.”

Wei Mo kicked him but ended up missing, “Damned old man, pipe down!”

Li Jing was aggrieved, “Ah, how damned of me, accepting such an ungrateful student!” The words were as such, but there wasn’t half a hint of sorrow on his face.

The ancient city that was many times more developed than any of the cities today was quite mystical as they wandered around.

“Bai, don’t you think that it’s too quiet here?” Lu Shiqian grabbed Bai’s hand and asked.

The outer and middle rings gave them such a big shock. In contrast, the most protected and highest strength inner ring had no movement until now.

Bai squeezed Lu Shiqian’s nose and gently said, “You only found out something’s wrong now, hmm?” His warm breath suffused over her face, causing her to feel tipsy.

This guy Bai always made others intoxicated the moment they let their guard down.

“Listen carefully,” Bai told her.

Listen carefully? Listen to what? There wasn’t any sound.

Bai’s warm palm covered her eyes, “Pay attention to the flow of the air and listen carefully.” This tone was like he was still the boss of the Dragon Group, holding her hand and teaching her how to ride a horse, telling her she’d get better with practice.

At first, there wasn’t any sound. Afterwards, there was a tapping sound. It was very soft at first, but quickly grew louder. Tap tap tap, tap tap tap. Louder and louder like a broiling thunderstorm.

What was it?

It came from underground, from right underneath their feet.

“Get away!” Lu Shiqian shouted.

The crowd scattered and two large discs sliced towards the group. The speed and strength couldn’t be underestimated.

There was a total of 13 discs shooting towards them!

Now, it was up to everyone’s individual ability!

Needless to say, the discs were unable to break through within two meters of Bai. The more insidious thing was that the discs seemed to know that he wasn’t easy to deal with and only tentatively approached him before losing interest.

Li Jing also showed some abilities. Don’t look at his usual fussing over food and clothing, dressing himself up like a flowery butterfly, his strength was first-class. He weaved through the discs, not a single one of them that came like lightning were able to harm him.

Wei Mo and Lu Shiqian were the most laborious, rolling and crawling away. Fortunately, their cooperation was good and other than scraping their clothes, they were uninjured.

Hong Jin and Yin had returned to the magic beast space long ago. They hated their inability to help their master and could only try not to cause trouble. They hid inside lest they distract their master.

The Violent Dragon really lived up to the ‘violent’ of its namesake, violent beyond compare. The disc was unable to hurt it.

The Five-Colored Elk seemed to be dancing, dodging elegantly at just the right moments.

The Phoenix Bird and Water Eagle buffed each other, one healing buff and one defense buff.

As for the little kitty, it was very leisurely. When the disc whammed against it, it acted like absolutely nothing happened.

The discs were powerful, gouging holes in the ground. They could also change directions in the air as if they were being controlled, attacking without any blind spots.

The discs were made of metal and Lu Shiqian weapon merged with Wang Cai to face it.

Wang Cai was the God of Creation’s greatest creation. Built with growth metal, its power was extraordinary. It was also the nemesis of other metals. Even though it was only 30 Stars right now, its hardness and durability were unmatched.

Blend with the wind and move with the wind; blend into water and shift with the water.

The Heavenly Swinging Sword’s Fourth Move: Wind and Rain Intersecting!

She blocked every disc with precision, then knocked them up into the air.

‘Ding ding ding ding.’ Lu Shiqian both attacked and defended, her sword dancing like electricity and thread. It was a domineering feeling of beauty.

The thirteen discs attacked successively, but were all sent flying by her.

They hovered in the air for a while before suddenly converging into a large disc, smashing towards Lu Shiqian. The large disc of course contained much more power!

With the Heavenly Swinging Sword’s move flushed out, no matter what difficulties there were, they must all be faced! The focus was on the spirit: the spirit of dominating even the heavens!

If she evaded because of fear, it would leave behind heart demons. If that were so, there would be no reason to continue training!

Lu Shiqian’s eyes were firm, her horizontal sword blocking this attack! The slab beneath her was crushed from the force.

The thenar webspace of her hand split. Lu Shiqian’s long hair fluttered, changing the alignment of her sword and shifting to the second move: Rising Winds, Scudding Clouds!

The explosive force sent the large disc flying.

Tap tap tap. The tapping sound from underground sounded out again, and 300 discs appeared!

Lu Shiqian nimbly rolled and escaped the attack.

The ground swelled up as more and more discs flew out, circling and converging.

“These… are gears, right?” Lu Shiqian mumbled.

“Hey, woman, what are gears?” the silver-haired Wei Mo loudly asked.

There were spurs, helical gears, double helical gears, bevels, spiral bevels. These were important machine parts and could also fit together. Damn it, why were these things doing here?

The towering buildings shifted and the streets quickly broadened.

At this time, countless gears were floating in the air, packed densely like snowflakes.

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