Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 205

Soon after, the gears combined together, big and small, forming a red-eyed gear monster. What was even more outrageous was that it had a star level— over 200 Stars high! They fell down one by one, big and small, glaring fiercely at Lu Shiqian and the others. There were actually a few tens of thousands!

This principle of construction behind this thing was similar to that of Wang Cai, but they only belonged to simple metal life forms, moving according to orders.

Lu Shiqian wailed in her heart. Damn it all! This thing wasn’t afraid of being hit or scolded; it was much harder to face than magic beasts!

“Kill the intruder! Kill the intruder!” The gear’s synthesized voice only spoke a single line. Intruders! Kill without mercy!

Who were the intruders? Of course it was Lu Shiqian and company!

Lu Shiqian thought that they would whip out some lasers or cannons out to shoot at them, but the gear monsters didn’t do that. They only projected a sky full of gears. The smaller ones were the size of plates while the larger ones were the size of football fields! They pursued frantically!

Lu Shiqian and Bai shared a look. What Lu Shiqian was trying to express was, ‘Should I fight or should I run?’ Bai’s meaning was, ‘Dumbo, you can’t beat them, but I don’t want to make a move. Of course, we run!’ No second word was needed— run! If they didn’t run now, when would they?

Taking back her few magic beasts, Lu Shiqian merged the Violent Dragon into boots, flying away.

Li Jing and Wei Mo finally reacted and also started running the heck away.

The four people ran ahead with tens of thousands of gears chasing behind them. The gears hovering in the sky also began shooting down. The scene was quite interesting!

Li Jing that little seductress attracted the gears with his glamorous clothes as he ran, then abruptly pushed them over to Lu Shiqian.

No need to worry about Bai. Even his fleeing form had an overbearing appearance. Not one of the gears floating in the sky dared to near him. Looks like they also knew that they had to start from the softest!

Wei Mo entered God Rank and his strength rose greatly, so he was able to dodge the gears.

Lu Shiqian had the Violent Dragon morph into boots, so she naturally ran fast and dodged nimbly. However, she wasn’t able to take Li Jing’s little tricks and most of the gears rushed towards her.

Lu Shiqian jumped quickly, smoothly dodging the chain of gears. There was barely an extra movement! The more you dodged, the more refined it’ll be and the faster your actions!

The four shuttled through the city, one jump traversing more than ten meters.

Every roll would be accompanied by the sound of dozens of gears smashing into the ground, cutting the ground up like tofu.

Every leap would also be paired with dozens of gears falling down.

At the corners of the city, thresholds, doors, the walls… The four burst through like lightning, fast as the wind.

Tens of thousands of gears followed like shadows, throwing out gears one after another in high spirits. Wherever they passed, there would be endless rumbling.

Evading taken to the extreme, Lu Shiqian suddenly had a flash of enlightenment. Recalling the domains Li Jing had her see, her mind churned quickly.

The people ran endlessly and the city also moved along with them, quickly blocking the path.

The tens of thousands of gears spun before crashing down.

Being chased, Lu Shiqian suddenly burst into laughter, her heart excited. There was nothing funny about this scene originally since they were drove into a corner, but Lu Shiqian had an epiphany, her eyes shining with confidence.

She traversed through the gears like a phantom, as if she were able to comprehend the speed and angle at which each gear fell down at. The sky full of gears wasn’t able to even brush her.

She smiled slightly and raised a hand, a light ball of five meters in radius wrapping around her.

The Flaming Lion saw Lu Shiqian turn and run towards the gear monsters!

Li Jing raised a beautiful eyebrow, “D-Domain?”

In the midst of fighting, her strength made an increase. Under the protection of the ball of light, Lu Shiqian rushed into the gears. In the sea of gears, her sword flashed! From a distance, amongst the dense gears, a few gears would be thrown into the sky from time to time. The scene was fascinating!

The gears were bounced away by the balls of light; Lu Shiqian’s sword was like a ray of light!

The longer she fought, the braver she grew, her mind disconnected from the injuries suffered. Lu Shiqian’s domain was the Battle Domain!

“Really in awe of you,” Li Jing smiled charmingly.

Comprehending the use of the domain at Rank 6. Even in that era, you were the only one! If this was said out loud, it would definitely scare others to death, haha!

The corners of Bai’s mouth curled up slightly. Dumbo, you’re really getting cuter and cuter.

The silver-haired Wei Mo looked at the smiles of the two men and grew more and more dissatisfied. Urging his red dragon, he merged with it and also rushed up. Even though he couldn’t compare to Lu Shiqian’s one sword vanquishing a hundred enemies, he was able to face at least two by himself. Though it was difficult, he had to persevere! The sword style Bai gave him seemed to have some… Alright, it was very useful!

His strength was improving day after day!

The longer Lu Shiqian fought, the smoother her moves and more effective it became. Maintaining the domain required magic power, but she was the one that needed to worry about that the least, wasn’t she?

“Ceasing Winds and Vanishing Rain!” Lu Shiqian plunged her sword into the ground, the blue circle like the waves of the sea, layer over layer, knocking the tens of thousands of gears down! Their red eyes dimmed; their offensive signal interrupted.

The gears in the sky also plopped down one by one.

Lu Shiqian had successfully comprehended the fifth step of the Heavenly Swinging Sword!

Her black hair swayed in the air. She stood up and smiled confidently at the three, making a victory sign at them.

The gears that fell onto the ground shook and combined together again.

Lu Shiqian jumped back five meters, “No way, again?”

That being said, she entered into her battle state again, ready to deal with the incoming attack.

The gears combined together but didn’t bother with the four again. They split the ground open and dashed underground.

“We passed?” Lu Shiqian mumbled. Those gears probably wouldn’t attack them again.

This group of gear monsters could be considered the initial defenders of the city. Even gears had a star rating, so who knew what kind of mystical things were awaiting them?

Also, they hadn’t seen even a single magic beast as of yet.

Bai picked up Lu Shiqian and kissed her eagerly. She grew faster than he thought. Her tooth and nail style captured his heart even more. Alas, a gentle and understanding woman made others feel good, but a hardworking and fiery woman enraptured him much more.

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