Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 206

“Disgusting!” the silver-haired Wei Mo dissatisfiedly clamored. Hmph, if it wasn’t because he couldn’t beat Bai, he would also hold her and give her a kiss! Hmph!

“Mo’er, are you jealous?” Li Jing charmingly asked.

“Pei, damned old man, don’t talk nonsense. Be careful I’ll cut out your tongue!” The explosive Wei Mo retorted with a twisted face.

“You really are jealous,” Li Jing lifted an eyebrow.

“I’m going to beat you to death!” Wei Mo was enraged.

The four made a loud fuss as they walked towards the center of the city.

The farther they walked, the hotter it grew. They were obviously walking upwards, so why was it getting harder? Wind billowed past them, but it was all hot air.

After sipping some water, Lu Shiqian splashed some cold water on her face and felt more comfortable. Even though she wasn’t affected by general heat and cold ranging from -60 C to 60 C, the temperature had reached 200 C. Water would’ve long boiled by now, okay?

Lu Shiqian could absorb the fire elements, but this heat… had sparse elements so she could only endure.

Bai looked as usual. Even if it was 1000 C, he would probably look the same.

Lu Shiqian saw that he was cool and moved closer to him. Yes, he was an air conditioner for the heat in the summer and cold in the winter!

Li Jing also didn’t show much.

Wei Mo grabbed Lu Shiqian’s water bag, freezing the boiling water and drinking some.

Hot, so hot! It was like burning in a furnace!

“I’ve heard a story before. A certain monkey was cooked in Daode Tianzun’s furnace 9981 days. The feeling he had at the time was probably something like this.” Lu Shiqian chuckled as she thought of the Monkey King being thrown into the alchemy furnace in Journey to the West.

“Master, was that monkey a powerful magic beast?” the Flaming Lion inquired. It wanted to compare with the Monkey King and see who could endure the heat better. In any case, he wasn’t afraid!

“Why did he enter the furnace?” the kitty blinked, “Did he make a mistake?”

Lu Shiqian was helpless, and since there was nothing better to do, began telling the story of Journey to the West. She talked about the Monkey King’s hubris, his courage to defy the heavens, and his intelligence.

Whether it was the magic beasts inside their spaces or outside, they all listened with relish, fascinated. Especially when the story reached the riot in front of the Heavenly Palace, the magic beasts all appeared very excited. They immediately had a goal: to be like the Monkey King!

When they got to the point where they suppressed the Monkey King beneath a mountain, the magic beasts all cursed the heavens for being cruel!

Not only them, even Li Jing and Wei Mo were enraptured. Bai had stayed in the other world and read all of the classics before. However, listening to Lu Shiqian’s soft voice telling the tale, his body also grew soft and dreamy.

Such a warm moment was suddenly interrupted by a sudden noise, “Drive out the intruders! Drive out the intruders!”

Sirens sounded loudly in every corner.

“What the f*ck! Couldn’t sound earlier or later but just had to choose now!” Yin swore. He was fully engrossed just now.

The other magic beasts also had the same thoughts and also cussed. Damn it!

The searchlights illuminated the four, leaving them nowhere to hide.

Gust after gust of increasingly hotter winds blew over. Black shadows popped out of nowhere, radiating heat. They spun at high speed, making a humming sound, surrounding the four people.

“Drive out the intruders! Drive out the intruders!” the electronic voice repeated this one line.

The esteemed one on the throne laughed loudly, “Just how will you all deal with the Storm Wind Monsters that drive out intruders? I’m looking forward to it!”

“Drive out the intruders! Drive out the intruders!” the electronic voice continued to blare. Because they were spinning too fast, the sound seemed to be farther away.

Drive out… was to kill!

Lu Shiqian picked up a pebble and threw it over. It was crushed to dust the moment it hit the shadow.

At this time, there were over a hundred black shadows surrounding the four!

This thing was obviously another part of the city, but it was the same as the gear monster in that it had a star rating. The star rating was also not low! On average, it was around 260 Stars!

“Oh, a little interesting.” Bai stretched out his tone as he muttered to himself. The hint of evil in his voice was so damn seductive!

The high-speed rotating Storm Wind Monster attacked.

With the fast speed, the friction created caused the temperature to heat up even more. They also created great gusts of wind with the movement. The gusts moved with them, affecting the speed and accuracy of the people they were approaching. How tricky!

Fire attribute spells wouldn’t be of much use here. Lu Shiqian and Wei Mo exchanged a look. Wei Mo cast the Water Dragon Spell while Lu Shiqian attached the ice attribute, and an ice dragon charged forward, biting a Storm Wind Monster!

The Storm Wind Monster was stopped in its tracks for a moment. The buzzing sound started again and crushed the ice. The other Storm Wind Monsters had already surrounded the four.

The strange thing was that whether it was the gear monster or the Storm Wind Monster, neither of them attacked Bai. They all seemed to only latch onto Lu Shiqian, Wei Mo, and Li Jing. They rotated at fast speed, moving forward quickly, bursting through the gravel. Nothing could impede them!

The gales affected their speed. When masters fought, even a slight deviance could be fatal! Even more so when those gusts were level 5!

The strong winds and high temperature indeed weren’t suitable for combat!

These two points were of great benefit to the Storm Wind Monsters, instead making their movements more flexible and agile.

Lu Shiqian whipped out two spirit grade weapons from her interspatial bracelet, taking one for herself and throwing the other to Wei Mo. She couldn’t bear having her flesh and blood magic beasts face these Storm Wind Monsters. The beasts weren’t stupid and could all understand her heart. For a while, emotions of gratefulness and joy spread amongst the beasts. It was great that they met Master! In other places, even though magic beasts were precious and some could still earn their master’s concern, most magic beasts were treated as weapons. The value of their existence was only the same as a weapon. This was a magic beast’s sorrow and why magic beasts weren’t willing to contract with humans. However, Lu Shiqian truly treated them as comrades. This kind of warm and interrelated relationship was the major reason why her magic beasts were willing to work hard for her. Contracts could limit their behavior, but it couldn’t regulate their hearts. Only by treating them as partners would they gain their willing support. Who didn’t want to be important? Who didn’t want to be loved?

These two spirit grade weapons weren’t ordinary. At spirit grade, there would be ten additional enchantments! Top class!

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