Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 207

“You’re not going to give me a hand? I will be sad,” Li Jing grievously uttered. During this short period of time, Lu Shiqian’s performance was astounding. No, it should be extremely terrifying! Using the power from contracting a million magic beasts in order to advance; able to make strange and powerful things. These two abilities would be able to create great waves and unpredictable changes in this world no matter from which aspect you look at it from. Now, she was able to take out spirit grade weapons that others would go crazy for with an impassive face! Perhaps, this woman would really be able to do it…

This continent had already been silent for too long!

Lu Shiqian didn’t pay any attention to him, raising her sword to attack: Billowing Winds and Pouring Rain!

She could also control the wind!

Wei Mo would care about Li Jing even less. Hmph, love rivals, wanna pass by this great one? Sorry, there ain’t even a door! Even if he was his teacher, it was the same. This student that wasn’t respectful of his master long knew of his master’s intentions to that woman.

Lu Shiqian’s sword and the Storm Wind Monster collided, sparks flying everywhere. The magic beasts quickly added a few buffs and Lu Shiqian’s sword swung down.

The wind ceased and a Storm Wind Monster was disintegrated. The strange thing was that there were no strange parts that fell on the ground; it was as if what was hacked by the sword was just a phantom. In the air, only a small bright object the size of a thumb floated.

The bright object spun quickly, generating wind. Soon, a new Storm Wind Monster was formed.

That thing was probably the core of the Storm Wind Monster, but it was wrapped by high-speed wind and could be shifted wherever it desired, making it extremely hard to hit.

Whrr. Without checking, Lu Shiqian’s shoulder was scraped by a sneak attack from a Storm Wind Monster. Her skin immediately broke and a large chunk was torn off.

Wei Mo was angry and worried, “Woman, can’t you be more careful?”

He lifted his sword and stabbed towards the Storm Wind Monster.

He forgot that they were now surrounded.

A monster slammed into him from behind. Even though he dodged quickly, a large chunk of skin was still scraped off. His back was instantly wet with blood.

“Water Eagle, defend. Phoenix Bird, heal.” Lu Shiqian quickly dashed over, pushing Wei Mo to the ground. The Water Eagle’s defensive ball wrapped the two up while the Phoenix Bird’s healing skill activated.

This guy was even less careful than her yet told her to be more careful! If she had been one step late, Wei Mo would’ve already gone to the Western Paradise! She became anxious and yelled, “You stupid pig!”

Flipping his body, Wei Mo’s face was turned from the ground to the sky, healing skills working on him.

“Hey, woman, are you caring for me?” Wei Mo’s silver hair was scattered and his face was slightly red. Yes, only slightly.

Lu Shiqian smacked him on the head, “Are you deranged?! I’m scolding you!”

Wei Mo quickly raised his face and angrily yelled, “Stupid woman, can’t you comfort me a little?!” Thinking that he accidently blurted out something he shouldn’t have, he changed his tune, “What are you riding on my waist for? Heavy like a pig!”

Lu Shiqian rubbed her nose and slowly got off. She couldn’t deny that she felt very distressed when he got hit. Whether it was the black-haired Wei Mo or silver-haired Wei Mo, she didn’t want either of them to get hurt.

The part of his waist where she was sitting on felt slightly numb. He glared at Lu Shiqian, “Can’t you hurry up?”

Ai, a man’s heart is like a needle in the sea! Lu Shiqian didn’t bicker with him.

The Storm Wind Monsters circled outside. Bai stood out.

Li Jing stood next to him, chilling next to the sturdy pine. However, not a single Storm Wind Monster attacked him.

All of the Storm Wind Monsters were the same: desperately attacking Lu Shiqian and Wei Mo.

“I have a way. Let’s rush out together later. You’re responsible for casting Thousand Mile Ice Field and trying to temporarily stall them. Can you do it?” Lu Shiqian solemnly asked.

Wei Mo’s silver hair flew, his confidence soaring, “No problem.”

“Okay, then now!”

Lu Shiqian rushed out first, Wei Mo’s Thousand Mile Ice Field following after.

Hundreds of Storm Wind Monsters were instantly frozen.

There were only three seconds, but there was much to do.

Lu Shiqian swung her sword horizontally, using Wind and Rain Intersecting, following with Gale Winds and Pounding Rain!

The two moves were practically used at the same time, with a difference of less than a second.

Wind and Rain Intersecting burst forward, slicing through the ice and revealing the bright core. Gale Winds and Pounding Rain then killed, smashing the cores to smithereens.

The tactics were feasible, the effects fruitful!

The two continued to work hard, using this method whenever they met the Storm Wind Monsters. They forged their way ahead and soon broke through the domain of the Storm Wind Monsters.

The wind cooled.

Lu Shiqian breathed out a sigh of relief and stretched lazily, and was suddenly caught in a comfortable embrace.

“Dumbo, you’ve worked hard. Let me hold you for a part of the way,” Bai warmly said.

He wanted to hug her all the time, kiss her every second. The thousands of years of loneliness no longer lingered after finding his warmth. He wanted to be with her forever.

Lu Shiqian blushed and nodded.

This guy was so in love that if she married him, would he be clamoring for OOXX every day? Thinking of this, Lu Shiqian’s face turned even redder. She sure loved to blush recently. Could it be something that’d happen when you fall in love?

Wei Mo was upset, venting his anger on Li Jing, “Damned old man, are you here to help or watch the show?”

Li Jing clutched his chest, “How tragic, how tragic! I’ve really failed as a teacher! The student ate vinegar but actually used me to vent!”

Wei Mo: “Shut up!”

The esteemed one deep within the forest stared closely at the four. Actually, it should be that he was carefully watching Lu Shiqian, his thoughts unknown.

“Bring them into the inner city,” he slowly said in his mellifluous voice.

There was a little anticipation, excitement, and impatience.

“Your Majesty, you’ve decided?” the subordinate asked with trepidation. Technically, the four had to pass through the levels one by one. There were still five levels before reaching the inner city.

“Those levels won’t be able to stop them. Do as I say.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The high-rise buildings quickly shuffled behind them like a mirage. Lu Shiqian felt like she was taking an elevator from the first floor to the tenth.

“In the inner city, the ones awaiting you are the Sky Enforcers. What will you all do?” the esteemed one placed a chess piece.

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