Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 208

“I can feel that my body is near.” Yi Mengji’s voice came from the bracelet.

A part of the Fallen Goddess Set was… here?

Thinking about it carefully, the possibility did exist. This was once her battlefield and where she fell, dividing the Fallen Goddess Set.

Lu Shiqian took out the crown and wore it in order to find the missing part even faster.

“Go to the right, then the left. Ah, it’s moving! Look up!” Yi Mengji shouted loudly.

Lu Shiqian raised her head and looked at the sky. At first sight, she was stunned.

At some point, the sky was densely packed with winged human monsters with two bird legs.

The one in the front was wearing the missing part of the Fallen Goddess Set. Strange patterns covered its body, even on its four wings.

They were staring fiercely at the trespassers!

They were the inner city’s enforcers, responsible for the safety of the king of the forest!

Their average star rank was 300 Stars!

“A large amount of my power is in my body. You have to be careful,” Yi Mengji warned.

Lu Shiqian nodded, “Now, there’s a big fight ahead of us!”

Li Jing smiled charmingly, “Count me in.”

The Sky Enforcers could be considered birdmen. They weren’t truly considered magic beasts, and their structure was more like the gear monsters and Storm Wind Monsters. The only difference was that they were wrapped in bird and human flesh. Their internals were made up of metal parts while their outside was flesh and blood! They weren’t afraid of hitting and falling, 300 Stars from the moment they were birthed. Their starting point was high and they were very powerful! However, their strength would be limited to the moment they were born for the rest of their lives, unable to grow by half a star.

The Magic Beast City— previously the City of the Gods—indeed had extraordinary aspects. The city had absorbed the highest achievements of the masters of that time. Even after being sealed and slumbering for the next 100,000 years, it could still function properly. Truly amazing! The city was also divided into three rings, a total of nine checkpoints. Back when the Continent of the Gods was still in contact with the rest, there would inevitably be some bad people mixed in. At that time, these checkpoints would come into play and either drive them out or kill them.

They didn’t need to rest. As long as they were motivated, they could work endlessly.

Their feathers were thick, attacks simply unable to penetrate their defenses. Their bodies were light and flexible thanks to the metal they were constructed with. Most importantly, they were definitely strong if they were 300 Stars!

A group of 300 Stars birdmen covering the sky could be considered terrifying!

It was time to pull out some real moves!

Lu Shiqian soul merged with the Violent Dragon, weapon merged with the Flaming Lion, and armor merged with the Water Eagle. The other magic beasts buffed the three while the Thorn Army staff revolved around her and the beast kings were ready to make an ambush. At this moment, she had dark blue hair and dark blue eyes, her whole body covered in a dark blue tone.

She was ready for battle!

Bai’s clothes flew, his eyes like stars, eyebrows like swords. He arrogantly and enchantingly stood barefoot in the air as he stared deeply at Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian felt his gaze and her confidence suddenly increased. She turned her head and smiled at him.

Seeing her smile, Bai also began smiling. Truly magnificent. His girl, his dumbo, understood him.

He looked up at the sky. If Dumbo could pass this stage, then he would give her a small gift. Hopefully, she would like it. There was an evil smile on his lips, yet it was endlessly alluring.

The king of the forest and his subordinates all shuddered inexplicably.

Three birdmen dove downwards. They were obviously testing the strength of the four. Just like the previous two times, they completely ignored Bai and didn’t attack him.

They had their own detection system. Even though Bai’s aura wasn’t exposed, they could detect a small trace of profound strength. Thus, they refused to attack him.

The three birdmen fired three poisonous arrows at the three!

The arrow came fiercely and the three hurriedly jumped away.

Even though they had detoxification and healing buffs, who wanted to be pierced by an arrow anyways?

The three birdmen saw that they dodged and adjusted their strength to a higher level. Poisonous arrows shot continuously. It turned out that they were able to continuously fire!

Lu Shiqian no longer hesitated, firing a Fire Dragon at the sky, burning through the poisonous arrows. At Lu Shiqian’s current rank, ten Fire Dragons shot out at once, their attack range not just ‘large’. The Fire Dragons swallowed the three birdmen, but only burned their feathers a little.

Who told them to be 300 Stars? It was only natural for them to be tougher.

After the flames dispersed, the green kitty leapt out. Its two claws touched and a halo was sent out. The three birdmen were instantly cut in half.

The cat smugly waved its eight tails, “What do cats do? Bully birds!”

The 500 Star kitty definitely had the ability.

It was now well-versed in the art of bullying, so of course it would bully the weak! Who told its master to bully it so badly back then? At the time, Master took advantage of all of its weaknesses to bully it. Ai, it was still Master that was advanced!

The four-winged birdman wearing the Fallen Goddess part waved its wings. Immediately, 500 birdmen left the team and attacked, firing balls of light at the three on the ground.

The 300 Star light balls were extremely powerful. The ground was bombarded with holes.

Lu Shiqian accurately avoided the attack and released the Battle Domain. Like a bullet, she rose from the ground, the sword mage from the weapon merge of the Flaming Lion striking out a Gale Winds and Pounding Rain! Her left hand fired the Violent Dragon’s skill Dragon Flame Wave!

The two sides collided, sparks shooting everywhere!

This tactic was also tried for the first time. Its power wasn’t ordinary.

However, the gap between her and her opponent was too big. This perfect attack only brought down a flurry of feathers. If she were God Rank right now, this move would definitely kill of this group of birdmen in seconds!

She instead laughed, her heart igniting with fervor. The more insurmountable the challenge, the more enjoyable it was, wasn’t it?

She… didn’t want to hide under Bai’s wings forever!

She… wanted to enter Bai’s world and help him, not just receive his help every time!

She… wanted to reach a stronger and more powerful realm!

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