Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 209

Gold, took form!

Fire, began burning!

Wood, started growing!

Earth, spun around!

Water, came into existence!

Thunder and lightning struck; wind blew and rain pounded; the clouds churned and stretched.

She, Lu Shiqian, was originally an abnormality that could use all five elements! Thus, it wasn’t much to turn a little more abnormal.

Gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, the origin of all things. Ahead and behind her, above and below, fire burned, wood condensed, soil covered, water washed away, and metal sharpened!

What kind of spectacular scene was this? What kind of shocking miracle was this?

Lu Shiqian slowly landed, “Living Domain!”

Lu Shiqian thrust her sword into the ground, “Ceasing Winds and Vanishing Rain!”

The typhoon that formed from the ground expanded out.

The poor birdmen had their wings cut off one after another and fell down. Even though they didn’t die, they lost their ability to fight.

Bai’s eyes grew deeper, a fascinating smile hanging on his lips. Dumbo surprised him again. Very good, he should pull her into his arms and kiss her. He did exactly as he wanted, his large hand pulling her thin waist and planting a deep kiss on those red lips.

At the same time, the king of the forest stood up before slowly sitting down again.

“Y-Y-Y-Your Majesty, she can use five elements…” Heavens, what could be more shocking than this?!

“No sh*t, we also saw it!” Their hearts were disturbed. Someone that could control all five elements actually appeared… That legend, was it true?

But she was still way too weak right now. Was it her, or was it not?

No man or beast could possess five elements, at max three. Every plane was like this. Long, long ago, before even the Grand Era of Magic, someone predicted that the child who controlled five elements would lead people to glory. People always contemplated: what did child mean? What did glory mean?

The planes were unrestricted, and the gods and demons were very powerful. Wasn’t that glorious? The Grand Era of Magic afterwards, wasn’t that glorious? Of course, this era was absolutely not glorious!

Wei Mo speechlessly pulled his mouth. She was one step further along the way of abnormality again! He glared bitterly at the birdmen in the sky, prepared to attack. He must grow stronger, or else he would definitely be thrown far away by her! The other him in this body may not care, but it was unbearable to him!

Li Jing tidied his clothes, smiling brightly, “Can’t let you steal all the limelight.”

The leading four-winged birdman shook its wings. With a cry, all of them swooped down!

Wei Mo activated his domain, the scarlet lotus expanding beneath his feet. The gentle, black-haired him had a white, guardian lotus. The ostentatious, silver-haired him had a bloody lotus. Two different lotuses, two different styles!

Wei Mo pushed the scarlet lotus to fly through the birdmen like lightning, utilizing the skills Bai taught him.

He had to admit that it was very useful.

The skills taught to him by Bai were eye-opening and incredibly domineering. Attack in order to defend, it was very suitable for the silver-haired Wei Mo. Holding a spirit grade weapon in his hand, Wei Mo was like a sword out of the sheath. His peach-blossom eyes contained a determination and strength that could not be ignored.

He stepped onto the lotus and his speed was startling. The lotus was able to automatically protect itself, thus, he wasn’t injured as he shuttled through the birdmen.

He slashed through them one by one, sometimes he had to tangle with a birdman for a while, but his confidence remained unchanged. He refined his skills and the time he took grew shorter.

Peach blossoms scattered, fragrance lingering.

Peach blossoms flew through the air, fluttering and chasing. A gorgeous landscape with soft peach blossoms and beautiful dreams.

No one would think that such a beautiful scene with these soft peach blossoms was a terrible killing weapon.

However, they truly were lethal, comparable to the sharpest weapon in the world.

“Falling Flowers Season— Chant.” Li Jing caught a few petals in his hand and kissed them.

Peach blossoms bloomed and fell, surrounding the thousands of birdmen. The colorful peach blossoms made for a beautiful scene. Even whilst killing, it was dazzlingly beautiful.

The peach blossoms cut off the birdmen’s feathers and dissected their wings as if they were elves dancing. Every movement was beautiful.

Li Jing’s body exuded a strong aura. Perhaps, this was what he actually looked like.

With a charming demeanor, killing amongst peach blossoms.

The thousands of birdmen were massacred!

Killed in a beautiful yet cruel moment!

It was only then that Lu Shiqian understood Li Jing on a deeper level. Wei Mo’s teacher was a God Rank powerhouse, but the strength he displayed was stunning.

In fact, other than this, she didn’t know Li Jing at all.

God Rank powerhouses had the power to massacre thousands of 300 Star birdmen at once?!

“I seem to have seen him somewhere before.” Yi Mengji muttered to herself, “Could it… Could it be him?!” She cried out in disbelief.

Lu Shiqian asked, “Who? Who’s ‘him’?”

Now it was big! If Yi Mengji knew him, didn’t that mean he was more than 100,000 years old?!

“No, it shouldn’t be possible. It can’t be him,” Yi Mengji kept muttering to herself, “But this aura… is really similar.”

“Who are you thinking of?” Lu Shiqian felt that she needed to know this.

“The Lord of the Capital of the Gods back then: The God King!” Speaking of this name, Yi Mengji had great hatred, “It was he who ordered the execution of my lover!”

Lu Shiqian looked Li Jing up and down. Looks like there were many abnormalities in this world. The one in front of her right now was one of them!

However, with his glamorous and devilish demeanor, was he truly the God King of the Grand Era of Magic? Doubtful!

“You’re looking at me so affectionately, did you fall in love with me?” Li Jing turned his head, smiling charmingly.

Lu Shiqian had a chill run down her spine. Surely not.

The four-winged birdman saw that they couldn’t gain victory through greater numbers and used the power of the Fallen Goddess part!

“Honestly, I’m not very happy seeing such beautiful equipment on a bird’s body.” Lu Shiqian told Yi Mengji.

Just as she finished speaking, a thick beam of light shot down!

Wherever the beam went, rocks shattered into dust. The building behind them was also shot and reduced to dust.

The destructive power was shocking!

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