Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 210

It could be imagined what kind of result there would be if this beam hit a person.

When Yi Mengji’s body shone back then to attack the powerhouses, it was a complete one-sided massacre. The Fallen Goddess Set was not only strong in offense but also top-class in defense. At that time, so many God Rank powerhouses’ attacks fell on her, yet did nothing to her.

How they were going to chop that four-winged birdman was a big problem.

Besides, as the leader, that four-winged birdman was higher than 350 Stars!

“Unexpectedly, after so many years, I’d see this move again.” Li Jing’s black hair fluttered, truly appearing like handsome young man, a great beauty.

Lu Shiqian pushed him aside, “Out of the way, he’s mine!”

She would be the one to take back Yi Mengji’s body!

Li Jing pointed at his nose, “Then what about me?”

Lu Shiqian glanced at the skyful of birdmen, “Those are yours.”

Li Jing was dissatisfied, “Why do I have to do physical labor?” Then, he smiled charmingly, “Unless, you give me a kiss.”

The corner of Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched, her dagger pressing against his face, “You better be obedient and stop haggling with me!”

Li Jing gave a sad expression, “Alright, you win.”

The peach blossoms flew. Wherever Li Jing pointed, they would float there.

“He… is different from back then.” Yi Mengji was a little confused.

“100,000 years is enough time for someone to change.” Lu Shiqian slowly said. When a person standing at the top discovered that they had no one else around them, they would either go crazy or change in the opposite direction.

If Li Jing was truly the God King…

“Master, I will help you.” The green cat expanded its body, “I’m not afraid of its attacks.”

The cat was originally created through the essence of countless magic stone hearts, 450 Stars at birth. It was extremely tough and not afraid of any attacks made through magic power. The fact that Lu Shiqian could conquer it that day was partly due to coincidence, laying many traps beforehand. Otherwise, with Lu Shiqian’s strength, she would not be able to defeat it. Furthermore, it hadn’t used the power of three of its tails then.

It was indeed important to contract the most powerful magic beasts at the critical moment!

“Alright, go.” Lu Shiqian swiped her hands, her gaze gradually growing firm, rushing towards the four-winged birdman in the sky!

The birdman looked disdainfully at Lu Shiqian. Beams of light shot down one by one. As long as she wasn’t hit, there wasn’t much danger.

Her sword danced, a Rising Winds and Scudding Clouds shooting forth!

Rising Winds and Scudding Clouds! Its attack was condensed and most suitable for attacking a single enemy!

The surging ripples of sword energy surged towards the birdman.

Immediately afterwards, a Dragon Flame Wave and Flame Cannon followed suit.

The birdman didn’t even move, allowing the light to hit its body. The light shattered and the fire was extinguished. It was completely unharmed— it didn’t even take a step back! Its defense was too high. The Fallen Goddess Set was truly extraordinary.

Lu Shiqian laughed, “It’s not over yet.”

The Battle Domain was brought out and Lu Shiqian shot out like a meteor towards the birdman. Her sword swung across horizontally: Wind and Rain Intersecting!

The birdman waved its wings to block the attack.

In its eyes, Lu Shiqian sure was weak, only a mere Rank 6 Archmage. In that era, she wouldn’t even have the qualifications to step into the city! It fired a row of beams at Lu Shiqian!

The kitty jumped in front of Lu Shiqian and easily blocked the attack. Its crystal-clear jade-like body glimmered. It bared its teeth in silent mockery.

Lu Shiqian patted the cat’s head, “It’s not over yet…”

She opened the Living Domain. Gold, wood, water, fire, earth birthed and mingled. Five giants punched at the birdman.

The powerful airflow made even the air under their feet vibrate!

Lu Shiqian leaped forward, pointing her sword at the birdman’s neck.

The Fallen Goddess part blocked her attack. The birdman flapped its wings, concentrating on Lu Shiqian. It was so powerful it directly sent her flying into the ground! Even the stone floor had a huge hole smashed into it!

“It’s not over yet…” Stone fragments flew, and Lu Shiqian shot into the sky like a bullet. The five giants of the Living Domain became ten, all of them smashing towards the birdman.

The attack was still blocked, but the birdman was knocked back a step!

Lu Shiqian was blown away by the birdman’s claws.

Time and time again, the Living Domain grew stronger and stronger, the giants changing from five to ten to fifteen… to one hundred! Every time she failed, she would grow a bit stronger!

“It’s not over yet…”

At the same time, the birdman retreated step after step, a hundred giants attacking at once. It finally began to dodge, but how could the giants let it go? They attacked together and the birdman was finally smashed to the floor.

“Hehe.” Lu Shiqian wiped off the blood on her face, her sword piercing straight down.

The birdman roared angrily and the Fallen Goddess part shot out beams of light, the largest of which fired at Lu Shiqian!

The kitty stretched and jumped in front of Lu Shiqian, blocking it.

“Thank you.” Lu Shiqian rubbed the cat and continued controlling the Living Domain.

Be explosive, punch as hard as you can, burn as brightly as you can!

Two hundred giants sent out fiery fists!

BOOOOOMMM! Waves of light rippled out and the place where the birdman fell had a large hole left behind. The Fallen Goddess part whooshed over.

Lu Shiqian grabbed the part and threw it into her interspatial bracelet.

“It didn’t use the power of the equipment properly.” Yi Mengji was dissatisfied, “Otherwise, it could exert five times the amount of power.”

The corner of Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched, “Hero, please spare me.”

Seeing the scenes of destruction, she knew that they had passed the level.

The birdmen were absorbed by the ground. They were too damaged and needed to be repaired.

In the depths of the forest, the lofty king placed a chess piece, “Mobilize the second and third levels of enforcement and attack at the same time.”

“Yes!” The subordinates didn’t hesitate this time and left immediately.

The average star rank of the second level of enforcement was 350 Stars, the leader 400 Stars. The average star rank of the third level was 400 Stars, their leader 450 Stars! They were the final attack force of the city, the trump card. 100,000 years ago, they had made great contributions to the city.

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