Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 211

The enforcers of the second level looked similar to elephants. The four tusks at their mouths could leave and make lock-on attacks. They were sturdy, their running creating an earthquake. At the same time, their long noses could be shrunk or elongated. Even though they look very clumsy due to their large size, they were fast and flexible. They were termed Elephant Soldiers.

The enforcers of the third level were yellow lion-like soldiers. They were adept at using earth elements to attack. The earth element was very stable, useful in both offense and defense. Their greatest advantage was infinite regeneration. That is, no matter how many times it was broken, they could be regenerated again. The time lapse wouldn’t exceed one second. It could be said that they were more full of vitality than weeds.

Elephant and Lion Soldiers rushed over and the city retreated on both sides, making way for the upcoming fierce battle.

Wei Mo’s silver hair fluttered, his blood-red eyes revealing a determined gaze. His hand held a spirit grade weapon while he stood on a scarlet lotus. Even though he wasn’t strong enough right now, he wanted to stand in front of Lu Shiqian, taking the first wave for her.

Li Jing loosened his hair and sighed slightly, “Ai, here it comes again. It really doesn’t cease.” Even though he said so, there was not the slightest disappointment or haggardness in his expression. He was instead vigorous, the fighting spirit in his heart lit by a certain woman.

Bai enwrapped Lu Shiqian, licking away the blood stains on her face, “Fight with confidence. I am by your side.”

Lu Shiqian bit Bai’s lips, “I will do my best!” There was the taste of her blood as she licked his tongue.

Bai smiled beguilingly, his eyes deepened, beautifully and intoxicatingly.

Lu Shiqian’s sword scratched the surface of the ground, “Pals, get ready, there’s a huge fight ahead of us!

“Kitty, soul merge. Violent Dragon, armor merge!”

Green hair fluttered through the air. This emerald-like hair carrying a translucent beauty was dazzling. The pale green eyes seemed to hide the most beautiful forest. Every time she borrowed her magic beasts’ powers, her beauty would increase by a level.

No one else could have so many faces and appearances. No one else could have such a rich sense of beauty.

She was not only beautiful, but also powerful!

The Elephant and Lion Soldiers didn’t hesitate at all. When they received their orders, they would not probe and instead gathered all of their power to directly attack.

Like a missile, the Lion Soldiers’ earth wall pushed over, thorns covering the ground.

Wei Mo took his sword and cut off an Elephant tusk, blocking the first attack for Lu Shiqian.

Li Jing twirled, throwing out countless peach blossom petals.

“Falling Flowers Season— Drifting Wind.”

The peach blossoms gathered together and pounced towards the Elephant and Lion Soldiers like a starved wolf. Like a broadsword, each slice would shave off a large chunk. Like a dancing snake, it crawled forth and smushed countless enemies… The peach blossoms fluttered about like a beautiful dream, gracefully killing the enemies.

Li Jing stood on the peach blossom petals with a sorrowful expression and ambiguous tone, “Aiyah, there’s not enough feeling of pleasure.”

Lu Shiqian’s sword made shallow marks on the ground.

“Battle Domain, Living Domain.”

That crazy human wanted to use two domains together!

Did she want to be even more abnormal than she already was?

Using a domain needed large amounts of magic power to sustain. To use two… Heavens, unless her body contained a self-producing and endlessly surging sea of magic power, she wouldn’t be able to do so. Alright, she did have such a thing in her body, 100 of them even…

Alright, she did have the right to be abnormal!

She even casted Fire Dragon while activating both domains at once! Alright, alright, she was even planning on creating an ice dragon!

Okay, she… was an abnormality.

Two hundred five element giants along with the arrogant Fire Dragon rushed forward, breaking through and making a large patch of emptiness, bringing a momentary silence.

Lu Shiqian seemed to enter a strange state. She felt like she had infinite power, and the more she fought, the more she had. All of her combat skills and experience transformed into one horizontal and one vertical line!

The collision of power and power in an almost barbaric fashion was unexpectedly intoxicating!

However, Lu Shiqian’s mind continued to calculate the enemies’ strength, the attack angle, and the most concise way to dispatch the enemy.

How could the 350-450 Stars Elephant and Lion Soldiers be so easy to deal with? Elephant Soldiers had thick skin and were agile. Unless you took them by surprise and attacked their vitals, it would be hard to even injure them. The Lion Soldiers were even more difficult to deal with, regenerating after being broken. They were simply impossible to destroy.

The limits of Lu Shiqian’s current strength was challenging 350 Stars. If it was a 1v1, the Life Domain may be able to take them. However, she was only a Rank 6 Archmage in the end and had more or less some restrictions. Given time, she may be able to use the Fire of Creation to oppose 400 Stars, but when fighting, even a second was considered a lot of time, who would give you time to dally?

Despite this, she wasn’t discouraged. Persist and break through your limits! She knew that this was a test, a chance. Only by surpassing her limits would there be great growth!

Li Jing’s Falling Flowers Season was very strong. The little peach blossoms were used like flowing clouds and water by him.

Was he truly that era’s God King?

He leisurely took attacks with peach blossoms and faced the majority of the enemies. He even had enough time to spare to fix his nails! He was so carefree others wanted to point and curse him. It was obvious that he was conserving strength.

This guy… Wasn’t he clamoring to have a hot-blooded battle earlier? This was his ‘enthusiastic’ attitude?

Lu Shiqian mind focused back on the fight. Her back was covered by Wei Mo. What they needed to do now was persist and not fall.

This was a tug-of-war. One side had large numbers and rotated attackers; the other party had scarce numbers and had to hold on.

This was a war of attrition. One side had endless amounts of energy to use, the other side consistently consumed physical, mental, and magic powers.

Lu Shiqian was okay. She had 100 magic seas and her mental power was abundant. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to contract that many magic beasts at once. Her physical strength was also far above the norm. What surprised her was that Wei Mo was able to last. Even though his legs were shaking, he continued to stand, waving the sword in his hand.

Time flew and night fell, but the battle continued.

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