Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 212

Li Jing smiled slightly, deliberately diverting a few enemies over to Lu Shiqian and Wei Mo, little by little.

Lu Shiqian substituted the green cat and soul merged with the Water Eagle. The kitty had profound strength, but it was still young and tired easily.

“Mommy, I can still go on.” The kitty protested softly.

Lu Shiqian comforted, “Be good, rest first and we’ll change to you later, okay?”

“Yes, Mommy.” The kitty obediently entered the magic beast space to rest.

When the kitty backed down, their attack power greatly decreased. The Water Eagle was good at defense and could hold on.

At this time, the Elephant and Lion Soldiers surrounding them had exceeded 50 and was now 53.

Lu Shiqian and Wei Mo were fatigued and exhausted, but continued to persist.

“Wei Mo, are you tired?” Lu Shiqian worriedly asked.

“Hmph, don’t forget, I have two souls!” Wei Mo arrogantly declared, but his voice shook slightly.

The Thorn Army staff hovered, the 77 beast kings assisting Lu Shiqian at full power from time to time and could defeat three or four enemies, and more than ten enemies with both the Battle Domain and Living Domain activated. Most of the time, they were in a defensive state.

Just like this, persevering on.

Half of the night passed, but the wind didn’t cease and the battle continued.

Their arms were sore, legs numb, and their eyelids were heavy. They had already fought for 16 continuous hours, and it was still ongoing!

Every minute and second was hard to endure; every minute and second won were victories.

The body was exhausted, but the brain was excited. The desire to become powerful was their greatest support!

Bai was both heartbroken and proud of his dumbo. His dumbo truly had a most dazzling soul. Thinking that he had raised her, thinking that her unyielding character was nurtured by him, thinking that she had become even more glorious and strong now, his heart was full of sweetness. Sweet, yet slightly bitter, because his dumbo would not belong only to him now.

But so what? She would grow to be a radiant sun, never making him lonely again, teaching him the taste of love.

“I will always stay by your side, so work hard, Dumbo…” Bai’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was filled with deep emotions.

Persevere. When the first rays of the sun appear tomorrow, the gift will be delivered.

Lu Shiqian’s body shook. She had heard these words thousands of times before. When she was bullied, when she was sad, when she was hurt… That handsome and seductive man always told her, “I will always stay by your side…”


“Yes, I know.” Lu Shiqian gave Bai a bright smile as her strength returned. Her hands no longer trembled and her feet remained firm on the ground.

After forcing back an Elephant Soldier, Lu Shiqian teased, “Wei Mo, are you going to fall before me?”

Wei Mo gritted his teeth, “Hmph, this great one is a God! I’ll never succumb!”

Sometimes, exciting a man was more effective than comforting him!

The two struggled to kill the enemy, not giving up.

Li Jing sighed, “Ai, this one also wants to fight back-to-back with her, but it’s a pity that this one is too strong and can only be the vanguard. Truly fate.”

A second had passed; a minute had passed; an hour had passed; a night had passed. When the first rays of sunlight shone down, the Elephant and Lion Soldiers retreated.

Lu Shiqian was startled. After confirming that they had truly left, she finally relaxed. Once she relaxed, she had no more energy to support herself and collapsed on the ground.

Bai moved quickly, his long arm taking her into his embrace.

Lying in Bai’s fragrant and stable arms, Lu Shiqian settled down.

“Be good, go sleep first. I’ll give you a present later,” Bai gently said.

Lu Shiqian was able to enjoy a generous treatment of lying in Bai’s arms, but Wei Mo wasn’t that lucky. The poor guy just disregarded both the heavens and the earth and fell asleep on the ground.

Come around again, why did those Elephant and Lion Soldiers suddenly retreat?

Bai held Lu Shiqian like a priceless treasure. He was graceful and domineering, hair like moonlight. He was a devilish and enchanting man. Holding Lu Shiqian, he walked step by step towards the place the king of the forest was sitting.

His Dumbo was too tired and needed a bed for a good rest.

Li Jing called out the red dragon in Wei Mo’s body and followed.

The red dragon gazed sympathetically at its master, throwing his sleeping master onto his back and following after.

At the top, there was a huge palace with 10 palace halls and over 3,000 palaces, 50,000 residences, and 30 storage rooms. It was where the king of the forest and his subordinates resided. The palace covered hundreds of thousands of square meters, and whatever treasures or luxuries you could imagine, it had.

The stone slabs beneath their feet were inlaid with magic stones; the patterns on the walls and pillars all pulsed with powerful magic power. The sculptures were large arrays, allowing people to both relax and increase their strength. The rare and exotic grasses were all considered normal here, hundreds of magic stones considered decorative objects… The murals on the walls narrated a magnificent tale. It truly was a paradise on earth!

Bai walked straight into the palace, not even glancing at the 450 Star magic beasts on the left and right.

They were the subordinates of the king.

The palace doors opened and sunlight shone on the throne, clearly illuminating a doll that was around one or two meters tall.

They only saw that he was wearing a gorgeous light purple robe, a purple gilded crown on his head. His 11 or 12 years old appearance, large purple eyes, small nose, and red little lips with two dimples would make others cry out in excitement.

Bai calmly looked at him. 600 Stars, his pedigree was alright: a tiny little purple-gold dragon.

However, this little guy was the king of the forest? The esteemed one with a deeply magnetic voice? It was really hard to accept!

Seeing Bai walk over, the little guy quickly gave up his throne.

He could be considered to have seen Bai’s strength. Even now, he had lingering fears.

At that time, there were still two hours until daybreak. He was celebrating the imminent victory with his subordinates with his magnetic voice. There was no choice, who told him to be young and be unable to control his subordinates with his soft voice?

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