Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 213

Ah, speaking of this, he wanted to sigh while looking up at the sky. He was obviously already 150,000 years, yet his body never grew. The more noble the lineage, the longer the growth cycle. He just felt that he was very unlucky, coming to this damned plane at that time, becoming a part of the tragedy that happened, and getting stuck here for the next 100,000 years! He was truly pitiful!

Who knew that before he could even drink some celebratory wine, Esteemed Bai would walk in without a second word?

Esteemed Bai said, “According to your crimes, execution isn’t impossible. However, I’ll give you a chance to reform: surrender to my little dumbo.”

Esteemed Bai pointed at Lu Shiqian in the large screen.

The little guy stared at Esteemed Bai on the screen, then at the Esteemed Bai in front of him, aggrievedly, “You’re only 570 Stars, I’m 600 Stars! Would I be afraid of you?” Yes, he still had many subordinates.

Bai raised an eyebrow, domineeringly stating, “Well, is that so?”

Ai, regretting one’s past deeds, regretting one’s past deeds. How could he so foolishly challenge Esteemed Bai’s majesty? Now, even if he borrowed courage from 100 people, he still wouldn’t dare to!

When he finished speaking, Esteemed Bai flashed over at a terrifying speed and strangled his small neck. He was just like a chicken hanging in Bai’s clutch. “The neck is really thin. Do you mind if I pinch it a little?”

The little guy immediately understood that Esteemed Bai’s strength wasn’t something he could imagine. Not only that, Esteemed Bai… was an utter black belly! If his neck was squeezed, would he even be alive?

“Try disagreeing again, hm? I won’t pursue it,” Bai carelessly said.

However, the sudden burst of power from his body made all the magic beasts shake.

The poor little guy, the poor magic beasts, how could they dare to oppose? Not one of them would believe that Esteemed Bai wouldn’t pursue it!

“Tomorrow when the sun rises, go obediently welcome my little dumbo. At that time, I will forgive you for your sins.” Bai slowly enunciated.

“Yes.” All the magic beasts said in unison.

How could there be such a… overpowered existence like Esteemed Bai in this world? Alright, he actually wanted to change the ‘overpowered’ into ‘abnormality’.

Bai sat on the throne, “Prepare water. I want to bathe.”

The little guy’s real name was Jun Zun, a purple-gold dragon from another plane. 100,000 years, he was playful and came to the Continent of the Gods for some fun. At that time, the demon race and the powerhouses of the Continent of the Gods were tangled in an incessant war. He found it amusing and ran to the most intense part of the battle, in other words, this palace, to enjoy the fun. As a result… the Continent of the Gods was sealed and he was never able to return.

Curiosity killed the dragon.

“Prepare water?” Jun Zun was stunned, glancing at Lu Shiqian in his embrace. He understood, “Do you need any servants?” There were still many female servants in the palace.

Bai coolly replied, “I’ll do it myself.” Of course, only he was allowed to touch and see his dumbo.

Jun Zun’s small face blushed. Even though he looked young, he was still an 100,000 years old ghost. He naturally knew certain things.

Thinking that the two would soon face each other frankly, the little guy suddenly felt an urge to bleed from his nose.

Having said that, he still quickly passed the orders down and prepared a large pool of water.

Li Jing who had followed behind pointed at himself, “Hey, what about me?”

No person paid attention to him, much less the magic beasts.

He did as he liked, casually and naturally as if he had arrived at his own house, taking his disciple with him to go rest with familiarity.

Petals floated on the surface of the water, fragrance spreading in the air. The water temperature was just right to relieve fatigue.

Lu Shiqian felt someone massaging her in her slumber. The strength was just right and very comfortable.

“Mm…” she hummed in enjoyment.

The big hand massaging her suddenly stopped and a feather seemed to touch her lips and made its way down. It was so itchy she burrowed into a certain person’s arms.

That was a warm and safe harbor. It was so addictive that she didn’t want to wake up.

“Dumbo, you’re the one that seduced me. You have to be responsible for making me go into heat.” A voice suppressing desire sounded beside her ear.

She felt her ears itch and muttered, “En.”

This was definitely welcoming with open arms! How could a certain person resist?

He held the cute person’s body, kissing from the eyes, nose, mouth, all the way down to the hand, arms, neck, collarbone… He didn’t let go of an inch, kissing, licking, and sucking. His body pressed tightly against hers, keeping the two in close contact.

Lu Shiqian felt both sleepy, itchy, and comfortable. In her dreams, someone seemed to tempt her with delicious food.

“En, I still… want to eat…” Lu Shiqian chased the delicious food and called out.

Bai’s eyes deepened, whispering into her ear, “As you wish.”

He picked up Lu Shiqian and evaporated the water drops on the two of them. Bai held Lu Shiqian and walked towards the gorgeous bed in the palace.

The moonlight-like hair fell to his feet. His perfect body, that perfect inverted triangle appeared in the steaming air. Skin more beautiful than jade and smoother than silk, those long and narrow eyes were exuding a strange gleam, making people involuntarily intoxicated. Bai’s lips were sucking on one of Lu Shiqian’s fingers.

He gently placed Lu Shiqian on the bed as if she were a fragile treasure, absolutely carefully and cherishingly handling her.

His original body flashed out from the magic beast space, and the two equally beautiful bodies quickly merged together. At this time, the stars beneath his feet were uncountable.

Even though the soul of that body was his and whatever he touched and felt was also his, he wanted to use his original body.

Creating a double was because he was helpless. He never wanted to use this method again.

He wanted to completely and perfectly embrace her!

The real body was naturally better!

He gracefully got into bed, pulling the cute person into his arms.

He had waited for thousands of years, so what if he waited this time too?

Despite the clamor and protest from his desires, he was able to control himself.

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