Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 214

In her sleep, Lu Shiqian felt some hard object pressing against her waist. Although it was a little uncomfortable, she felt like she was lying on silk blankets, sleeping soundly.

Five hours thus passed.

When she opened her eyes and fell into a certain someone’s deep eyes, she was slightly taken aback. When she found that she was trapped by a certain evildoer, she instantly blushed. Anyone that woke up and found themselves in such a situation would also turn red.

Someone refused to be obedient and lowered his head. Less than a centimeter from her lips, he hoarsely asked, “Dumbo, are you awake?”

In the past five hours, every second and minute was earned. He wanted her countless times, but still managed to endure. Shouldn’t he get a little revenge for his endurance?

He licked the other’s red lips before pressing them tightly.

Lu Shiqian remembered some fragments in a daze. She seemed to recall someone kissing her in her sleep and looked down. Heavens, a body of strawberries!

“Dumbo, are… you willing?” Even after living for so long, Bai was nervous when he asked: “Are you willing to be mine? I want to mate with you, are you willing?”

How could she answer this? Really, so explicit.

Bai’s eyes were burning, awaiting her answer.

Sometimes, Bai should be more euphemistic.

Lu Shiqian touched his enchanting face, “You should be asking right now: I love you. Do you love me?”

“Love?” Bai stroked the face of his beloved, “Love, very deeply, very much so, but this isn’t something so casually spoken. I will only say it once: Dumbo, I love you.”

Bai was an activist. No matter how much he loved her, he would only say it once. He would only use his actions to prove it time and time again to replace the words of love that could be easily spoken. Love, love very much, more than you think, so much so that those three words ‘I love you’ are far from expressing my love for you.

Lu Shiqian’s heart pounded, “I love you too.”

Perhaps she fell in love with him long ago.

A great sense of satisfaction rippled in Bai’s heart. His only wish was that in this lifetime, they would never part. It was her, his little dumbo, who filled the loneliness from his long life. How sweet, how blissful!

What else needed to be said? Bai sighed and kissed Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian responded to him, hugging the other’s powerful waist.

Bai was pleasantly surprised but didn’t change his bad intentions.

Lu Shiqian’s face immediately ripened. This guy… was so bad!

On the big bed, black and white hair intertwined with each other in a profound moment.

“Is it alright?” Bai’s deep voice asked.

“En…” Lu Shiqian nodded slightly. She heard that the first time would hurt.

The mortal world’s pleasure, ecstasy eroding into the bone, envy not the immortals but the mandarin ducks. That was probably talking about this feeling. The beginning and end of life combine to become a perfect circle. The harmony of the hearts, entanglement of the bodies, was so sacred and wonderful…

After so many years of waiting and searching, he finally found her. He no longer had any regrets…

As if karma had destined them three lifetimes ago, perhaps she and him had known and been searching for each other from long ago…

The moment they blended together, they both knew that the longing in their hearts grew into a blazing fire.

Never to leave each other, never to separate… Their ten fingers interlocked for as long as the world lasts…

Bai had her eight times, making her even more tired than after fighting a huge battle and fell asleep again. He then took her into his arms in satisfaction. Yet, this baddie remained in her body, refusing to come out.

Then, he had her many more times in the period between consciousness and unconsciousness. He didn’t let her out of bed until around 10 the next day.

The two spent almost an entire day in bed!

Bai was radiant, his energy bursting. Anyone who saw him could see that his mood was good— very good!

In contrast, Lu Shiqian’s situation was much worse. There were also the strawberries on her neck. Even if she drank gold medicine, she couldn’t get rid of it!

She could only find a high-collared outfit to cover those shameful traces.

The moment she came out, Li Jing stared at her with a carefree smile, making her exceedingly uncomfortable. But in retrospect, there was nothing to be ashamed about, so she returned Li Jing a look of contempt on rare occasion.

The little guy Jun Zun rushed over and stared at Lu Shiqian’s stomach, “Please let me be the child’s godfather!” His two small fists were clenched and his tone extremely serious.

The corners of Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched, holding the little guy’s collar, “Where did this hairless brat come from?”

Jun Zun clenched his small fists, “I’m not some hairless brat! I’m the handsome and elegant, people see, people love, flowers see, flowers bloom, cars see, cars carry, incomparably handsome big brother Jun Zun! I am the King of the Forest of Death! Of course, soon you will be my master! In the future, you will be my wife!”

Lu Shiqian’s face was full of black lines. She poked the other’s soft face, “Do you know what a wife is?” His adult teeth probably hadn’t even grown in yet.

The little guy’s face reddened. Hmph, don’t look at his young appearance, he knew quite a lot!

Wei Mo knew more or less how Lu Shiqian and Bai’s relationship advanced and felt a little lost. However, who was he, Wei Mo? Whatever he wanted, he would fight for. Even if he became drenched in blood, he would never back off!

He wasn’t that naïve black-haired boy! Who didn’t know how to get into bed?!

Bai held Lu Shiqian’s hand, not caring for others’ thoughts. As long as they had the patience to earn a place in Dumbo’s heart, as long as the number one in Dumbo’s heart was him, everything was fine!

“Stop blabbering nonsense, get over here and line up, prepare to be contracted.” Bai’s tone was naturally not too friendly.

Alright, he would admit. He was just a little jealous— very jealous.

His dumbo was just too cute.

The magic beasts trembled, none of them daring to disobey and stood over. Today’s Esteemed Bai seemed more unfathomable than usual. However, as to the contract, they had been yearning for it for quite a while. Being threatened by Bai was just an excuse, they were overjoyed in their hearts. The ability Lu Shiqian had would definitely capture any magic beast’s heart. Even if Esteemed Bai didn’t threaten them, they may be the one pestering her for a contract themselves one day.

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