Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 215

There were a total of 24,000 magic beasts around 400 to 500 Stars. The little Purple-Gold Dragon Jun Zun was 600 Stars.

Bai gently kissed Lu Shiqian, “This is your reward. These magic beasts… and this city.”

Such a considerate Bai was truly heart-warming. Lu Shiqian kissed his lips.

Bai’s vinegar all vanished, fully enjoying this kiss.

After kissing, Lu Shiqian began contracting the magic beasts.

As her rank rose, her magic seas also became larger. After contracting with all of the high star rank magic beasts, she only just became a Rank 7 High Mage.

At this time, Jun Zun became 600 Stars, and the other magic beasts were also promoted between 500-600 Stars.

As for Bai, his blood-colored advancement pattern covered the entire Forest of Death. No one had the courage to count just how many stars there were.

The kitten became 600 Stars. This guy had high talent, a good seedling!

The Elf Lord Tree became 550 Stars.

The Violent Dragon was 264 Stars, Five-Colored Elk 241 Stars, Water Eagle 236 Stars, Phoenix Bird 213 Stars, Flaming Lion 240 Stars, and the Rafflesia 224 Stars.

As for the 77 beast kings: the black dragon was 210 Stars, double-headed black tiger 190 Stars, and the rest were between 180 Stars to 200 Stars.

The Six-Headed Snake became seven-headed, 99 Stars; the Five-Headed Snake became six-headed, 80 Stars; the Four-Headed Snake became five-headed, 68 Stars. The Phantom Beast was 62 Stars, Sound Beasts 63 Stars, Lantern Antelope 63 Stars, Red-Tailed Leopard 68 Stars.

Poluo became 22 Stars, Yin 25 Stars, Hong Jin 29 Stars, Shui Se 30 Stars, Wang Cai 35 Stars, the white-winged unicorn 42 Stars.

The gap was huge. The higher the star rank, the faster they advanced.

However, the low star magic beasts weren’t discouraged. They deserved it, after all, they had worked hard since long ago and never stopped fighting! They must also continue to fight, relying on their own efforts to advance. That way, they can also grow faster during the next promotion!

After finishing contracting, Lu Shiqian formally took over the Forest of Death and that mysterious city. The outside of the city was covered with an energy shield, a magical shield that prevented anyone from leaving. It was exactly this shield that prevented the complete destruction of the city and outflow of magic power. However, its function was destroyed and only allowed others in but not out, trapping the poor Purple-Gold Dragon for 100,000 years.

There was a vast magic power net beneath the city. They provided energy, could initiate the defense system of the city to repel enemies, and also restart the city, making it function again. However, that wasn’t necessary at the moment.

There was a huge control center within the palace. As long as outsiders invaded, it could see from every angle. The little Purple-Gold Dragon also used this to monitor Lu Shiqian and the others.

Of course, there were many other functions that were broken during that incident.

With the Fire of Creation and the legacy from the God of Creation, Lu Shiqian comprehended these things with great speed. It only took three days for her to understand the principle and structure behind it. Additionally, she also repaired the energy shield and didn’t allow any humans in, but magic beasts could freely enter and exit. However, they were strictly prohibited from harming the humans outside. She restored the destroyed functions and improved the defensive mechanisms at each level.

The City of the Gods slowly regained its former glory in her hands.

She only had one remaining question: “Many magic beasts in the forest seem to be demonized. What happened?”

The little dragon Jun Zun pointed upwards, “The son of the devil is trapped above here. The breath he exhales demonizes the magic beasts of the forest.”

Speaking of it, that guy was also unlucky. At the beginning, he personally led the demons to siege the city, but then was dispatched by that black-clad powerhouse. Ever since then, he was also left behind. Ah, poor guy, poor guy.

Son of the devil? Okay, we’ll go see him tomorrow.

Bai enwrapped Lu Shiqian. This diligent dumbo had been busy day and night these past few days, leaving no time to OOXX with him. He was very unsatisfied.

He brought her to the room and took off her clothes. Seeing the butterfly mark under Dumbo’s collarbone, he didn’t have much reaction the first time, much less now. He loved everything about Dumbo, no matter what it was.

Affections and touching tangled, the two were eager for the other. The room was full of the color of spring.

The grandest palace of the Grand Era of Magic, the residence of the God King, the holy place of the powerhouses, it would be strange if there was nothing good. Under Li Jing’s guidance, Lu Shiqian unearthed a bunch of magic beast cores from some chest. They were more than 500 Stars and all kinds of attributes were present. The energy was good and bloodline pure. She had deep feelings for the magic beasts that followed her and naturally hoped that they could advanced faster. These 500 Star magic beast cores could purify and improve their blood, just like the Basket Vine Poluo.

However, how did Li Jing know that there were high-quality magic beast cores here? Looking at his familiar manner, this didn’t seem to be the first or second time he came here.

Lu Shiqian’s eyes were like x-rays sweeping back and forth on Li Jing. His identity was suspicious, too suspicious!

“Just who are you?” Lu Shiqian asked in curiosity.

Li Jing swept over like the wind, whispering next to Lu Shiqian’s ear, “If I said I was the former God King, the previous master, would you believe it?”

Her ears itched and she clenched her fists, kicking out with her feet. This devil!

Li Jing let go and clutched his heart, “Aiyah, one’s good intentions were thrown underneath someone else’s feet and trampled upon. How distressing.”

The corners of Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched, holding the box and turned to go.

Bai was still better, sticky and affectionate… Lu Shiqian blushed slightly.

After Li Jing sent Lu Shiqian out, shadows spread out behind him. Was it easy to meet an interesting person? How could he give up so easily? He had time and patience. This world was too boring, and living even more so. The time when he was the God King was as such, and all of his subordinates had their nose turned towards the sky, arrogant and self-satisfied. How utterly boring.

He had many dreams. He wanted someone to overthrow that decadent system; he wanted chaos, best if someone pointed their sword at him and fought to the death. That ended up giving birth to a Yi Mengji, who led the demons to attack him. How excited he was at the time… 100,000 years later, he seemed to find something new that excited him on Lu Shiqian, a place that was fun. Perhaps it had nothing to do with battle, but with the heart…

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