Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 216

Lu Shiqian felt her spine running cold, as if she were being schemed against.

Bai’s warm and broad chest immediately pressed against Lu Shiqian, making her relaxed again.

After Yin, Hong Jin, Shui Se, and the white-winged unicorn knew that Lu Shiqian was going to improve their quality, all of them were so happy they didn’t know what to do. They stood nervously on the side, looking forward to it.

Lu Shiqian narrowed her eyes and used the Fire of Creation to purify the magic beast cores, giving it to the attributes of the four respectively.

She gave Yin the Wind-Lightning Beast’s core. After the quality improvement, Yin’s ears became sharper, his body smoother and lightning patterns covered his silver coat. There were small white clouds under his feet.

Hong Jin received the Fire Dragon’s core. After the quality improvement, Hong Jin’s two-pronged tail became three-pronged, red fur a brighter red. His eyes shone, overall appearing even cuter. A little red fox spitting out dragon fire was quite a funny sight.

Shui Se received the Poison Dragon’s core. After the quality improvement, Shui Se’s grew another tail for a total of two. His claws became strong and powerful, and his poison abilities strengthened.

The two-winged white unicorn was given the Blood Qilin’s core. After the quality improvement, the white unicorn tread on auspicious clouds, two extra horns on its head. Its eyes grew gentler.

The magic beasts looked at each other, quite satisfied with their new appearances. After fusing with the magic beast core, they could grow to a minimum of 500 Stars.

As for Wang Cai, his growth potential was already high. After being improved by Lu Shiqian a couple times, he became even more extraordinary.

It was still early after wrapping up this task, so Lu Shiqian took the little purple dragon and went to see that so-called ‘son of the devil’. The Demon Plane, the son of the Demon King, the commander of the army of demons that attacked the Continent of the Gods!

Now this City of the Gods was hers. Since there was such an untimed bomb planted here, if they didn’t control it in time, it could bring about great destruction. She heard the little purple dragon Jun Zun say that the son of the devil was very powerful. In fact, it wasn’t easy for him to admit that an opponent was better than him. If they weren’t much more powerful than him, he would definitely find thousands of ways to demean the other and raise all kinds of unwarranted charges. For example, the cute little green kitty was thus termed by him: shameless naked cat. Of course, the green kitty wasn’t to be easily provoked. As the little kitty deemed the purple dragon: disgusting snake that hasn’t even grown in a set of teeth.

Bai didn’t follow. The past few weeks, he was full of the color of spring, dazzling and unbound. Especially yesterday. Lu Shiqian was on top and he was beneath, making him go even more crazy. Now, he was still in bed reminiscing yesterday’s events.

Silver hair more beautiful than moonlight scattered on the bed as he propped up his head with his hand. After these days of passion, Bai became even more wickedly handsome. The combination of magic beast and contracted master had the effect of washing the marrows and consolidating the bones. Both sides gained great benefits. Dumbo probably hadn’t found the changes to her body yet.

Dumbo, the kitty, and the little purple dragon should be able to resist that brat.

What he needed to think about now was if she got injured, then he would have to punish her thoroughly tonight— him above she below. If she wasn’t injured, then he’ll reward her well— she above him below. Alright, then it’s decided.

Bai smiled evilly, his beauty making even the heavens and earth pale in comparison.

The poor Lu Shiqian had no idea what Bai was plotting. She was currently walking on the floating stone slab into the clouds, towards that ‘brat’ as Bai called.

The clouds floated about, an occasional black-red light shining through. A burst of rich demonic aura spread out, pressuring them.

Above the clouds was a 3,000 mile platform. As they approached, they heard tremors and rumbles. There was a fight, an especially fierce one at that!

“Isn’t he the only one above?” Lu Shiqian asked.

“Don’t mention it. That lunatic calls the demons, dead magic beasts, and dead God Rank humans to fight.” The little purple dragon Jun Zun came up a few times before and was almost chopped in half by that madman every time.

“Oh?” Lu Shiqian patted the kitty’s head.

She was growing more and more curious about that son of the devil.

When they walked onto the platform, they saw an astounding scene: all kinds of frightening magic beasts, evil demons, God Rank powerhouses whose appearance couldn’t be made out anymore exuded a strong pressure, attacking a single man in the middle. Speaking of which, these magic beasts, demons, and powerhouses were quite unlucky, dying over and over again, then being forcefully awakened again. After being eroded by demonic energy, they all turned exceedingly terrifying. Any one of these would definitely be able to create a huge catastrophe if they escaped.

These unbearably horrifying undead existences were undoubtedly monsters.

And these monsters surrounded a man, that son of the devil. He used an extremely powerful power to slay each of these crazy monsters one by one!

Sure enough, he was a devil. The style was just that unique.

“Fighting with your subordinates every day, what kind of progress can you make?” Lu Shiqian openly asked. Her voice wasn’t loud, but it was just enough to reach his ears.

The wind immediately stopped and the clouds quickly drifted away. That man raised a hand, beating the monsters into dust. Anyways, as long as there was a need, he could awaken them at any time. He walked step by step towards Lu Shiqian.

The little purple dragon Jun Zun secretly gulped. Master was really crazy. He furtively blocked Lu Shiqian. Even if he couldn’t beat the son of the devil, if he could protect Master, that was good enough.

The kitty also jumped onto the ground, preparing for battle.

The wind started again, and the man’s face also grew clearer.

He looked around 20 years old, one of his eyes black and one red. His black eye revealed the urge to fight; his red eye was filled with bloody killing intent. His hair was also black and red, growing to his waist. On his head, there were two beautifully shaped horns. He wore three crystal rings on his right foot, each ring a weapon. His lips were purple like toxic petals. His face, without mentioning his heterochromatic eyes and wild and cold aura, was extremely beautiful. However, anyone who saw him wouldn’t pay attention to this point. His aura was too strong, too overpowering. He wore black armor and held a black sword in his hand as he oppressively walked towards Lu Shiqian.

“How… to… make progress?” He hadn’t spoken for too long and his voice was low and hoarse.

“Of course it’s to fight with other people, people that are stronger than you.” Lu Shiqian said.

The eyes of the son of the devil passed over Lu Shiqian to the little purple dragon. He frowned— still too weak.

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