Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 217

Lu Shiqian spoke without fearing death, “You can fight me.”

The son of the devil was expressionless, “You… are not qualified.” What he pursued was battle, the ultimate fight. It was an endless path of killing. The woman in front of him was weaker than an ant.

Lu Shiqian drew out her spirit grade sword, opening her Battle Domain and slashing at the son of the devil without warning.

The little purple dragon’s mouth made an ‘O’ shape. Master was too OP!

The son of the devil pointed a finger and flicked slightly. The poor Lu Shiqian was flicked over 50 meters away, rolling several times before stopping. Needless to say, she broke some bones!

Swallowing down a bottle of gold medicine, Lu Shiqian vigorously climbed up, three moves of the Heavenly Swinging Sword dishing out.

“It’s useless…” The son of the devil flashed in front of her, flicked his finger, and sent her flying more than 60 meters away.

Without a further word, drink medicine. Lu Shiqian got up and laughed coldly a few times, “Jun Zun, soul merge. Kitty, armor merge.”

Purple hair and purple eyes, a majestic dragon tail swaying; green armor like jade radiated.

The face of the son of the devil remained unchanged, cold as ice. However, this time, he acted first, sending a fist towards Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian activated the Living Domain, hundreds of giants’ punches meeting his one. She shook her dragon tail, moving erratically. The aftermath of the punch hit her from behind, creating shockwaves.

“Let… me have fun… Or else, I’ll… kill you.” The son of the devil jumped up and stomped his foot.

Lu Shiqian took several steps back, avoiding the frontal attack, but the shockwave still hurt her.

Seeing another punch coming from him, Lu Shiqian quickly casted Fire Dragon and rolled to evade the blow.

Immediately afterwards, the purple dragon’s Purple Thunder Burst and kitty’s Vacuum Wave was all blocked by him. Lu Shiqian released an ice spell as a distraction and escaped the platform. The opponent was too strong, she can’t just wait for her death.

The son of the devil was stunned, not expecting Lu Shiqian to run. Then, his face sank. That woman… probably was scared and won’t come again.

The battered and bruised Lu Shiqian, after returning, was dragged by Bai onto the bed, kissed and XXOO before speaking. The two exchanged their breaths and Lu Shiqian’s injuries recovered quickly.

“There is still a way to deal with him,” Bai licked Lu Shiqian’s ear.

Lu Shiqian felt itchy and her head was dazed, “Deal with who? What way?”

Bai seductively stroked Lu Shiqian’s lips, “Who beat you up so badly?”

Lu Shiqian was overjoyed. If Bai was willing to make a move, that was of course for the best. She held his hand and excitedly asked, “What way?”

Bai laughed wickedly, pulling down his dumbo and kissing her lips. Spring was again flourished.

Bai was teaching her just like in the past, except the teaching method had changed.

The next day, when Lu Shiqian stepped onto the platform, the son of the devil was fighting with the terrifying monsters again.

“Yo, handsome, you’re quite energetic.” Lu Shiqian raised her sword and charged. Her hair and eyes were purple, armor green.

It was a pity that the son of the devil was very cold, his expression never changing. He spat out a line, “Come… to die?”

Lu Shiqian waved her hands, “Peipei, speaking about death so early in the morning, how ominous. I’m here to challenge.” Before her words finished, the Living Domain opened and four moves of the Heavenly Swinging Sword were sent out.

The son of the devil knocked back the various monsters and kicked forward.

However, Lu Shiqian’s move was a decoy. She hid in the Battle Domain after opening the Living Domain, her dagger waving forward.

What Bai taught her was that there could never be too much deception in war, one move hiding the next.

It was certain that she was to be defeated, but Lu Shiqian relied on that trick to extend the fighting time.

After going back, Bai’s training was inescapable and he told her another method.

The following day, Lu Shiqian once again challenged the son of the devil. It went back and forth in this way.

Every time, Lu Shiqian would be beaten tragically only to go back and be worked some more. Amongst them, the one who did the most was Bai, gently caressing her every day… Sure enough, it was a miracle cure, taking care of the outer appearance and shaping the body… Even her breasts grew a lot bigger…

And the son of the devil also found that even though this woman wasn’t strong, she could come up with a plethora of tricks. She could always seem to think of clever methods with unpredictably tricky angles. Or, she would use a variety of magic beast skills to match his punches and kicks. Furthermore, she made amazing progress. He showed his strength little by little and she quickly made adjustments… Even though she would be beaten very miserably by him every time, she was always smiling when they met the next day.

Unknowingly, a month passed, two months passed. He even looked forward to seeing her every day and hear her call out, “Hey, handsome!”

Lu Shiqian worked very hard, treasuring this opportunity. In the evenings, she would learn the Heavenly Swinging Sword and tricks Bai taught her (Of course, Bai was a good teacher. It’s just that his teaching process was face reddening.) During the day, she would go challenge. Her progress was rapid.

Time flew and a year had passed.

One year flew by and Lu Shiqian turned 17.

Even though Lu Shiqian was still Rank 7, her combat experience was extremely rich.

Poluo became 25 Stars, Yin 30 Stars, Hong Jin 36 Stars, Shui Se 40 Stars, Wang Cai 46 Stars, the white-winged unicorn 50 Stars. They used their own power to advance 5-10 stars and could be considered to have worked very hard.

Bai held Lu Shiqian, “Today, I will give you a task. Bring that kid above down.”


“Be good.” Bai kissed her lips.

Lu Shiqian lowered her eyes and nodded.

Stepping onto the platform, Lu Shiqian smiled and called out to the son of the devil, “Hey…”

“Shang, I’m called Shang.” Shang finally couldn’t endure and his cold face slightly cracked.

“Alright. Hey, Shang!” Lu Shiqian was a little confused. This ice cube smiled?

After the fierce battle, Lu Shiqian tentatively asked, “Are you willing… uh, to follow me down?”

There was a drumming in her heart. The task Bai gave her was quite hard.

“Sure.” Shang coldly declared. Leaving aside Lu Shiqian, he stepped down himself. He didn’t leave before because this was a great practice arena. Now, he was willing to go down because he found a good opponent. Perhaps there were other reasons, but he didn’t think too much about it.

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