Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 218

“Uh…” Lu Shiqian didn’t expect him to agree so quickly and chased up to him, “Why are you willing to leave with me?”

“I need to kill you,” Shang coldly answered.

Lu Shiqian’s lips twitched. If he wanted to kill her, he would’ve done so way earlier, alright? She very cleverly didn’t break through his lie, “Yes, yes. If you follow me, you might discover an endless train of opponents.”

“…” Shang said nothing.

Seeing Bai, Shang took a step back, estimating the opponent’s strength. After discovering that he could never beat Bai, he coolly stepped aside and went to practice his sword. He wasn’t a certain person that would continuously rush up again and again like a fool against someone he can’t beat.

Bai smiled mysteriously and didn’t say anything, embracing Lu Shiqian and taking her to bathe.

He had stayed with Dumbo for a whole year. This year was the happiest time of his life. He thought that if he wanted such bliss in the future, he would have to recover his strength. He already detected where the power that was sealed away was located— it was actually on this plane’s Deceiving Sea. In addition, the enemy would probably soon discover this sealed continent. It was best if he didn’t reveal his presence. Otherwise, Dumbo’s life would be endangered.

Today would be their last night together, perhaps they wouldn’t enjoy such joy for the next few years, but it was fine.

“You can recuperate in peace. I will be fine.” Lu Shiqian smiled charmingly. A beauty and an unparalleled smile.

Bai felt choked, his heart filling with warmth. His Dumbo truly understood him.

“Today, for a whole night, I will be on top.” Lu Shiqian smiled enchantingly.

Bai’s lower body tightened, his eyes deepening. He picked up Lu Shiqian and walked towards the big bed.

Before he touched the surface of the bed, Bai’s face sank and he quickly took out a silver-white robe to cover Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian curiously looked at the bed and almost went crazy with laughter when she saw.

They saw the little purple dragon lying on the bed, his little face blushing as he struggled to make a seductive posture. His clothes revealed a large half of his body and his small chest. His purple hair scattered messily about the bed. He gave what he thought was a seductive and alluring gaze at Lu Shiqian, saying, “Master, desire me.”

“Bai, did you teach this?” Lu Shiqian thought she was going to choke on her laughter.

Bai’s face darkened and grabbed the little purple dragon by the throat and changed him into a meteor.

Lu Shiqian laughed, “Bai, you’re jealous.”

Bai’s long and narrow eyes locked on Lu Shiqian, evilly teasing: “You seem quite happy, Dumbo.”

Lu Shiqian immediately turned bitter. Why was she always taking the short end of the stick?

“Looks like I wasn’t able to satisfy you well, making you desire another?” Bai raised an eyebrow and asked. This expression was extremely wicked.

“I was wrong. I was wrong!” Lu Shiqian raised her hands in surrender.

“It’s too late, Dumbo.” His clothes slipped off, and Bai’s slender and powerful body was exposed. Placing the woman in his embrace on the bed, Bai’s hot lips pressed forward.

Swimming through heaven, the two were like two happy fish or two entangling clouds. This life was determined to contain endless happiness, accompanying each other hand in hand forever.

Five months earlier, the Qin Empire, Song Empire, and Qi Empire— these three superpowers— were all spreading a rumor and embroiled the continent for about a year. It had only cooled down recently and replaced by other exciting things. That rumor was related to Lu Shiqian. A year ago, the General of the Thorn Army that rose to fame in the Qin Empire was assassinated by the top power in the Song Empire. A few days later, people discovered her body in a nearby river. The Qin Emperor was devastated and the entire country went into mourning. Everyone regretted that such a talent’s life was like short-blooming fireworks, disappearing quickly…

Of course, this was something that passed, a once-hot topic. The world losing a person wasn’t a big deal. People were dying every day; there were big things happening every day. People sighed at best and shifted their attention to somewhere else. For example, the hottest topic recently was about the 19 year old Son of Light entering Saint Rank earlier this year, becoming the well-deserved peerless genius, causing heated discussions amongst the people. Second only to Shuang Ruyue was the Son of Darkness, Dan Feiyang, also reaching Saint Rank this year, attracting many believers. There was also the God of War Qin Xingluo who was successfully crowned as king. However, his temper became strange, fierce and hard-handed, especially hating people of the Song Empire… Of course, there were also some trivial rumors about adultery and stealing and the like. The sources of information were wide-spread.

Once a large national affair appears, or some celebrity’s love life was revealed, it wouldn’t take long for it to spread through the streets and alleys. The flow of information was so fast people wouldn’t be able to imagine it. Also, the thing that spread this information, was naturally the brick phone!

The brick phone, Master Sikong Yun’s proud invention, the greatest creation of the century!

This thing had undoubtedly improved people’s living standards. People who were thousands of miles away could use it to connect. Furthermore, after buying it, they only to use a little bit of spare change to prepare a magic communication card to make worry-free calls.

As soon as this strange communication device came out, major businesses sought to gain a monopoly. However, Master Sikong Yun sold the monopoly right to West County’s Chinese Restaurant and magic beast store run by Tie Mu along with his nine beautiful men subordinates. Tie Mu, whose business acumen exceeded that of average people divided the personnel into five groups. Each group was only responsible for making some components of the brick phone, then assembling using the newly trained personnel, forming an efficient production line. Master Sikong Yun was also invited to West County to ensure the quality of these brick phones.

The brick phone had just entered the market when it ushered in a frenzy. At the beginning, this thing could only be purchased by relatives of the royal family since demand far outstripped supply. Later on, big merchants bought them, then ordinary nobles… Now, most wealthy families were proud of having a brick phone. The kind of pride when they would speak with their brick phone against their ear was something others wouldn’t understand.

As the brick phone’s sole seller, the money gathered in Tie Mu’s hands gathered to a terrifying amount. Not only that, the Chinese Restaurant had already opened branch restaurants, the magic beast stores getting on the right track, making his financial resources even larger.

Now, Tie Mu and the other nine men of equal ability was already a big boss in the business world. How many businessmen wanted to marry their daughters to them? However, they were unmoved. They continued to work hard. All of the money they earned, other than those to expand operations, were transferred to a magic crystal card that wasn’t theirs. They vowed to make their master the richest person in the world!

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