Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 219

Tie Mu’s back was turned to the window. He had just finished his official business and was drinking a glass of red wine with his head down.

There was no expression on his handsome face, very placid. Even though he had just completed a day of intensive work, he was still in good condition. Demigods were still much stronger than humans!

The room was large and there were nine men inside, sitting or lying down, each with their own style.

The room was silent.

“It’s been a year. A year without any news from Master…” Someone’s sigh broke the silence.

“I believe that Master’s still alive. Perhaps she would come back someday,” a man firmly stated.

“Yes, she will be fine.” Another man declared.

The ten beautiful men were the type that could make girls swoon over them at parties. In their hearts, there was only a single person: their master, Lu Shiqian!

Ever since she rescued them from their nightmare and humiliation and gave them a new life, they decided that they were their master’s! Although their bodies were dirty, their souls belonged to her!

Other than managing the stores, their only interest was collecting any information about their master, even if it was just some small scraps. They learned that their master was only a ridiculous waste in the beginning, a fool who went crazy for love. They believed that their master was merely pretending to be stupid. Their master was an outstandingly elegant and intelligent woman. The look and strength all proved this. The most interesting thing was when Lu Ningxiao was almost assassinated, and those things when Master arrived at the capital to counterattack. How exciting it all was…

They were waiting— waiting for her return.

The Lu family’s ancestral home was cleaned up by them, planted with grass and flowers, very beautiful.

They were only missing their master’s instructions.

“I’m back!” A mellifluous voice spread came from the house.

Tie Mu’s body trembled, the red wine in his glass spilling onto the floor.

The other nine men looked at each other, disbelief in their eyes.

Without hesitation, they ran towards the door. Then, fearing that they were running too quickly, they stabilized themselves. When they rushed to the door, the ten tidied their hair and clothes, only then shakenly opening the door.

What entered their sight was a magnificent beauty: eyes shining like stars, hair black like night, skin brighter than pearls, and bright red lips. Of course, compared to her beauty, her charisma was even more amazing. She was like a peerless sword in its sheath, an ice lotus in the snow. She was also like a passionate volcano that hadn’t erupted yet. Of course, she was also a charming fairy. She was wearing a set of plain blue-green clothes, but it couldn’t conceal her beauty!

She held a small kitten in her arms, a red fox squatting on her shoulder, a large silver dog to her left, and a fat and cute creature that looked like a dragon to her right.

A beautiful child wearing a purple-gold crown followed closely behind her, an extremely scary black-clad man standing beside him. Behind them was a young man with a warm temperament and a charming man.

Each one of these four men were dragons and phoenixes amongst people. Each one had an extraordinary aura!

When they stood with their master, it created a wonderful and harmonious scene!

The ten men felt a bit sour in their hearts. Compared to these four, they weren’t anything!

However, however, as long as Master came back, anything was good! As long as Master came back, everything was good!

Tie Mu bowed his waist and greeted, “Eldest Young Miss, welcome back.” He still remembered what Master ordered them, to call her ‘Eldest Young Miss’.

“Eldest Young Miss, welcome back.” The other nine greeted together.

Lu Shiqian smiled slightly. On the way here, she naturally heard quite a bit about Tie Mu and the others. She sincerely thanked, “Thank you all.”

The ten were flattered and also felt sweet. Master didn’t forget about them.

“Tsk, tsk, your luck with men isn’t small. Why don’t you accept me too?” Li Jing came up like a water snake, charmingly seducing.

Shang coolly took a step forward, drawing his sword and slashing. A terrifying wave suddenly cut a 10 meters deep and 40 meters wide big hole in front of the residence. Fortunately, it was night. Otherwise, who knew how shocked others would be when they saw.

Shang and Li Jing found each other disagreeable, the two fighting countless times in the Forest of Death. They were equal each time, neither gaining the upper hand.

Lu Shiqian was relaxed and seemed natural, standing between the two. Her meaning was clear: if the two wanted to fight again, then they would need to step over her dead body.

Shang’s face was icy as he coolly sheathed his sword. For some reason, he could indifferently lay waste to a million, but he just couldn’t bring himself to harm Lu Shiqian.

Li Jing smiled charmingly, his expression placid as he tidied his clothes and stood to the side. Aiyaya, there were many chances anyways. If you can’t steal the fragrance the first time, there was still next time and the next next time…

The ten men were demigods either way and were much more knowledgeable than ordinary people. However, the sword just now was too frightening. They immediately cleared their mind and ordered people to fill the hole.

They filed in and the old housekeeper Fu Bo and the others cleaned up the rooms and prepared the meals.

After a lively dinner, Lu Shiqian retired to her room to first sort through her thoughts and then sank into her subconscious to learn the Heavenly Swinging Sword.

After studying, Lu Shiqian opened her eyes and saw the little purple dragon Jun Zun lying on the bed in a disheveled manner. Seeing her look at him, he immediately exclaimed, “Master, if you feel the loneliness is unbearable, then please ask for me!”

The corners of Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched and she picked up the little guy, “Child, did your head get smashed or get kicked by a donkey?”

This little thing wanted to seduce her?

Jun Zun squeezed his small fist, “Master, I’m already 150,000 years old. I’m not a child!”

Lu Shiqian pulled his face. It was round and felt very good, “Be good, children should act like children.”

Jun Zun hugged Lu Shiqian’s legs, blinking his beautiful eyes and acting cute: “I want to sleep with you tonight.” His chubby hands felt her legs, it was so smooth.

Frowning, Lu Shiqian raised her hands and threw the little purple dragon out like a meteor.

In the middle of the night, a heavy object pressed on, exhaling, “Beauty, are you lonely? Shall I accompany you?”

What the heck! Was all of this planned?

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