Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 220

Don’t care about that much! Lift your leg and kick!

The person seemed to have expected it, holding down her foot and hugging Lu Shiqian. Warm and fragrant, it felt quite good.

Lu Shiqian’s eyes suddenly turned cold, her dagger jerking forward.

Li Jing clasped her wrist, the cold dagger tip just a single millimeter from his chest. The green on the dagger indicated that it was poisoned.

Li Jing licked the dagger in a charming manner, smiling, “You’re sure cold-hearted.”

Lu Shiqian smiled coldly, “Did you come to crawl into bed? Never saw you being so bold when Bai was here.”

Li Jing seemed to be hurt, crying, “You know that I can’t beat him.”

Lu Shiqian was taken aback, “You’re sure honest.”

Li Jing charmingly replied, “I’m always honest.”

“Just what do you want?” She always felt that this person had complicated thoughts and his actions were unpredictable.

“The night is long and lonely, how about the two of us roll in the sheets together?” Li Jing half true and half falsely said.

Lu Shiqian: “Scram!” If he still refused to leave, she would pull out some real moves on him.

Her body lightened and Li Jing quickly left, leaving behind a faint fragrance. This man was undoubtedly smart. He knew that the way to attack the other party was to make them fall little by little, drop by drop, slowly wrapping them up like silk.

It was a pity that Lu Shiqian didn’t have him in her heart.

His advances to steal the heart may have his heart get stolen instead…

Lu Shiqian sighed, “Wei Mo, I know you’re there. Come in.”

Wei Mo wore light-colored inner clothes and shyly walked out from behind the door. His face reddened before he spoke, “A’Qian…”

Wei Mo was 20 years old this year, his peach blossom eyes sparkling with red lips and white teeth. His face grew more mature, his jet-black waist falling to his waist. No matter how you looked, he was a little rabbit in a fox’s body.

Lu Shiqian patted the bed, “Come over.” With Wei Mo here, that little purple dragon and Li Jing wouldn’t easily climb into her bed.

Even Wei Mo’s neck suddenly turned red. He walked over step by step, wringing his hands together. His heart beat fast like a drum.

Seeing him so squeamish, barely taking a few steps after so long, Lu Shiqian finally couldn’t stand it and grabbed him by the hand to lead him over. She pushed him inside, “Sleep.”

“S-Sleep?” Wei Mo repeatedly swallowed and cutely asked.

Lu Shiqian laughed and asked, “Didn’t you come here for this?” Seeing Wei Mo so nervous, she smirked evilly and stroked his cheek, “How smooth and delicate. What a beautiful face. If you don’t sleep now, you’re going to have dull skin and dark eye circles tomorrow.”

Wei Mo wanted to bury his shameful face into the covers, “A’Qian, you really think… I’m good-looking?” During the past year, he had been beaten by Bai so hard he lost confidence.

Lu Shiqian carefully studied him as if she hadn’t seen him for a long time. His eyes had grown more beautiful, hooked upwards like fox eyes. His eyelashes were thick and curled, nose straight, lips shaped perfectly for kissing. His figure was slender and strong, skin more delicate than women’s. He bowed his head shyly, making him look even more amorous, “En, you look really good.”

Wei Mo shyly raised his head, staring wholeheartedly at Lu Shiqian, “A’Qian, you’re so good.”

“En…” Lu Shiqian patted him, “Go sleep.”

Wei Mo wasn’t able to calm down for a long time, confused even now. There must’ve been demons and gods at work when he came to Lu Shiqian’s door. He just wanted to chat with her, even though he didn’t know what to say. Perhaps, he just wanted to see her.

But, but, he was lying here with A’Qian now, how embarrassing! He didn’t dare move too much. Looking at the sleeping girl, he grew more and more entranced. He was willing to just watch her like this for a lifetime.

As he was in a daze, Lu Shiqian’s restless hands went up, her leg unceremoniously draping over his waist. Her fragrance immediately lingered in his nose and his body grew incredibly stiff.

This feeling was really tormenting! Heat waves pulsed through his body and his face turned very red.

At the same time, the shameful desire in his heart, the urge to press this person in front of him beneath him and fiercely hold and kiss her rose up. He was taken aback by his own crazy thought.

He tried his best to calm down, his heart pounding audibly as he closed his eyes.

Not long after, Shang drifted in like a ghost. Without a sound, he coolly gazed at Lu Shiqian for a while, unknown what he was thinking. Not long after, he floated out like a ghost again…

What a lively night!

Early the next morning, Wei Mo slowly opened his eyes and felt that something was wrong. His middle of his legs was wet… His face flushed and he jumped up like a rabbit, running straight back to his room. He dreamed of a shameful dream yesterday night…

Lu Shiqian opened her eyes and scratched her head, confused.

Lan Ruo prepared food and helped to clean up. After eating breakfast, Lu Shiqian was dragged by Shang to fight once before she could go.

At 9 AM, Lu Shiqian decided to go see Sikong Yun. He moved his strange house over and lived in the easternmost part of Anping Town.

During this year, Anping Town didn’t merely develop rapidly, it already expanded several times its original.

Lu Shiqian changed her appearance before leaving. She didn’t want news of herself surviving to spread so quickly.

Holding the small kitty, Hong Jin, and Jun Zun following behind, Lu Shiqian walked along in a very low-key fashion.

“Mommy, the human world is so fun.” The kitty said as it licked a candied haw.

“Che, this king doesn’t find it to be much of anything.” Jun Zun glanced around, licking his candied haw as he disdainfully commented.

Hong Jin gnawed on a fruit and scorned, “These two country bumpkins.”

The three magic beasts were lively bickering when they suddenly heard an old woman tragically scream, “My daughter, my poor daughter, who will save her…?” She cried as she kowtowed audibly on the ground, but the passing pedestrians only shook their head helplessly.

Lu Shiqian frowned slightly. She wasn’t a nosy person, but this old woman was crying so pitifully, she was a little tender-hearted.

She hurriedly walked over to lift her up, “Senior, what happened?”

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