Unscrupulous Enchantress


Chapter 221

The old woman hadn’t replied yet when a person on the side admonished, “You’d better not be so meddlesome, those aren’t people you can afford to offend!”

Lu Shiqian coldly replied, “In this world, there are few I cannot afford to offend.”

The old woman was a kind person. Although she was eager to save, when she saw that it was a young and pretty lady that wanted to help her, she immediately waved her hand: “Girl, thank you for your kindness. If you go, you’ll get hurt.”

Lu Shiqian stared straight at the old woman, “Tell me what happened.”

There was a powerful force in her eyes, allowing the old woman to believe that the woman in front of her could save her daughter.

Her family’s daughter was 17 years old this year and very beautiful, she could be considered a flower in this little town. However, just now, her daughter was snatched by five men and two women to the house next to her… Those five men and two women came to this town last year. Every once in a while, they would snatch a young girl or young man to commit obscene things, and had long aroused the people’s anger. They organized groups of Rank 4 and 5 practitioners to kill them many times, but without exception, they would be defeated. They were just too strong that even the Rank 6 mage invited to their village was killed. People had no choice but to swallow their anger, not allowing their sons and daughters to run around… As for the house behind the old woman, it became a brothel and the place for those people to rest. The owner of the brothel was a greedy person who only cared about gains. In order to curry favor with those seven bad guys, he would even send his own woman over for them to play with. Truly disgusting!

Lu Shiqian stroked her chin. Seven people, five men and two women… very good!

The little purple dragon Jun Zun was enraged hearing this, “Too despicable! Too despicable!”

Seeing that Jun Zun was young yet so angry, there was a strange mood. Someone asked Lu Shiqian in surprise, “Is this your son?”

Jun Zun’s face turned black, declaring with great momentum, “I’m her husband!”

Everyone was silent.

Jun Zun had just wanted to teach those people a lesson when he saw Lu Shiqian leave him behind and head upstairs. He hurriedly followed behind.

“Is Mommy going to fight? Perfect, take this fighting hand along.” The kitty narrowed its big eyes into a slit.

Lu Shiqian’s magic beasts all inherited their master’s temperament. All of them were cute on the outside and black bellied on the inside. The thing they liked to do the most was to pretend to be a pig to eat the tiger.

As soon as she went upstairs, Lu Shiqian heard a girl’s crying. Without saying a second word, she jumped up and kicked down the door!

There were five men and two women in the room, all completely naked. One of the men was exercising atop a beautiful girl while two men and women were embracing each other. The other two men waited on the side, watching the scene.

These seven could be considered familiar!

Lu Shiqian coldly sneered, “How exciting! Put on some clothes and get ready to die.”

God Rank powerhouses had the pride of God Ranks. These seven were Gods, yet they were so lowly Lu Shiqian couldn’t stand it!

Lu Shiqian’s movements of kicking the door down were too big, and the people that came to have fun fled in disheveled clothes. The brothel owner angrily huffed out, shouting: “Who?! Who’s the fool that isn’t afraid of making trouble?!”

The purple dragon casually kicked a stone and pierced the man’s pig head. This kind of person was only wasting resources if left alive anyways.

He jumped upstairs. Seeing the ugly scene in front of him, he tightly shut his eyes, “Piercing eyes! So shameless! Their d*cks are so small my eyes are going to turn into pinholes!”

The seven were embarrassed and quickly wore their clothes, angrily pointing at Lu Shiqian: “Who are you? Did that group of pigs invite you?”

When they saw that the other was only a Rank 7 mage, they thought that the town spent money to invite her and didn’t put her in their eyes at all. Besides, they were extremely infuriated at being interrupted in the middle of their fun.

Originally, they were chase Lu Shiqian to no avail and swallowed this anger into their stomachs. They originally wanted to destroy Anping Town when they found 10 demigods that came from god knows where. Their ability actually wasn’t lower than theirs, so they could only settle and wait for Lu Shiqian to return before making a move. There was no entertainment in this little town and the living conditions were poor. These seven couldn’t stand it and continued to do evil things again and again.

Tie Mu and the others saw that they didn’t kill indiscriminately so they ignored them. They only followed Lu Shiqian in their hearts. In regards to others’ sorrow, they didn’t put it in their hearts.

Until Lu Shiqian kicked down the door!

Cheng Peng checked out Lu Shiqian up and down, smiling lustfully, “You have to be educated for interrupting this great one’s fun…”

Before he could finish speaking, he felt his body chill and blood flow out like a fountain. His body was instantly halved, an instant kill!

The other six were horrified. They weren’t even able to see how the other party made her move! And Lu Shiqian’s methods terrified them even more! A companion that had accompanied them for more than a thousand years died in front of their eyes just like that. They would never accept it!

“W-Who are you?” Cheng Fei directly asked Lu Shiqian.

The Fire Fox Hong Jin jumped out of Lu Shiqian’s arms stuck its middle claw at them, extremely arrogant.

“Y-You are…” The six didn’t dare believe it.

Lu Shiqian smiled wildly, “Not bad, right? The feeling of a hated enemy standing in front of you?”

Cheng Fei’s face was cold. Cheng Peng was his blood-related little brother. Seeing him get killed right in front of him, how could he be resigned: “You bitch! You dare come back?!”

Lu Shiqian smiled, “What kind of talk is that? How am I supposed to take your lives if I don’t return?”

“With just you?” The six quickly stood together, “A Rank 7 mage wants to kill us six, dream on!”

Lu Shiqian coldly lowered her eyes, “Whether it’s a dream or not, you six will soon know. You’ve discovered my whereabouts, so you are destined to not survive!”

The six wished they could vomit a mouthful of blood. This Lu Shiqian sure was arrogant! Not only was she arrogant, she was also brazen! She obviously came to kill them, yet she reversed it and said that they discovered her whereabouts. Pei, too deceiving!

“Big Bro, quickly look! That fox is 36 Stars now!” Song Hong shouted.

When they chased Lu Shiqian back then, they clearly remembered that Hong Jin was only 20 Stars. What kind of advancement speed would allow a Fire Fox to rise 16 Stars in a short year? Furthermore, it seemed to have a faintly dangerous atmosphere!

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