Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 222

“It’s just a 36 Star Fire Fox, you think you can kill us with just that?” Cheng Fei taunted Lu Shiqian. He wanted to know what the weapon that killed his brother was just now was. As long as he could restrain it, she could only dream about killing them!

“You’re all quite bold, not kneeling when seeing this ancestor. Forget it if you don’t kneel, but you even dare disregard me! Damn you all!” the little purple dragon Jun Zun imposingly shouted.

Lu Shiqian was acting in a low-key fashion so she made him put away his majestic purple robes and crown. Thus, he looked like an ordinary 11 or 12 young, tender, and huggable child with big, sparkling eyes.

If such a child could claim to be an ancestor, that could be considered brazenness in itself. There were only two explanations: this world was too much of a joke, or this world was crazy!

When the little purple dragon saw their disdainful looks, he laughed coldly, “Very good, very good. Master taught me to be low-key as a human.”

He lifted a small hand and sent out a small stone.

That small stone contained the might of thunder as it traveled towards the six.

The six were shocked and hurriedly dodged, but that stone was faster and directly exploded one person’s head.

Another God Rank powerhouse had died!

“Too bad. At least the Gods 100,000 years back could avoid that.” Jun Zun cackled, “I’m just kidding, don’t be scared. In fact, I’m not that old— only 1,500 years old this year.”

The remaining five didn’t even have any sadness left anymore. That moment when the kid shot the stone, the pressure almost didn’t allow them to breathe! Too strong! They weren’t able to imagine just where Lu Shiqian got this terrifying child from.

There was only one thought in the five: run! Run far, far, far away!

“Mommy, they’re going to run.” The kitty waved its tail, “Let them run?”

Lu Shiqian rubbed the kitty’s head, “Of course not. As fellow comrade Lei Feng said, you must be as cruel as sweeping away fallen autumn leaves.” In the Forest of Death, she would take the time to tell stories to the little ones every day. Thus, they knew who Lei Feng was.

“Learn from Comrade Lei Feng!” They kitty jumped down and let out a tail. Mommy said that they needed to be low-key, so it had transformed into an ordinary kitten with a single pitiful tail. The second tail shook, sealing the space. After finishing, it jumped back into Lu Shiqian’s arms.

“B-Big Bro, cat! Can speak!” Song Hong swallowed and exclaimed with great difficulty. A cat, a talking cat! Heavens! Was it a God level beast? A God level beast over 100 Stars? That kind of thing only existed in legends!

Cheng Fei was now very anxious, extremely anxious. The fear of death tightly gripped him. That cat only shook its tail, yet it cut off all contact with the outside world. They couldn’t run away anymore; they couldn’t even send out their consciousness. They were destined to die tragically without even letting people avenge them. What should they do? How to live? He glanced meaningfully at Song Hong.

“Can you let us go?” Song Hong fell to her knees, snot and tears running, “We were wrong. We really were wrong. We won’t dare ever again, please let us go…” Seeing that Lu Shiqian was unmoved, Song Hong cried with a swipe of her nostrils and a swipe of her eyes, even cursing the Song Empire’s Emperor Song Huairen as a damned villain. If it weren’t for his forceful order, they also wouldn’t have tried to kill her.

The other four looked sad and regretful.

Lu Shiqian applauded, “Interesting, interesting. Ah, even though you all can definitely win an Oscars for your performance… I have no need to play my part.”

Weapon merging with Hong Jin, Lu Shiqian walked towards the five.

“Lu Shiqian, you really want to fight to the death with us?” Cheng Fei’s face was gloomy.

Lu Shiqian indifferently said, “Don’t panic, you can come at me together!”

The five shouted and opened their domains.

Lu Shiqian shook her head, “Too weak.”

The red sword stabbed strangely. She didn’t even use the Heavenly Swinging Sword, yet her five moves were enough to kill five people!

These five died not knowing how. They would never have thought that they couldn’t stop a mere Rank 7 mage’s ordinary slashes!

“Ah, truly too weak! The magic seas only grew by a sliver,” Lu Shiqian sighed.

Hong Jin picked up the seven godheads Lu Shiqian cut out, wiped them, and saved them as toys.

The kitty withdrew the space blockage and pointed at the girl who had passed out, “What about her?”

“Erase this unbearable memory for her.” Lu Shiqian sighed slightly and flashed away. At this moment, she was extremely grateful that she met Bai, met these cute magic beasts. To everything that had happened and would happen in the future, she was calm and fearless.

During this year, she had truly melded into this world— this magical world!

Of course, the other world would always be a rainbow in her heart!

Coming to the east of the town, Lu Shiqian knocked on the black door of Master Sikong Yun’s strange house.

“No one’s home! Don’t bother me!” Sikong Yun shouted.

Lu Shiqian rubbed her nose. Sikong Yun was as cute as ever. If he wasn’t home, then who was speaking?

“Aiyah, a c-cat’s eye stone just fell from the sky!” Lu Shiqian took out a cat’s eye stone and threw it on the ground while shouting.

The door instantly opened and a man ran out faster than the champion of speed running. His eyes determined the location of the cat’s eye stone and he first stepped on it, surveyed his surroundings, then quickly snatched it up.

Not only was he cute, he was petty and cheap. Sikong Yun really hadn’t changed at all.

“Not bowing to greet the master when we meet. Lil’ Yun’er, you’ve grown so much.” Lu Shiqian smiled carefreely.

Sikong Yun’s clean and elegant face was irritated, “Nonsense, how could you be my master? My master is Lu Shiqian!” He looked Lu Shiqian up and down. Suddenly, he leaped forward and hugged her, “Master, I’ve missed you so much!”

Before he hugged her, Hong Jin and the kitty jumped out, patting their chests in shock. So close, so close, they were almost squashed to death.

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