Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 223

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched, “Did you miss me or my precious ores?”

Sikong Yun smiled, scratching his head, slightly embarrassed. When he looked down, he just happened to meet the little purple dragon Jun Zun’s dark face staring with dissatisfaction at him.

Sikong Yun was shocked to his roots, “This is your son?”

“You’re the son! Your whole family are sons! Can’t you see this great one’s distinguished and elegant, suave and handsome looks?” Jun Zun vigorously waved his hands, “Listen clearly now. I’m her magic beast! Magic beast! You hear?”

Sikong Yun didn’t quite understand, but he still nodded. He seemed to think of something and pulled Lu Shiqian into the house with him.

Jun Zun was extremely upset. They were hugging just now, and now they’re holding hands? Like a jealous little husband, he peeled off Sikong Yun’s hand and held Lu Shiqian’s in his own. Can’t hold it? That’s okay! Just an index finger counted!

Sikong Yun didn’t get angry. Since he held the right, he would just hold the left.

Pulling Lu Shiqian along, he ran into the house. There was a new invention he wanted her to see.

The red fox and kitty slowly followed behind. The two exchanged their opinions. “What kind of situation is this?” the kitty asked.

“Two husbands fighting for one woman.” Hong Jin concluded.

The kitty’s tail straightened, “I want to fight too!”

Hong Jin stared at the kitty, “No way, you’re male?” Speaking of it, this kitty was cute and delicate? Could it be male? Besides, it couldn’t change into human form. Furthermore, didn’t it call Master ‘Mommy’? “You call Master ‘Mommy’, don’t you think fighting for her would be too strange? Also, can you change to a human?”

The kitty narrowed his large eyes, “What do you know? This is called strategy. I call Master Mommy in order to highlight the difference between me and the rest of you, understand?” Waving his tail, the kitty elegantly and dignifiedly declared, “Who said I can’t change into a human?”

Hong Jin slapped his thigh, “High, too high!”

Sikong Yun placed a model of a ship into Lu Shiqian’s hands, “Can you tell what this is?”

Lu Shiqian was very calm, “A ship, bigger than the ordinary boat. It can also hold a heavier load and is driven by magic power.” It was the transfer from wooden boats to steam ships.

As soon as Lu Shiqian finished speaking, Sikong Yun stared at her like she was an alien. Watching, watching, suddenly, his face flushed.

“Uh…” Lu Shiqian was speechless. Did she say something wrong? Even if that was the case, he shouldn’t have turned red. What was going on?

Sikong Yun stared at Lu Shiqian in pious respect, “You’re my soul mate, my idol! I’m willing to dedicate my unblemished body to you!”

Lu Shiqian was fried to a crisp by Sikong Yun’s bolt out of the blue!

This Sikong Yun was truly a living treasure!

“Tell you something.” Sikong Yun all mysteriously and the like took out a VIP invitation letter, “In a few weeks, the Qi Empire will be holding a large-scale auction, a once in a century event. You going?”

Lu Shiqian raised an eyebrow, “So… you’re not telling me this to ask me for travel and auction expenses, right?”

Sikong Yun blushed again, “Aiyah, don’t say it so straightforwardly. Money, of course, can’t count for much. I’m saying that there are quite a few treasures there.”

Lu Shiqian drawled, “Ohhh…” while looking Sikong Yun up and down. Of course, every time he mentioned selling his body, he would have an ulterior motive.

This greedy miser!

But taking a stroll in Qi Empire did sound like a good idea.

The three great empires stood evenly. The Qin Empire was in the north, revering martial arts and turning out practitioners. The Song Empire was to the east, many religious believers in their country. The Qi Empire was to the west, admiring magic, many mages there.

The Qi Empire was an old country that had 8,000 years of history. It was the country with the most mages. At the same time, the people of this country were simple and never flaunted their force, so they enjoyed good relations with the small countries around them, frequently trading with others.

Wutong City, the capital of Qi Empire, was an international trading hub, gathering the richest in the world. Regarding the rich in Wutong City, someone once said that if the world was on a scale of ten, Wutong occupied five.

Chinese Parasol Tree City, like its name, both sides of the streets were lined by incomparably beautiful parasol trees. Everyone in Qi Empire believed that the parasol tree was a mystical tree strong in guiding magic power, especially because ancient records mentioned it. Thus, the parasol tree became the symbol of the Qi Empire.

The once-in-a-hundred-years auction was held in Wutong City. Three months before the auction, various businessmen and aristocrats arrived. Afterwards, the powerhouses of diverse countries also arrived to participate in this international festival.

Lu Shiqian meant what she said, lengthening her Ferrari into a recreational vehicle. Bringing Tie Mu, Sikong Yun, Shang, Wei Mo, Li Jing, and the magic beasts, they headed straight to Qi Empire. The other nine demigods remained in Anping Town. The nine envied Tie Mu very much, but they followed their master’s orders and worked hard to absorb the magic power in the magic stones, staying behind.

“Master, the Qin Empire’s Prince Qin Xingluo’s temperament changed drastically after hearing of your death. Should I inform him… that you’re still alive?” Tie Mu inquired.

“No need, he doesn’t even give me this little bit of trust. Just let him believe that I’ve already died.” Lu Shiqian answered.

In the days to come, she may meet even greater threats and dangers. There may also be various conspiracies and schemes. He can’t even resist this test, let alone others. The two may be destined to not have much intersection.

The car driven by magic power drove smooth and fast. The distance that took a month to travel was traversed in five days by Lu Shiqian.

At this time, Wutong City was extremely lively with people coming in and out every day.

Lu Shiqian changed her face into a quiet and refined beauty. She stood beside a group of outstanding men and her figure was quickly hidden. Since the world all said that the General of the Thorn Army had died, she would cooperate.

When she got off the car, Shang’s cool and cruel aura spread out. Even if he had retracted his demonic aura, but his murderous aura could be directly felt. A demon that had been fighting for thousands of years was indeed different.

The second was the charming and alluring Li Jing. This flirt and Shang were diametrically opposed. He was like a big magnet, attracting both men and women. Seeing women screaming and making a fuss, this guy still waved at them, insisting on frying their brains.

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