Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 224

Then there was Wei Mo with his extremely handsome face and innocent expression, making girls scream ‘cute!’ all over the place.

It was the little purple dragon Jun Zun who had an even more beautiful appearance than human children and noble temperament drew a lot of saliva.

Sikong Yun’s refinery and Tie Mu’s rationality also drew much adoration.

Lu Shiqian was the least outstanding among them. Compared to them, Lu Shiqian’s refined outer appearance became ugly. However, if you looked closely, you would discover that this woman had extremely dazzling eyes, as beautiful as the shiniest gem, as mysterious as the starry night sky. It was a pity these beautiful eyes were blocked by Lu Shiqian with glasses.

A plain woman stood between handsome men, creating an extremely destructive effect. The women spectators complained, “Such an ugly person dares come out to scare people?”

“Which means… she has no shame.”

“Shameless, she must want to seduce those hot guys.”

“Heh, guess she hasn’t looked in the mirror. Would those guys fancy her? Is she as beautiful as me?”

“Pei, I’m the flower!”

Li Jing smiled charmingly, hooking Lu Shiqian’s waist. He ambiguously said, “The women here are quite enthusiastic, will you worry about my chastity?”

Li Jing’s voice was quiet and the spectators couldn’t hear what he was saying. They could only see a handsome man being hooked away by plain-looking girl. Every one of them glared at Lu Shiqian with the resentment of a wife whose husband had been killed and son been stolen.

Shang was about to draw his sword and cut down Li Jing, but Lu Shiqian’s eyes and hands were quick, pressing down his hand. Stop joking! If he slashed, wouldn’t that cause a panic?

Shang’s face was cold but didn’t move anymore, “Tonight, more rounds.” His meaning was to fight extra rounds tonight!

However, the women spectators thought that they were talking about XXOO! Damn it! That slut hooked up with those handsome men! Unforgiveable!

Wei Mo held Lu Shiqian’s hand, comforting softly, “A’Qian, don’t be too tired.”

The women’s eyes rolled, wishing they couldn’t recommend themselves to those handsome men and let them see that there were many beauties in the world, why did they have to hang to death on one tree? Oh, the heavens were blind!

Tie Mu bowed respectfully, making a ‘please’ gesture to Lu Shiqian. Behind him was naturally the largest hotel in Wutong City, a place where only the rich and noble were allowed to reside! As the representative rich man of the Qin Empire, of course he had the right to choose a room here.

The women wailed. What kind of luck did that slut have? She had not only handsome men but also money!

Lu Shiqian breathed a sigh of relief. Getting ripped to shreds by the women’s eyes wasn’t a great feeling.

The little purple dragon Jun Zun blinked his two large eyes, “Can I sleep in the same room as Master?” No matter where, fighting for privileges was always good. There was a long road ahead to seducing Master, one step at a time.

Lu Shiqian knocked on the little purple dragon’s head, “Seven rooms.”

Tie Mu gracefully bowed and went to carry out his orders.

The rooms were huge with all kinds of things: Qin porcelain, Qi crystal, Song carpets, all kinds of luxurious works of art. It truly was the best place for VIPs.

Tie Mu arranged it so that Lu Shiqian’s room was in the middle, Shang on the left, Wei Mo on the right. Sikong Yun was opposite, and Li Jing and Jun Zun were organized the farthest away.

After freshening up, Sikong Yun eagerly dragged Lu Shiqian to the market to look for treasures.

There were still two weeks until the auction. In the months before, the market was extremely clustered and lively. For this auction, many adventurers and businessmen took out their wares. What equipment, magic beasts, ores, etc., etc.? They took it all out to sell at a good price. Of course, there were also some sellers that foolishly sold thinking it was rubbish without knowing the value of the treasure they had. For example, there was once a fool that thought magic stones were ordinary stones and sold them. A magic stone worth 300,000 gold coins was sold by that person at the low price of 1 silver coin. Thus, there were a number of people with similar thoughts as Sikong Yun. As long as their vision was good enough, it was possible to make a fortune at this market— very likely!

Lu Shiqian glanced around and found that the items being sold were all very inferior. Most of them were average equipment worth a few dozen gold coins, materials worth a few silver coins to one gold coin, and average magic beasts.

Equipment generally had predetermined prices. Average equipment was generally a few dozen gold coins; bronze equipment 5,000 to 10,000 gold coins; silver equipment 50,000 to 100,000 gold coins; gold equipment 1 million to 10 million gold coins; spirit equipment was priced at the outrageous threshold of 100 million gold coins or more. The price of weapons was even higher, and those with more enchantments would increase by several dozen more times.

The visual difference between high-level equipment and low-level equipment was that one looked more magnificent than the other. The internal difference could only be sensed by powerhouses. There was no shortage of bronze and silver equipment sold as rubbish on the market. Sikong Yun bought them all. When he saw cheap magic beast cores and various common materials, he would barter and buy it all, stuffing it into the large interspatial bag made by Lu Shiqian.

This money was all paid by Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but be rendered speechless. He had sent a spirit grade equipment to the auction and it had even become the final item on the list! The starting price was 100 million, yet he was still exploiting her. Alright, alright, just consider it her owing him a debt.

Sikong Yun secretly glanced at Lu Shiqian. He liked the feeling of having her buy him things.

The merchants all noticed her… A deep pocket that extravagantly lavished their man, what a wonderful customer!

“Come and take a look! Good equipment, magic beast eggs, materials! Girl, come and take a look!” A hawker enthusiastically called.

His appearance was like that of a monkey, knowing he was up to something at first glance.

Lu Shiqian glanced at his merchandise. They were all low-quality items, yet the prices were very high. Just when she was about to leave, she saw an inconspicuous yellow stone by her foot. Her heart pounded and she checked with her consciousness. The more she looked, the more scared she grew.

“Mommy, that thing is exuding great power!” the kitty said in the mental platform in surprise.

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