Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 225

Lu Shiqian nodded. She could be considered familiar with that thing. Didn’t the green stone that brought her into this world lying quietly in her interspatial bracelet have the same presence?

As if she had discovered another door to the unknown, Lu Shiqian wanted to get that yellow stone. She wanted to know just what it was.

“Your things are okay. I’ll take this pair of gloves.” Lu Shiqian pointed at a glove made from camel hair. There was nothing special about the glove other than the fact that the glove was prettier and softer to the touch.

If she directly said that she wanted the stone, the hawker would definitely raise the price sky-high. If the hawker was an honest person, Lu Shiqian would directly pay him millions of gold coins, but to this scheming hawker, giving him an extra gold coin was too much!

The hawker first gave a gaze full of contempt before immediately enthusiastically flattering, “You sure have good eyes. These are gloves made from high-quality camel hair, only two gold coins.” Actually, that thing was only worth 10 silver coins at most.

Lu Shiqian frowned, as if pondering, “Two gold coins… Can it be cheaper?”

The hawker was afraid the customer would leave, “For your sake, how about one gold coin? There’s nothing cheaper than this.”

Lu Shiqian hesitated, “This glove is too little. If there’s something to match it, maybe I’ll buy.” She stood up, looking to leave.

The hawker panicked, grabbing the only yellow stone in the vicinity that could be used as ‘decoration’: “Okay, okay, I’ll sell it to you for 90 silver coins and also gift you a pretty stone. You really got a big bargain!” That stone was given to him by his daughter. Other than being a little pretty, it had no use.

Lu Shiqian reluctantly paid 90 silver coins and took the gloves and yellow stone, “Forget it, just treat it as a small loss.” She quickly threw the yellow stone into her interspatial bracelet and grabbed Sikong Yun to go.

Just what was that yellow stone?

Back at the hotel, Lu Shiqian took out the two stones and carefully studied them.

The green stone was the one that pulled her from the game into this world. Ever since then, it never reacted anymore and lay quietly, but Lu Shiqian knew that it definitely had a use. Then, what was the importance of the yellow stone? Just what were they?

Soon after the two stones were placed together, they began to glow and a gentle yet strong power entered into Lu Shiqian’s body. It wasn’t magic power, but it was purer and more advanced than magic power! That power swam towards Bai’s magic beast space.

“Dumbo, where on earth did you get the Earth Spirit Bead?” Bai’s pleasant voice sounded out, unexpectedly surprised.

“Earth Spirit Bead?” Lu Shiqian was puzzled, “What’s that?”

“…” Bai sank into silence for two or three minutes, “The green stone I was holding is the Azure Dragon’s water spirit bead; the Azure Dragon held the Black Tortoise’s earth spirit bead; Black Tortoise held the Vermillion Bird’s wood spirit bead; and the Vermillion Bird held my fire spirit bead. As for the golden bead, it was held by our original… master.”

Original master? Bai had a master before? Then did he treat that master as well as her? For some reason, Lu Shiqian felt a little depressed but she didn’t show it, “Why exchange possessions?”

The blood-red array lit up and a pair of hands stretched out from behind Lu Shiqian, hugging her tightly. Hair like moonlight fell on her chest, “Dumbo, you’re sad?”

Lu Shiqian hurriedly shook her head, “No.”

“You are. Dumbo, you’re blaming me for not telling you the things of the past, aren’t you?” The broad chest trapped Lu Shiqian’s body, “You care that I had a master before?”

“I…” Lu Shiqian lowered her head.

“Heh… Dumbo, I’m really happy you’re jealous, but I have to tell you that my previous master was a man.” Bai kissed Lu Shiqian’s ear, “He was a great man, but you must know, no matter how great he was, he was a man.”

Bai stared deeply at Lu Shiqian; his eyes filled with endless love. Whether it was the past, present, or future, only she was his master. And from henceforth, she would always be his most beloved lover!

Lu Shiqian blushed, “I’m not jealous.”

Bai pulled Lu Shiqian over, “The spirit bead is the source of our strength. My bead was sealed in this world’s Deceiving Sea, and Vermillion Bird who was holding it must’ve been hurt too. Azure Dragon was caught, so maybe that’s why he lost the bead. Of us four brothers, three of us have ended up miserably. However, fortunately, I met you. The reason why we don’t hold our own spirit bead is to prevent having both our bodies and beads being controlled by the enemy.”

Lu Shiqian stroked Bai’s face, determinedly stating, “I will definitely get your bead back for you!”

Bai smiled enchantingly, “I wanted to tell you these things later. I’ve also tried getting the beads back myself, but the person who sealed me set up restrictions and I couldn’t step in at all. It is very dangerous there. Dumbo, do you still want to go?”

Lu Shiqian pressed Bai down, “Go.” Their lips met.

Every time, it was Bai that helped her, always him helping her. What was it if she spilt blood for him once?!

Bai kissed those red lips he longed for back. It had been just a few days since they parted, yet he missed her so much, sigh.

“I must go back,” Bai very difficultly said. The heavens knew how much he wanted to merge their bodies together right now but he couldn’t. If his presence was detected by the enemy, it would put Dumbo in a dangerous situation. He could be arrogant and domineering, but he never wanted Dumbo to come to any harm. That traitor who was watching the continent… If his strength was restored, killing him would be easier than crushing an ant. However, if they exposed themselves now, they may not only trigger being hunted down by their enemies, but Dumbo may even die. Therefore, he had to endure and wait for an opportunity.

Lu Shiqian nodded. She understood.

The enemies they faced were powerful beyond compare, and she was only a minor character right now.

She quickly put the two spirit beads into her interspatial bracelet.

She called out the Violent Dragon and Phoenix Bird and had them release their pressure. Even though Bai’s ability to control his aura was impeccable, Lu Shiqian still had the two magic beasts confuse the aura of the room. From now on, she had to protect him— protect her Bai!

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